Crete Gaming – Amon Sul

Well, some gaming had to take place during our trip to crete, which was a bit of an FoD reunion! Time and space was limited, so we decided to play a spot of Lord of the Rings! Playing the the journeybooks, we were up to Amon Sul, which was perfect! We decided to play through it twice, taking a turn on both sides.

(photos to follow)

Round 1 – Kipper as Nazgul vs Leonidas as Fellowship

Turn 1

The hobbits started to dash towards the stairs, which they could use to slow the Nazgul advance down. The Nazgul closed in, with the Witchking managing to charge into battle with Sam right from the start. Sam was pushed back but not injured.

Turn 2

The Nazgul got priority, and went to push the attack. Unfortunately, the Witchking decided his tussle with Sam was too scary, failed his courage test and fled! The remaining Nazgul charged pippin and merry. Frost and Sam threw stones to no effect, pippin got forced back but escaped harm, and merry forced his Nazgul back and chased him off the board!

Turn 3

Tussle with pippin, black darts did nothing to frodo, frodo, merry and Sam stoned a Nazgul to death.

Turn 4

Another round of black darts did nothing, the hobbits stone another ring wraith to death.

Turn 5

Aragon finally turned up in time to watch the remaining ring wraith immolate himself to try to score a moral victory by killing pippin, the most irritating hobbit. His fate point stepped in, and the Nazgul died in vain. Victory for the forces of good, and shame for the Nazgul, who were soundly beaten by hobbits!


Round 2 – Kipper as Fellowship, Leonidas as Nazgul

Unfortunately, this round is being written a few days later than the actual game, so its a bit difficult to pin down the exact turn order.

The game started identically to the previous round, with the hobbits breaking for the stairs and the Witchking entering combat early, and pushing Sam back.  Frodo got pushed to side, and then a slew of magics and charging saw the nazgul hammering into the plucky hobbit defenders.

Frodo escaped by the skin of his teeth, while the line of hobbit defenders stayed pretty lethal!   Pippin fell (to the sound of many cheers on both sides as that fool of a Took vanished!), but Merry drove one Nazgul from the board, and Sam killed another!

Aragorn arrived, but didn’t do too much, as Sam slew the WitchKing and another Nazgul ran out of will against him in an awesome display of hobbit might!  Aragorn managed to take care of the final Ringwraith over a couple of turns, but it was pretty much all over with Sams work brutalising the poor Nazgul!


I think the scenario is set to favour the forces of good, but I also think Leonidas and myself fell into the same trap – we saw the Nazgul as primarily a physical threat, not a magical one.  Their more subtle magics, like compel, never really got a look in.  If you think back to the movie, Merry and Pippin were forced out of the way, Sam thrown back and Frodo forced to put on the ring by the force of the Ringwraiths presence (or their ‘magic’), not really beaten by swords.  It’d be fun to see if a more magic based attack, trying to get frodo to put the ring on and moving hobbits out the way and keeping aragorn back would be more effective, using black darts or a physical strike to finish frodo when he’s forced into the open.

An absolutely tremendous set of games, which were amazing fun as always!  Alan, its always a pleasure!

The Nine on Horseback

Every cloud has a silver lining, mine is that with the postponement of our trip to the UK, I can resume my painting.

So here is the latest batch, The Nine on horseback, I used some water effect on some of the bases as an experiment, I think that the larger areas look better.

Currently underway is the Balrog, Wargs and Uruk Hai scouts.

A 😀

Nazgul on Horseback

The first two of The Nine, on a War of the Ring movement tray. As these figures are very animated – horses galloping etc the bases tend to look a bit empty, so I’m going to put a small piece of slate on each base to ‘fill it out’. Used a minimum of ‘Scorched Grass’ on each figures base to try to add to the ‘desolate’ feel of the figures.

Latest from Crete

Well with all the good weather out here been spending most of the days in the garden and most of the evenings sorting out the house, finding places for 41 crates is NOT easy!

I’ve not done any more work on the Drop Pod, was waiting for my compressor and airbrushes, will try to do some work once we get on top of the garden.

Not touched the Librarian, want to spend time and get it right, as it’s a plastic figure there’s no going back.

So, needing to get on with SOMETHING I knocked these guy’s out last night:-

Have nine Rangers on the bench that would give me the ability to fight the first two scenarios  from ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ journey book, I plan to fight my way through the three books and linking the battles as GW sugest.

So as well as trying to continue with the Battle of Five Armies and the 40k stuff I’m now preparing the LotR stuff!