Terrain for Warhammer 40K – Tau

Brush 4 Hire do some fabulous tau scenery.  What really impresses here is that you can select the colour of the forcefields … to match your Tau Sept.  Really nice touch.  Their bunker looks really good, though if you like a very rounded look for Tau, it might be too hexagonal for you.

And here are their matching barricades (or Aegis Defense lines!)

Scotia Grendel have a range of scenery that seems perfect for Tau – their NBO range.  Here a couple of examples.


Micro Art Studios have a fabulous Tau Ceti line of scenery that would work fabulously for Tau. Their defence line looks awesome:

But their general scenery would really make a Tau board come to life.


Terrain for Warhammer 40K – Eldar

Games Workshop make fantastic models, and their Imperial terrain is absolutely superb.  Unfortunately, if you don’t want imperial type terrain (or a hill or two), you are pretty much out of luck!

Lets take a look at what we can find for terrain for other races, or cheaper alternatives for a home board!


There are some very good Eldar pieces of terrain available on the market at the moment.

Minature Scenery in Australia do some fantastic MDF pieces, which can easily fill in the traditional roles of bastion (Elven Tower) :

A Skyshield Landing Platform (or Elven Dias):

And, of course, an Aegis Defense Line (or Sanctuary of Souls):

In addition, their walkways and space modulators are fantastic for people putting together an Eldar themed board.

Brush 4 Hire do an interesting range of Aegis Defense Line alternatives, one of which works quite well as an advanced Eldar concept – their forcefield defines line!  You can pick the colour of the translucent plastic force shield, to match your craftworld a bit better!

Micro Art Studios do a fantastic set of barricades or Aegis defines line too!

There once was a template for creating your own webway gate on the GW site, but like much of the old school hobby stuff, this has long since been removed.  A retro-engineered version can be found on a here, though!

I’m sure there are a few more options out there – I’ll update this post if/when I come across them!


Useful Tool

I have a Minicraft mains powered mini-drill and most of the time its OK, unless you only need to drill one hole or its in soft plastic, I find that the Minicraft is too fast even on low speed for soft plastics – it tends to melt them!, so its back to the old hand drill or it was, enter the Tamiya Electric Handy Drill.

Actually it’s battery powered, works at a relatively slow speed, is light and easy to control.


What I didn’t realize when I ordered it wasDSCF0118It was a kit 😀

15 or so minutes with screwdriver and pliers got it up and running, a lot easier and more accurate than the hand drill!

Bit expensive at just under 15 quid but I wouldn’t be without it now 🙂

Hobbying after a munchkin!

Well, the arrival of a small bundle of joy (or wee,spew and poo, depending on how much sleep I got), has had a pretty major impact on my hobby time, but I do want to keep up to date with the dabbling in the gaming hobby that I’m managing!

First, I’m reviewing all my existing models and armies.  I’m going through and trying to put the following basic points values together for each force:

1000pts core force

This is the main army list for each force.  These models will form the core of any army based around the force.  I am building this force to have no more than 1 HQ, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 2 Heavy Support and 4 troops.

1500pts expanded force

This is the 1000pt list expanded to 1500pts, sharing the same base models.  You might find some extra upgrades like melta bombs or a few extra troops in an existing unit as well as completely new troops.  Again, I’m trying to limit this force to 1 HQ, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 2 Heavy Support and 4 troops.

500pts allies force

This is a totally separate 500pt allies detachment, using up to 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 1 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Support, and 2 troops.  These are separate models from those used in the other lists.

Hopefully the artificial force org limits on the other armies now make sense – if I add the “allies” list to the main force from the same codex, I still have a valid force org, and it gives me the following options:

1000pt forces ready to go!

1500pt forces ready to go!

1000pt force + 500pt “allies” force from the same codex ready to go = 1500pt force ready to go!

1000pt force + 500pts of actual allies from a different codex ready to go = 1500pt force ready to go!

1500pt force + 500pt “allies” force from the same codex ready to go = 2000pt force ready to go!

1500pt force + 500pts of actual allies from a different codex ready to go= 2000pt force ready to go!

1000pt force + 500pt “allies” force from the same codex ready to go  + 500pts of actual allies from a different codex ready to go = 2000pt force ready to go!

While there’s a lot of games played at 1750 or 1850pts, the majority of the games I play tend to be at the 1500 or 2000pt marks.

The other interesting thing I can do with this is have a self contained “allies” force for various small forces I’ve collected, would like to collect or want to reduce.  I have some Imperial Fists that look reasonably good, but at the moment I’m not that interested in collecting a full Imperial fists army, for example.  I’m going to set up a 500pt allies list of Codex: Space Marines for them, so I can either field them with other marine forces as part of the main force org, or actually as allies with Imperial Guard.  It means I can get use of some of the painted models I have without needing to collect a full army!

There will probably be some limitations too – Sisters of Battle tend to be very expensive models in terms of price, but quite low in points, so you need to use more force org slots for them!  I probably have to stick to just 1000pt and 1500pt options for them, and use the complete force org.

On my first pass through organising my armies and models, I’m using only existing, prebuilt models where possible (I do have a small plastic mountain, particularly for marines, but don’t have time to sort them out at the moment!).  Where I can’t build a legal army (I suspect this will be true of my 3rd edition necrons, for example), I will work out the minimum number of models to get a valid list.  Not necessarily a good list, but valid lists, and actually assemble the models ready to play in preset KR multicases.

That also gives me fixed lists to paint and sort out, in achievable numbers.  Again, I’m not going to be looking for Heavy Metal type painting – just rough and ready tabletop.

Once I’ve finished my first pass through the armies, I’ll look at how to expand out the lists to make more fun lists, not just valid ones – I suspect some of them will be absolutely terrible to play! 🙂

My next post will list the rough armies I need to sort out!

More Malifaux

Saw a building in MDF on the internet decided to try and reproduce it with ‘Streets of Malifaux’ this was the result:-

Its not what I had intended, the upper story of the house was supposed to extend out to where the rail is, just can’t do that with the kit it seems, walls aren’t right neither are the roof sections, that said more complex building structures are possible 🙂

Buildings of Malifaux

With the birth of Lena’s baby girl Nicolia last week, Friday turned into a visit to the hospital so, no gaming work done, still it was good to see Lena and her Mother and Aunt and Nicolia of course!

So after swimming on Saturday I pushed the unfinished Napoleonic 20mm Russian infantry to one side and opened the ‘Buildings of Malifaux’ box.

Now there are a couple of  You Tube videos that show the contents of the box and I suggest viewing those.

Also I must point out that to use ‘The Buildings’ you would also need a least one box of ‘Terraclips’ sold seperatly!

The instructions on the box are very basic but the system, for the most part is intuitive, that said I would have liked a flyer with some instructions on putting together a structure from the contents of the box!

Down to bussiness, I ripped open the box punched out some components, they come away very cleanly and easily, and after one (or two) rebuilds produced this:-

Ground floor with door

added the first floor

and roof!

Nice little building and quickly put together, only I used about two thirds of the ‘L’ Terraclips, either I’m going to need loads of boxes of clips (arround 9 quid a box) or putting together single buildings is not the way to go!

Take two, I figured a little planning would be a good idea and this is the result:-

and now with some Middle Earth adventurers

and some 20mm figures

A small amount of work added a balcony

Putting the buildings together is very easy and with most things with a bit of practice you’ll be able to build very quickly, my only issues are that although the mix of parts in the box seems very comprehensive I’m not sure that you would be able to build the structure shown on the box with the contents also, as a beginner, I’m not sure there is enough gable ends. I used all of the Terraclips ‘L’ clips so, without some redesigning I can’t add any more.

Having said that the components are of quality manufacture and represent a very flexible and versitile set, I already have the compainion set ‘Streets of Malifaux’ but need to get another box of Terraclips to be able to use it with the buildings.

I plan to ‘play around’ with the current build and will post any updates worth note.

Although the 20mm figures don’t look too bad scale wise, the figure in the doorway is actually 22mm from the flat of his feet to his eyes, the style of the buildings is a little too Fantasy for Naploeonic gaming but will make a great addition to my LotR gaming 😀


(more) News from Crete

Well here we are again, Saturday morning down at ‘Manos’ as – yes we still have no internet 🙁 .

The weather is sunny and windy, just as well as the temp. was 32deg at 10:00, ho hum, We’re off on holiday on the 14th for 5 days, just going 90 or so Km down the road to Sitia with some friends (no gardening!!).

On the Modeling and Gaming front I have completed the 10mm card ‘Kragenvale Keep’, very nice looking Model I have also produced another keep from Toshach Miniatures from their free offering – will be great to add some variety to the castles in the 10mm campaign.

First two pics are the freebe from Toshach the rest are of Kragenvale.

For some reason I ended up with a load of ‘Hexon’ base boards in BLACK! not very useful so am in the process of spraying them BLUE! When complete they will give me a 4’x6′ sea area. On the subject of sea I have two 6mm fleets waitng to be painted and a fully based and painted fleet that I got off ebay (from the USA).

Got the last part of the new Sisters of Battle Codex in this months WD, after a quick look I dont think that overall the ‘power’ of the army changes too much although the ‘play’ will. Most of the stuff that has been removed I tried not to play as I always prefered a ‘pure’ SoB army. The addition of the command squad adds some flexibility and allows the addition of more heavy weapons (I always needed more heavy weapons). Thats the positive, on the downside I think that overall the reworking of the Codex is just shoddy! It’s a good thing that the ‘sisters play well anyway as this change is primarily a ‘take away’. My personal gripe is the change to the Cannoness who is now a completely bland entry, no option to take the Cloak of St Aspira or a jump pack. Other than Celestine the other ‘characters’ are MALE!! – I will be re-naming those stats and fielding female characters in their place. Overall I prefer the original Sisters of Battle Codex (not Witch Hunters), ho hum.

With the new SoB codex now out, I’m keen to try it out and have decided to a re-match between the SoB and DE at The Shrine of St Aspira – see elsewhere on this site. I’m going to play it as a ‘Planetstrike’ scenario with the SoB on the defensive, just need to put together the OB for both sides the DE will be played as ‘Grey’s’ ie unpainted 🙁 but I have a nice narrative go go with it all.

Still have shed loads of 10mm figures to paint and I keep looking at my 6mm ACW figures 🙁

While Sue was in the UK I watched the film ‘The Right Stuff’ early US space flight, so now I’m also looking at my stock of spacecraft models in particular the Saturn V/Apollo moon rocket (will be nearly 5 feet tall when built!).

Ok lunch has just arrived.


Kipper’s Hobby Plans!

Well, I thought I’d try and motivate myself to get started by listing the enormous number of projects and armies I’m looking at doing at present!

1) Finish the Battleboard!

2) Finish my Tau army!

The Tau are pretty close to finished already! I have one more unit of Firewarriors to ink and detail, a hammerhead tank to ink and detail, and I think I also have a couple of drones to do. I do have a few ethereals, but as I use Commander Farsight and can’t field them, they aren’t on my must do list (and to be honest, I don’t find the models nice enough to make it onto my fun list either!)

I already have 3 12 man firewarrior squads, a full 8 man pathfinder squad, a 5 man Stealth suit squad, 18 gun drones, two devilfish, two 3 man crisis teams, a broadside and commander farsight done, so a Tau army can take the field right now!

Bonus extra – I do have an additional box of firewarriors – if I can find sufficiently tau looking wings, I may convert them as tau commandos to proxy as vespids.

3) Finish my Fallen Angel army

The complete army is assembled and ready to go. This should be a straightforward army to paint – after the black undercoat, I just need to edge highlight with DA green (so it is the original black heresy colours with a nod to the current scheme), though the stone symbols and robes on many of the models will take longer. The army went on the very first gaming trip to crete, so its time to actually get it done!

4) Rebase my Necron army

I have two Necron armies which have been painted differently – both look good, so I don’t intend to redo any of them, but I do intend to rebase them all to match my battleboard – sand painted brown, highlighted in ochre, then scorched grass in patches.

5) Return of the beakies (crimson Fists)!

I lost a complete Rogue Trader ultramarine army on the train several years ago now, but still have a slew of other figures from that era, and picked up a few from ebay. These will be prepared as Crimson Fists matching the original Rogue trader cover. I’ll need a certain amount of conversion work – old school jump packs will be needed with chain weapons for an assault squad, and the original series dreadnought will have its unusual heavy weapons arm replaced by a pair of classic twin-linked lascannons. I still think the Corvus Mk6 armour and the classic missile launcher is a much more iconic look than the newer marines. This is the project I’m most excited about at the moment, so it is likely to jump to the top of the list!

I’m looking at scratch building mk1 rhinos and mk1 land raiders for the force too! Old school!

6) The Blood Angels

Between Space Hulk terminators, sanguinary guard and death company, and some lovely chapter leaders, I really should get my blood angels battle ready! I struggle getting excited about them generally, though – I never got on with James Swallows Blood Angel novels.

7) The Deathwatch

I’m really excited about this, so again, they will probably jump up the list more than a bit! I want to do some classic deathwatch conversions, and have full shoulderpads for 10 chapters to go on the right shoulders as well! It should look great! In addition, I intend to do a unit of terminators in Deathwatch colours, with a rhino and land raider to act as transports, and a dreadnaught and captain as well.

I can then use the deathwatch to bulk out any of my other marine forces, which will be very useful!

8) Legion of the Damned

Just like the Deathwatch, the Legion of the Damned can appear to save my marines in general, making them very tempting models. I have the boxset, but would like to bulk that out to a full squad with specialist and heavy weapons.

9) Tyrian Eagles

I’m currently painting my own chapter of Tyrian Eagles, using mostly troops from the Assault on Black Reach set. They are coming together really nicely, and will tie in with the Deathwatch to flesh out the numbers.

10) Tyrian Eagle traitors

These are coming together slowly as well, with a rogue librarian leading the lost third company of marines to treacherous victory!

11) Imperial Fists

I have some lovely imperial fists models – a gorgeous command squad and scouts, with an OK dreadnaught, but I need to get enough basic troops cleaned up to bulk out the force.

12) Orks!

I have loads of Orksies! About three loads of the AoBR set, in fact! With loads of boyz and coptors, its a really orky waargh of a charge. I have the greenskin primer from army painter, but need to assemble and prime everything, before painting them up. Evil Sunz? Goffs? its all to be decided!

13) Grey Knights!

My grey knights are a completed army … for the Daemonhunters codex. The new Grey Knights codex leads to all sorts of new delights – paladins, purifiers, librarians, dreadknights….. its all so tempting!

14) Ultramarines

I have loads of random marines that need to be brought together and sorted out. Although generally not great models, its tempting to just have loads of Ultramarines as a standard mob of marines.

15) Other random thoughts

I’d love to have a Dark Eldar army, painted as if craftworld eldar for a dark craftworld. Wyches in Howling Banshee colours, Kabalites as Dire Avengers, Mandrakes as Striking Scorpions, Scourges as Swooping Hawks.

I’d also love to do Sisters of Battle as a traitor force, dedicated to Tzeentch. I’d need plastics first, and I have high hopes when they officially release a new codex they’ll renew the model line.

16) Terrain!

After the battleboard, I’ve been getting very excited about terrain. I want to build a weathertop as per the LoTR guidelines, and I want to build some portal scenary with the Storm of Magic vortex templates – an eldar webway portal and a dark altar would be great, as would a Necron portal.

I’ve also got to build witchfate tor and paint to match the battleboard, and I may be getting a temple of skulls for my birthday! Huzzah!

Hope you find that intriguing – I’ll update with photos as they various bits come together!