Useful Tool

I have a Minicraft mains powered mini-drill and most of the time its OK, unless you only need to drill one hole or its in soft plastic, I find that the Minicraft is too fast even on low speed for soft plastics – it tends to melt them!, so its back to the old hand drill or it was, enter the Tamiya Electric Handy Drill.

Actually it’s battery powered, works at a relatively slow speed, is light and easy to control.


What I didn’t realize when I ordered it wasDSCF0118It was a kit 😀

15 or so minutes with screwdriver and pliers got it up and running, a lot easier and more accurate than the hand drill!

Bit expensive at just under 15 quid but I wouldn’t be without it now 🙂


Following a compliment passed on by Rob from Ally I thought I’d just show how easy it is to create great figure bases.

Start by undercoating the base, as the figure is usually attached it will be in whatever colour you’re undercoating here it’s black.

Next apply a base coat of GW Graveyard Earth or Vallejo Earth.

Next apply a layer of white glue to the top of the base and sprinkle modeling sand over and put aside for 2 – 4 hours to allow the glue to dry, I leave mine overnight.

Next apply a 50/50 mix of water and either GW Scorched Brown or Vallejo Charred Brown. Just rest the brush on the base and let the mix soak into the sand don’t brush it on as the water tends to soften the glue. Again I let it dry overnight, you’ll find that once dry this stage will help to ‘seal’ the sand to the base.

Next drybrush the base with GW Beastial Brown or Vallejo Beasty Brown. It’s important that the base is fully dry from the previous stage or the sand may come loose!

Next lightly drybrush the base with GW Bleached Bone or Vallejo BoneWhite until you acheive the colour you want.

Next using a toothpic or similar place small dots or blobs of white glue randomly about the base, sometimes I add a lot sometimes just a little to try and get a random feel across any based that tend to ‘go together’ particularly bases to be used in movement trays.

I vary the colour of the flock to try to match the ‘feel’ of the model, for the LotR good figures I use Noch Flock 50210 ‘Spring Meadow’, I get that from . A 100gr bag costs £8 + shipping, the GW stuff is the same but comes in 15gr tubs – you do get a neat tub with it so I would sugest getting the GW one to start and seeing just how much you’re going to use 😀 For the Lotr Evil figures I use the GW Scorched Grass flock as it’s darker and adds to that ‘evil feel’, on larger bases or terrain I’ll mix the flocks as needed (I have two whole drawers full of flocks, sands and gravel!).

This is a ‘War of the Ring’ movement tray prepared in the same way.

This small flying base was prepared using two different coloured sands and two different coloured glavels and was not drybrushed at all! The sand/gravel is my own mix:- 40% Modeling or sharp sand, 40% black model railway ballast, 15% modeling gravel and 5% black gravel. Again it depends on what effect you’re looking for.

A tip for your plastic figures, as they are so light they tend to tip over quite easily, you can stick a 2 pence piece to the bottom of each base but that will significantly increase the height of the figure. I use ready mixed filler (not the waterproof stuff as it’s not heavy enough) sqeeze a blob into the underside of the base and level it off with a straight edge, let it dry overnight and your plastic figures will be more stable.


L. 😀