Epic Stuff!

While I was going through some drawers looking for ‘stuff’ (see Unfinished Business post) and I dug these out, they too form part of my ‘Unfinished Business’ but have relevance to the map, see below:-

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Now the map below is the first cut of a 1.2m x 1.6m map that will be printed onto 25 A4 pages, the second cut will be adjusted so that each major piece of terrain falls into one A4 sheet and roads, trails, rivers etc. run off each page in a consistent manner so as to allow the pages to be re-arranged to form a new map! I also need to adjust some of the colours (the background used to be green!) to create contrast and minimize ink usage.

Now the hexes are 37mm across just the right size to fit the Aeronautica flight stands! I originally wanted a map to play an aerial combat game but decided to expand the detail to allow Epic battles as well.

Epic Drop Pod

Having found a load of unpainted Epic Space Marines, I decided to paint them as Ultramarines to sort of represent my 28mm 40k army in Epic so…

I need Drop Pods, if you can find any on ebay you need to take out a second mortgage to bid or buy!

So I decided to make my own. Now I’ve done a lot of work with card models in the past (and am doing a lot now with my Roman Seas stuff) so I decided to search the internet for Card Drop Pods.

There are a lot out there, worth noting is:

 http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=59351 and


Rpgnow is an awsome source of paper and card stuff I whole heartedly recommend it!

Ah, back to the point, alas good as these are they are much too complex to shrink down to 6mm scale so I tried this one


unfortunatly once scaled down the construction time was excessive (after 4 hours was only half way through and EVERY join had to be clamped).

So decided to start from scratch:-

This was the ‘final’ design for the body, after several ‘paper proto’s ‘

Once cut it was ready for folding – I was aiming for a design that would almost support itself during the assembly process.

I was very pleased with construction – took less that 10mins with no clamping

The next two pics show the templates for the fins and engine assembly


and the assembled unit

with a 28mm ‘Pod

Here I’ve done a quick base coat of blue, I plan to paint further details on rather than make them out of card to keep assembly simple and quick (as I want quite a few of them)

I may produce some internal detail so I can have one or two Pods with open doors but I realy don’t want to get too carried awy with it.