Hobby Roundup (Week 6)

Well, unfortunately the joys of real life meant I didn’t get time to update the blog as much as I’d like, so you’ll notice a bit of a jump to week 6! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to pop in a few notes for weeks 4 & 5 retrospectively!  In fairness, though, pretty much no actual hobby except for some vicarious dribbling actually took place, so you didn’t miss much!

I’ve decided I need a bit of an OTT hobby project after being called “sensible” the other day, so I’m currently looking at a fully decked out Deathwatch squad from a range of different chapters.  Mind you, given the rumours of a deathwatch/genestealer cult game coming, I may well hang on.  I am tempted to go sillier though, with an Ork Nobs mob called Wotcha Deff!  Painboy, silvery robot left arms, black armour…. muahahahahaha!

Also considering an Eldar Revenant titan for ludicrous scale silliness!  Knights just aren’t enough!

Currently very into looking at getting Bloodbowl teams sorted out, and Bear has been painting his Armada models which has got me excited to paint up my Armada and X-Wing too.  Time is very difficult at the moment though, with 2 little ones and we’re in birthday season!

I thought the new Space Wolf stuff might get me excited for some old school marine action – my first RT marines were wolves!  The Wulfen pics I’ve seen look like were chicken poses in biker spandex, so not floating my boat …. though in fairness, GW pics are often a bit under par and don’t do models justice.  The new character models are nice though, but I already have Krom from the limited campaign set.

Struggling getting excited for guildhall going through the rules and options, and its the same hangup I have a bit with Malifaux too.  I generally prefer systems like frostgrave or mordheim, where the war band slate is a blank.  Having to pick established characters doesn’t get me into the game quite as much.  Cracking rulesets though.  I was looking at trying to field an all female guildball team, but can’t work out a good way of doing it without losing too many team synergies. 🙁  Mind you, I never win anyway!

Anyways, onwards and upwards!

2016 – The Year of Skirmish!

Well, its 2016, so like everyone else, I’m looking at the New Year and wondering what my hobby plans should be.  I’m not going to go as far as resolutions, as I suspect I’ll crack like a twig at the sight of new shiny models, but I have a definite approach in mind.

2016 is the year of the skirmish (and board) game for me, I think.  Why?  It’s simple – time to paint, time to play.

With 2 small children, and my regular opponent having a small boy too, big chunks of hobby time just don’t come together often, if at all!  Smaller chunks of time for a quick game, though?  Thats possible!  Painting a  few models here and there?  Doable!  Painting a whole army?  Thats more of a stretch, at least without compromising on quality more than I’d like.  In addition, I am a hobby butterfly – without much time to throw at something, I’ll have lost interest in a bigger force before I finish!

So, what’s on the agenda then!  In terms of 28mm gaming, I think there are 3 main games going to be grabbing my time – Dungeon Saga, Star Wars Imperial Assault and Malifaux.  Bloodbowl, Guildball and Frostgrave are all likely to get a turn too, but probably more painting than play time.

Star Wars Armada and Star Wars X-Wing are definitely going to get play time.  Minimal work is needed to field a force, and the games are easy to set up and fun to play.  I’m hoping to customise a 100pts X-Wing tournament force with a squadron paint job too, but thats a bonus extra.

I’m going to mix it up a bit by painting for some of the charity armies for WAAC – so Lanyssa is being purchased for an upcoming Minions (from Warmahordes) army raffle.  I may be moving this year, so not sure I’ll be able to organise a #WAAC 40K raffle like I did last year though – time will be very difficult!

What are the hobby losers then?

  • Infinity looks like it’s not going to get a look in this year.  I love the models, but I don’t have any local opponents to get into it, and the same sort of Sci-Fi slot is being grabbed by Imperial Assault.
  • Age of Sigmar – well, that’s a blog post in its own right, but Dungeon Saga and Frostgrave fill the skirmish end of the fantasy spectrum already.
  • 40K, surprisingly, isn’t likely to get much of a look in.  Despite being my favourite game for years and years, the length of games, setup times and size of forces make it unlikely that I’ll be able to get to play much.  Add in the ongoing rules update costs, and the continual rules emphasis on new or underselling models to keep changing up forces, and I just can’t keep it up.   I might pick a single army to work on over the year, but can’t see myself doing too much, though I may explore the new “Path to Glory” rules and look at maybe doing a 40K warband.
  • Warmahordes – I love the models, but just don’t have time or local opponents to get really into it.  My Cygnar are likely to go unpainted and unfielded!  Shame, as I love my swans.
  • Dropzone Commander – I absolutely love this game, but just don’t think I’m going to get time to sort out a new system and build techniques for painting a new scale in large numbers.

I don’t plan on axing or reducing my collection unless it becomes necessary, but will be aiming to have a much smaller collection of active games and models.  However, hoping to keep hobby enthusiasm high and participate more in things like Vassal and as part of the Warmongers over on twitter!

Kipper’s Resolutions for 2015

So, after a very ambitious set of resolutions for 2014, and achieving almost none of them, what should I aim for this year?  😀

1)  Blog More!

First up, I really want to blog more regularly.  It shouldn’t be too hard to aim for one post a week – I’d like to do more, but I’ll see that as a bonus!  Battle reports, thoughts for the week, painting progress (and maybe record my paint choices to make it easier to go back to older projects!)  I’d love for people to read them, but the main aim is to be fun for me to remember my hobby!

2)  Paint more – “Complete” some forces!

Last year I had a huge number of projects I had outstanding.  I’ve since added to that list!  My main goal is going to be to “complete” forces.  What do I mean by that?  I mean a complete force for the standard size game, painted and ready to play!  My main goals here are:

  • Imperial Fists – Finish the fight!  Or at least the yellow!  I have a reasonable force approaching completion.  I have a storm raven, vindicator and assault terminators I could add … but that’s a bonus, not a goal!
  • Silver Skulls – I am loving the simple paint job I’m doing on a AoBR set for these, so will try to go ahead and expand it out to a full army.  I’m looking at magnetising icons on the rhino chassis for these, so I can share them with my silver SoB – 2 for 1 timesaver!
  • M2E Guild Hunters – the Lady J crew!  I really love the Malifaux rules, and want to get at least one decently painted crew together.  Maybe some gremlins too …. bonus extra!
  • Infinity the Game Nomads – I want to get at least a reasonable starter force painted and ready to play!  I love the range of strange anime and alien inspired models here!
  • Infinity the Game PanO – Again, I’d like a matching starter set to play against the nomads, and try a lure a few people into giving the system a go!
  • Enter #WAAC2015 painting again with a unit – maybe a Salamanders command squad, or an Ork Painboy!

I’m afraid finishing Orks, Blood Angels and Tyranids are definitely on my bonus list at this point, not my goals.

3)  Play more!

With a 2nd munchkin on the way, time is going to be pretty limited.  I’d still like to get back down the Overlords at least a few times to play some 40K, but weekend time is pretty limited!  I’ll get a few games in against my brother, but its likely to be pretty restricted.

With that in mind, I have 3 main goals here:

  • Play more video games on the new xbox one!  Really looking forward to getting my Halo on!  I’m also looking forward to getting some Warmachine in on the PC 😀
  • Try to work in some #vassalfaux – I feel some later night games after the kids nap may well be a great way forward.  Its also a great way of trying out different crews before investing hobby time in buying and painting up models.
  • Play more X-Wing!  I know several people playing X-Wing, and the quicker games and smaller space needed make it a heck of a lot easier to get a game or two snuck into the agenda.


My 2014 from a gaming perspective!

Well, 2014 is almost at an end, and it hasn’t been terribly successful in terms of actually getting in many games, or actually getting much hobby done!  There were many grand plans for the year … and few of them have come together.  Next year needs to be a touch more realistic, I feel!

I still have plastic mountains of models that need to be assembled and painted!  If anything, the plastic mountain has grown significantly, with Orky enthusiasm.  None of my armies have actually reached the state I wanted to class as finished (with the possible exception of the Ultramarines!)  Though I’ve loved reading about Malifaux and Infinity, I haven’t painted my starting forces or played even a single game.  I do have a complete starter force for Retribution of Scyrah in Warmachine, but not managed to get that going either (though I am loving Warmachine Tactics on the laptop).  My major passion in 40K has been Orks for the last couple of months, and I’ve been gathering and planning an Ork Waargh (though that’s being somewhat derailed by the brilliant Blood Angels models being released right now, and enthusiasm for Silver Skulls!)

What has gone well?  #WAAC 2014 was amazing fun, with events around the country, and I’ve ended up with an brilliant range of gaming gear, from T-shirts, to dice, through to templates.  I painted some models that I think came out really, really well, and won a great book and a pro painting of my Bonesinger by Peter (@minimodelpaint), which is coming on amazingly well!  I’ve tried playing X-Wing, and absolutely loved it.

I’ve loved interacting with (and meeting some of) the #warmongers.  Twitter has been a brilliant hobby outlet for me, and that’s definitely going to continue!

I’ve got some brilliant hobby resources, with brilliant brushes from Gears & Games and Army Painter really making a difference, a full Army Painter set of paints in decent paint racks letting me dip in and out of painting to do little bits here and there around the demands of being a Dad – demands that are going to increase in 2015 with the arrival of another one in May! 🙂

I haven’t played much Xbox 360 for various logistical reasons over the year, but did manage to sneak in some Transformers and Halo, and completed Injustice!  I’m hoping I’ll get more video games in next year, with an Xbox One arriving for Xmas … Halo!  Destiny!  Titanfall!  There’s some amazing games coming out for the PC just now too – Satellite Reign as a long awaited “Syndicate” style game this week.  Elite Dangerous looks amazing, and comes out this week!  As mentioned, Warmachine Tactics is great.

I’d like to have reported much more hobby fun … but its been a cracking year.  I’ll try to follow this with my plans for 2015, and maybe write a summary of what I think the biggest changes have been in the hobby world in general.