Strider, the first of many, I think that I have seven Strider/Aragorn/Elfstone figures in all!!

I like this one, it captures the scene from weathertop and has lots of movement in it and great detail.

I’m now working on the fellowship from the Mines of Moria box set, plastics but not bad.


LotR – Rangers

Hot off the paint-station 9 Rangers:-

Completed these last night and photographed them this morning so that I could get one of the bigger mountains in the background.

Next to start are the 4 Hobbits, Gandalf, Aragorn, 4 Barrow Wights, Tom Bombadil & GoldenBerry.

I’m also going to make a start on the ruined tower.

Also completed was another stand of elves for The Battle of 5 Armies and I have started the Space Hulk Librarian.

Very busy weekend comming up so might not make much progress 😀