Amon Sul (take 4)

Ok this is the 4th go at this scenario the last 3 time good has won hands down!

The terrain is the same as in the last fights so no starting pic, The rats, sorry, Hobbits deploy within 3″ of the center, that puts Frodo (the Brave) 3 steps up the stair with Sam in front of him and Merry on his left, somehow that leaves Pippin out in front 🙂

Turn One.



All of the Hobbits pick up stones and Frodo and Sam move up the stairs, Merry and Pippin move to block the foot of the stairs.


All but one of the Nazgul pass their Courage test!

All Nazgul attempt to cast ‘Compel’ on Frodo, two succeed but are resisted by him.

Turn 2.

Evil wins priority.

Start Turn Two

The Nazgul again attempt to ‘Compel’ Frodo this time the 4th attempt succeeds and Frodo puts on the ring and all of the Nazgul rush into combat with Merry and Pippin.

Frodo puts on the Ring
Frodo puts on the Ring










Both hobbits lose their combat but suffer no wounds only a ‘push back’, Pippin is pushed up the stair Merry, unfortunatly, has no where to go so the Nazgul’s attacks are doubled (2), both strike home and Merry crumples to the floor.

The Hobbits.

Frodo passes his Courage test and removes the ring and all 3 remaining Hobbits move up the stair and throw their stones at the Witch King without Effect. Aragron fails to arrive.

Turn 3.

Start Turn 3
Start Turn 3










The Hobbits win Priority move further up the stair and pick up stones.

The Nazgul.

The Witch-King charges into combat with Pippin, and is driven back down the stair!

Turn 4.

Evil gain Priority.

Start Turn 4

The three Nazgul each cast ‘Black Dart’ at Pippin, the first fails, the second is saved by a Fate point and the third sends the Took tumbling fron the stairs!

The Witch-King advances up the stairs.

The H0bbits.

Back away from the Witch-King and throw their stones without effect.

Aragorn arrives!

Turn 5.

Good wins Priority.

Aragorn moves towards one of the Nazgul but fails to make contact! The Hobbits back further away.


The Witch-King moves towards the Hobbits while two more Nazgul move up the stair leaving the third at the foot.

Turn 6

Start turn 6
Start turn 6










Evil wins Priority!


The a Nazgul ‘Compels’ Sam out of the way, the Witch-King ‘Compels’ Frodo to put on the Ring and charges him! The Witch King wins the combat but, as Frodo has nowhere to go takes 2 strikes instead of 1! Frodo uses all of his Fate points but still takes 1 wound!

Frodo puts on the Ring (again)
Frodo puts on the Ring (again)











Aragorn stormed into the Nazgul at the foot of the stairs and dispatched it in one blow (3 actually).

Turn 7

The die roll was a tie so good get Priority.

Aragorn Moves up the stair but fails to make contact with the Nazgul, Sam tries to charge the Witch-King but fails his courage test. Frodo passes his Courage test to remove the Ring.


The Witch-King charges Frodo while Sam is charged by a Nazgul leaving the third to guard the top of the stairs.

Nazgul turn 7
Nazgul turn 7










Sam used his point of Might to win his combat and push back the Nazgul 3″ with the other Nazgul making way, Frodo on the other hand had completely run out of luck again loosing the combat and with nowhere to go took two attacks one stricking home removing his last wound – now at this point I was a little unsure if his two remaining Might points could be used to avoid the wound, by my reading not, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and made the roll – he still died!

So with a huge lidless eye graduly rising in the east at last evil has triumphed!


Crete Gaming – Amon Sul

Well, some gaming had to take place during our trip to crete, which was a bit of an FoD reunion! Time and space was limited, so we decided to play a spot of Lord of the Rings! Playing the the journeybooks, we were up to Amon Sul, which was perfect! We decided to play through it twice, taking a turn on both sides.

(photos to follow)

Round 1 – Kipper as Nazgul vs Leonidas as Fellowship

Turn 1

The hobbits started to dash towards the stairs, which they could use to slow the Nazgul advance down. The Nazgul closed in, with the Witchking managing to charge into battle with Sam right from the start. Sam was pushed back but not injured.

Turn 2

The Nazgul got priority, and went to push the attack. Unfortunately, the Witchking decided his tussle with Sam was too scary, failed his courage test and fled! The remaining Nazgul charged pippin and merry. Frost and Sam threw stones to no effect, pippin got forced back but escaped harm, and merry forced his Nazgul back and chased him off the board!

Turn 3

Tussle with pippin, black darts did nothing to frodo, frodo, merry and Sam stoned a Nazgul to death.

Turn 4

Another round of black darts did nothing, the hobbits stone another ring wraith to death.

Turn 5

Aragon finally turned up in time to watch the remaining ring wraith immolate himself to try to score a moral victory by killing pippin, the most irritating hobbit. His fate point stepped in, and the Nazgul died in vain. Victory for the forces of good, and shame for the Nazgul, who were soundly beaten by hobbits!


Round 2 – Kipper as Fellowship, Leonidas as Nazgul

Unfortunately, this round is being written a few days later than the actual game, so its a bit difficult to pin down the exact turn order.

The game started identically to the previous round, with the hobbits breaking for the stairs and the Witchking entering combat early, and pushing Sam back.  Frodo got pushed to side, and then a slew of magics and charging saw the nazgul hammering into the plucky hobbit defenders.

Frodo escaped by the skin of his teeth, while the line of hobbit defenders stayed pretty lethal!   Pippin fell (to the sound of many cheers on both sides as that fool of a Took vanished!), but Merry drove one Nazgul from the board, and Sam killed another!

Aragorn arrived, but didn’t do too much, as Sam slew the WitchKing and another Nazgul ran out of will against him in an awesome display of hobbit might!  Aragorn managed to take care of the final Ringwraith over a couple of turns, but it was pretty much all over with Sams work brutalising the poor Nazgul!


I think the scenario is set to favour the forces of good, but I also think Leonidas and myself fell into the same trap – we saw the Nazgul as primarily a physical threat, not a magical one.  Their more subtle magics, like compel, never really got a look in.  If you think back to the movie, Merry and Pippin were forced out of the way, Sam thrown back and Frodo forced to put on the ring by the force of the Ringwraiths presence (or their ‘magic’), not really beaten by swords.  It’d be fun to see if a more magic based attack, trying to get frodo to put the ring on and moving hobbits out the way and keeping aragorn back would be more effective, using black darts or a physical strike to finish frodo when he’s forced into the open.

An absolutely tremendous set of games, which were amazing fun as always!  Alan, its always a pleasure!

Amon Sul

Amon Sul

The story so far,

following their fight on the Barrow Downs Tom Bombadil rescued Pippin from the Barrow and restored him to basic stats although since the encounter he is prone to babble incoherently! So no change there then, on with the game:-

It’s the Amon Sul scenario from ‘The Fellowship’ GW book, Aragorn and the Hobbits vs the Witch King and four Wraiths, here we go:-


Turn 1.

All the Hobbits stoop to pick up stones.


The Witch King and one of the Wraiths target Sam with ‘Black Darts’, one strikes home forcing Sam to use a Fate point.

Merry is targeted by the other 3 Wraiths and two successful ‘Black Dart’ Rolls are made resulting in one hit that forces Merry to use his Fate point.


Turn 2.

The Hobbits keep priority.

A roll of six at the end of the movement phase brings Aragorn into Amon Sul

Sam throws a stone at the Wraith facing him, and misses.

Frodo does the same and hits, and rolls a 5 so he expends a might point to increase the score to six then rolls another six which together successfully wound the Wraith taking it out of the game!

Both Merry and Pippin throw stones but although Pippin’s hits no wounds were caused.


Before charging all of the Black Riders attempt ‘Black Dart’ and fail!

The Witch King charges Sam – and wins the combat forcing Sam to use his last Fate point to avoid a wound.

One Wraith charges Merry – forcing him back but failing to wound.

Two Wraths charge Aragorn – two hits, Aragorn expends 2 Fate points to avoid the wound.


Turn 3.

The Wraiths win priority and charge into combat.

Pippin and Frodo join Sam against the Witch King – 3 hits, no wounds but the Witch King is thrown back 3”

Two Wraiths have charged Aragorn – Using a Might point Aragorn wins the combat and forces the Wraiths back.

One Wraith charged Merry – Merry wins the combat forcing it back.


Turn 4.

Aragorn and the Hobbits win priority.

Aragorn and Pippin charge one Wraith while Merry and Sam tackle one of the others, Frodo clutches his ring!

The Witch King tries ‘Black Dart’ and fails while the remaining Wraith fails his Courage test and flees!

Aragorn and Pippin – Both hit and force the Wraith to flee off the board – although the scenario doesn’t specifically say so, I take it that once a model leaves the playing area it may not return.

Sam and Merry – Both are forced back but are otherwise unharmed.


Turn 5

Good keeps the priority and all of the good characters move to attack the Wraith except Pippin who couldn’t quite make it.

The Witch King once again tries ‘Black Dart’ without success before moving into combat with Aragorn.

Three Hobbits against one Wraith, Hobbits get two hits and force the Wraith from Amon Sul!

Aragorn Vs the Witch King – Aragorn wins on his fight value and throws him back 6” without wounding.


Turn 6.

Good win priority and Aragorn and the three hobbits advance on the Witch King with Frodo behind them (still clutching his ring).

Although he passed his Courage test the Witch King turned and fled into the night, leaving Aragorn and the Hobbits exhausted but victorious.


A good game but once the Black Riders started to be whittled down the advantage definitely turns to the good side, with the ability to drive the evil models back d6” if they loose a combat if you can pin the Wraiths close to the edge then ‘gang up’ on them, you’ll likely drive them from Amon Sul.

OK the arrival of Aragorn on turn 2 REALLY helped. 😀


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The Grey Pilgrim and the Black Riders

A scenario from The Fellowship of the Ring Journey Book.

As per the scenario Gandalf was placed in the centre of the ruin and two Black Riders were placed touching the edge, I decided to place one at the north edge and one at the south.


The plans:

Gandalf, try to take the Wraiths one at a time until 4 are despatched!

Wraiths, string the fight out until Gandalf can be overwhelmed!



Note: In this scenario Gandalf automatically passes any Courage test.

Note: The terrain within Amon Sul is difficult ground so all movement is halved.


Turn 1.

Good have priority.

Gandalf moves north to get line of site on one of the Wraiths and casts ‘Sorcerous Blast’ using his ‘free’ point of Will for this turn – 4 – fail.

Both Wraiths move into the playing area and the closest attempts ‘Your Staff is Broken’ – 6 a success! Without his staff Gandalf will not get a ‘free’ point of will each turn! The second Wraith attempts to cast ‘Black Dart – 3 – Fail.

Roll for more Wraiths – 3 None this turn.

No combat so..


Turn 2.

Priority stays with Gandalf.

Gandalf charges the closest Wraith.

As Amon Sul is a ‘Seat of Power’ any Evil model must test Courage at the start of it’s movement phase just as if the force had been broken, both Wraiths passed.

The second Wraith moves forward and attempts to cast ‘Black Dart’ (Evil can shoot into close combat) – fail.

End of movement test for more Wraiths – 5, one more is placed at the North close to Gandalf and the 1st Wraith.


The fight between Gandalf and the 1st Wraith was a 6-1 roll in favour of Gandalf the Wraith backs away and narrowly avoids being pushed out of the playing area and Gandalf throwing a 4 fails to wound, so uses a point of  Might to seal it’s fate – 1 down 3 more to go.


Turn 3.

Priority moves to the Wraiths and and they pass their courage test.

The newest arriving Wraith charges Gandalf while the other one attempts ‘Black Dart’ – fail

The roll for more Wraiths failed.

The fight resulted in Gandalf being forced back and taking one wound.


Turn 4.

Priority moves to Gandalf.

Gandalf charges back into combat.

Both Wraiths pass their Courage test.

The Wraith in the centre of the board moves closer to the fight and once again attempts ‘Black Dart’ – Success! Oops the Dart hit the other Wraith! Fortunately without effect.

The fight resulted in the Wraith being pushed back and taking a wound – 2 down and 2 to go!


Turn 5.

Priority returns to the Wraith.

Who passes its Courage test and charges Gandalf.

The roll for more Wraiths failed (just when you need more!)

The fight resulted in Gandalf being forced back and needing to use a Fate point to avoid a wound.


Turn 6.

Priority passes to Gandalf who immediately charges back into combat.

The Wraith passes its Courage test and the roll to bring on more Wraiths once again fails!

The fight results in Gandalf once again being forced back and using a fate point to avoid being wounded.


Turn 7.

Priority shifts to the Wraith who passes its courage test and attempts to cast ‘Black Dart’ and fails, so charges into Gandalf.

The roll for more Wraiths once again fails.

The fight results in Gandalf once again being forced back and using his last Fate point to avoid taking a wound.


Turn 8.

Priority passes to Gandalf who successfully attempts to cast ‘Command’ and moves the Wraith to one side and Charges it.

The roll for more Wraiths failed again.

The fight is won by Gandalf and the Wraith is thrown back and with its Fight value being reduced to ‘1’ by the ‘Command’ spell Gandalf only needs 3+ to dispatch it and rolls a 5. Three down and one to go!


Turn 9.

Priority moves to the Wraiths and the Witch King enters the board and tries and fails to cast ‘Black Dart’.

Once again the roll for more Wraiths fails.

Gandalf moves to the centre of Amon Sul but does nothing more.


Turn 10.

Priority moves to Gandalf who immediately attempts to cast ‘Command’ and fails so he charges into combat.

The Witch King passes his Courage test.

The Fight results in the Witch King being forced back and Gandalf using a might point sending him back to the Shadow Realm.


A tough scenario which left Gandalf much reduced, if more Wraiths had entered each turn I’m not sure he would have survived although the use of the ‘Command’ spell is recommended – the caster can move the model up to half move and the target can do nothing else that turn it also has it’s fight value reduced to ‘1’, it really tipped the scales when Gandalf needed it. The end was surprisingly quick Gandalf, ‘on a roll’, pitched in to the Witch King in true heroic film style and cut him down with one blow!


Great fun and all over in less than 2 hours.


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A Quick Update

With our internet being down (again) for nearly a week I have had to drive over the mountains to the Sea-side bar of Manos to use their Internet (and power!) – It’s a hard life but someone has to do it.

Sue is off to Knossos this Sunday so it’s GAMES DAY!

I’m planning to run 3 games in all the two Amon Sul scenarios from the LotR, Gandalf vs The Nine and then Aragorn + Hobbits vs 4 Black Riders, sandwiched inbetween those two will be a trial game of ‘The Uncharted Seas’ – a fantasy naval game, if it play’s well I will invest in a couple fleets, which look fantastic by the way

I hope to get all the games done as I won’t be able to over-run into Monday (as originally planned) as Kevin is going to start the garden path at 08:00 Monday morning.

I’ll post the game reports by next Sunday.


A. 😀

Lord of the Rings Battle Reports!

While in Crete, myself (Kipper) and Leonidas started to play through the first Journey Book in the Lord of the Rings saga – The Fellowship of the Ring.

The games were really fast paced, simple and fun.  The skirmish rules really focussed on individuals, which was a little hard to get our heads round after all the focus on units in the other games, but easy to get to grips with.

Battle 1

The first battle was the hardest, as it was the very first time either of us had used the rules at all!  3 Nazgul had to sneak past 9 Dunedain.  Sounds like an easy win when you think of the Nazgul against mere men … but these were no mere men but the descendants of the Numenoreans, each counting as a minor hero in their own right.

The battle didn’t go well for the Nazgul.  Though they seemed almost unkillable by the feeble men, the magic system came as a bit of a shock.  Using Will for the Nazgul eventually kills them, and I actually annihilated 2 of the 3 Nazgul by overusing magic, giving victory to the enemy!  Tricksy scenario to win – I think the fact you can break the defenders means that you need to keep the nazgul together and actually kill Rangers rather than try to sneak by.  Worth playing to get a grip on the rules – Alan did a much better job on focussing on the objectives, which helped him trap my men, while I was experimenting too much.

Definitely win for the forces of good here though!

Battle 2

This was more of a standup fight!  9 Nazgul against 9 Rangers!  6 rangers started on the field, and nazgul arrived 1-3 at a time.  The Rangers set up a defensive line half way across the board, and fell back slowly firing bows, till entering a final line.  The nazgul hid behind a rock till all nine had arrived, and charged in bulk, using much less magic!

Things were very different here – though the nine proved very resilient to the Rangers, the Rangers abilities as heros with fate and will points to resist magic kept them in the fight, keeping the Nazgul hordes back.  Minor mistakes were made – might points allow you to modify dice rolls, and weren’t really used to full advantage.

At the very crux of the battle, the line of Rangers was broken by a couple of sneaky spells, compelling two of them to break away from the main line and letting the Nazgul dash through.

Battle 2a

We replayed the second battle, swapping sides, and it was a totally different experience.  Alan charged Nazgul forward as they arrived from different locations all over the board, and I moved forward very aggressively to hit them as hard as possible before they could build their numbers.

I had it a bit easier than Leonidas – I was reminded about Might points, and managed to wipe out several Nazgul by bow fire before overwhelming enough stragglers to meet the victory conditions!

The Nazgul sneaking across the north of the board were destroyed, before all nine rangers massed like a wolfpack in the centre to crush into the remaining black robed wraiths in close combat.  It was harder for the nazgul, every ranger they killed formed a new line to block them at the edge of the table, while the rangers just needed to jump two of the remaining 6 Nazgul to win.

Interesting battle both ways, and very fun!  Both went right to the wire!

Battle 3

This mission wasn’t as fun (though would be a great one to try single player!).  All of the Nazgul are acting as sentries, so they either stand still (roll of a 1), move depending on which side has priority (2-5, also the number of inches moved), or move normally (6).  If they end a turn within 4 inches of a good character, or get attacked or hit by bow fire, they then move normally.  The hobbits need to pass a courage test or fall under the control of the evil player.

Alan played this very smart, and kept the hobbits well away from the Nazgul.  As it turned out, the hobbits and elves just walked down the centre of the board and walked off!  The Nazgul never got close enough to really start the scenario playing normally!

Accurate to the books, and I think it’d have been fun if we weren’t so pressed to get in some decent games – felt like a bit of a waste of time the way it panned out!

Battle 4 – the Buckleberry Ferry

We didn’t want to spend the time on the setup for this, as we didn’t have an adequate ferry setup easily to hand, so we skipped to battle 5 – the Barrow Wights!

Battle 5 – The Barrows

This was played out on the morning of our departure, and wasn’t finished!

The hobbits have to sneak through the barrows and escape the other side.  If they fail a courage test, they are moved by the evil wights.  If the wights are near barrows, they cast spells for free, and have to paralyse and sacrifice 2 hobbits to win (or get frodo).  Once the hobbits have seen a barrow wight, they can call tom bombadil for help.

Poor Sam kept failing courage rolls, but the plucky hobbit managed to hold off two barrow wights long enough to call Tom Bombadil for help.  However, the other hobbits who were running to leave the barrows ran into the other two Barrow Wights, while Sam’s opponents put everything they had into delaying Tom.

Merry was sacrificed, while Pippin was being dragged to another barrow!  Unfortunately we ran out of time at that point – immoral victory to evil for sacrificing the most annoying hobbit, but Tom would probably have saved Pippin and seen the others to safety, so a probably tactical win for Good.

Definitely the most enjoyable game, which felt it could have gone either way at any point!


LotR was brilliant fun to play, moving quick and letting us get 5 games in the same time we’d spent on a single 2000pt game of Warhammer 40k, and needing less space.  Definitely one to keep trying!


3 Hobbits seek travelling companion, experience not necessary as on the job training will be given, expendability an advantage.


‘Mr Underhill’, the Prancing Pony, Bree


The Fellowship of the Ring

Finally completed all of the Fellowship from the Mines of Moria boxed set.

All of these figures are plastic and as such don’t have as much detail as the metal figures but even so they are a nice bunch of figures.

All have been finished with ‘Armypainter Quickshade Strongtone’ like the Elves, painted on not dipped!

Again I’m pleased with the results.


Completed two Leogolas figures, one plastic from The Mines of Moria set the other one a metal figure that I was given.

In this picture the plastic figure is on the left

In this picture the plastic figure is on the right.

As you can see the metal figure is overall ‘fuller’  and a fraction taller although there is no way to see that in the picture, now this has me puzzled, although I think that there may be a possible explanation, as as said above the metal figure was given to me. I beleive that it originates from the Battles in Middle Earth publication so may be to a slighly different spec?

Anyway here are the two figures seperatly:-



I’m pleased with both figures and as I’m not going to be using them both together (doh) the differences don’t really matter 😀

Another Gandalf

Just completed yet another Gandalf, this one if from the Mines of Moria boxed set, it’ll stand in front of the Balrog when I can get that done.