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Well here we are again, Saturday morning down at ‘Manos’ as – yes we still have no internet 🙁 .

The weather is sunny and windy, just as well as the temp. was 32deg at 10:00, ho hum, We’re off on holiday on the 14th for 5 days, just going 90 or so Km down the road to Sitia with some friends (no gardening!!).

On the Modeling and Gaming front I have completed the 10mm card ‘Kragenvale Keep’, very nice looking Model I have also produced another keep from Toshach Miniatures from their free offering – will be great to add some variety to the castles in the 10mm campaign.

First two pics are the freebe from Toshach the rest are of Kragenvale.

For some reason I ended up with a load of ‘Hexon’ base boards in BLACK! not very useful so am in the process of spraying them BLUE! When complete they will give me a 4’x6′ sea area. On the subject of sea I have two 6mm fleets waitng to be painted and a fully based and painted fleet that I got off ebay (from the USA).

Got the last part of the new Sisters of Battle Codex in this months WD, after a quick look I dont think that overall the ‘power’ of the army changes too much although the ‘play’ will. Most of the stuff that has been removed I tried not to play as I always prefered a ‘pure’ SoB army. The addition of the command squad adds some flexibility and allows the addition of more heavy weapons (I always needed more heavy weapons). Thats the positive, on the downside I think that overall the reworking of the Codex is just shoddy! It’s a good thing that the ‘sisters play well anyway as this change is primarily a ‘take away’. My personal gripe is the change to the Cannoness who is now a completely bland entry, no option to take the Cloak of St Aspira or a jump pack. Other than Celestine the other ‘characters’ are MALE!! – I will be re-naming those stats and fielding female characters in their place. Overall I prefer the original Sisters of Battle Codex (not Witch Hunters), ho hum.

With the new SoB codex now out, I’m keen to try it out and have decided to a re-match between the SoB and DE at The Shrine of St Aspira – see elsewhere on this site. I’m going to play it as a ‘Planetstrike’ scenario with the SoB on the defensive, just need to put together the OB for both sides the DE will be played as ‘Grey’s’ ie unpainted 🙁 but I have a nice narrative go go with it all.

Still have shed loads of 10mm figures to paint and I keep looking at my 6mm ACW figures 🙁

While Sue was in the UK I watched the film ‘The Right Stuff’ early US space flight, so now I’m also looking at my stock of spacecraft models in particular the Saturn V/Apollo moon rocket (will be nearly 5 feet tall when built!).

Ok lunch has just arrived.


The Uncharted Seas – Trial Game

The Uncharted Seas


The Second game of the day was ‘The Uncharted Seas’ a fantasy naval game.

The rulebook is in full colour on heavy paper and some 107 pages long. It also comes with a coated ‘Rules at a glance’ sheet with a critical hit table on the reverse.

The actual rules are some 48 pages long and are illustrated throughout with full colour diagrams and examples. The remainder of the book is taken up with backgrounds and Fleet specs for the various races in the game, also included in the book is a Fleet Roster chart, the ‘Rules at a glance’ page and two pages of tokens and templates that are required for the game although these are available as PDF downloads from the Spartan Games website together with two 2D ‘cut out fleets’ that I’ll be using in the game. The website also contains other PDF files together with rules addenda and clarifications and should be checked for rules covering new models as they are released.

The rules being used are the latest second edition and, as usual for me, were purchased from Maelstrom Games.


The Scenario.

From the rulebook it’s called ‘Running the Gauntlet’  and is played on a 6’ by 4’ area, I’ve added two small Islands in the centre because 6’ by 4’ of blue cloth is boring!


The Fleets.

The Scenario calls for a Battleship and Cruiser vs double the points value with nothing larger than a Cruiser on the opposing side so, using the ‘cut out fleets’ we have:-



The Battleship ‘Fearless’ a Forge class ship

The Cruiser ‘Hammerhead’ a Hammer class ship.



Two Squadrons:



The Cruiser ‘Raker’ a Ravager class ship

4 Frigates:-

The ‘Wreaker’

The ‘Wolf’

The ‘Warmonger’

The ‘Warrg’

All Warcrock class ships.



The Cruiser ‘Raven’ a Ravager class ship

3 Frigates:-

The ‘Wrongdoer’

The ‘Warcry’

The ‘Widowmaker’

All Warcrock class ships.


The Dwarfs enter from the South with the two Squadrons of Orcs entering from the West the wind direction is from the South.

The Dwarf vessels are steam powered so the wind has no effect on them but the max speed of the Dwarf Battleship is 4” with the Cruiser 6”. The Orcs on the other hand can move their Cruisers 8” and the Frigates 10” but move at half speed into the wind.


So, Game On!


Turn 1.

The Roll for Initiative gave it to the Dwarfs so they activate their squadron and the battleship move forward it’s maximum of 4” while the cruiser move forward it’s minimum required move of 2”, nothing is in range for shooting so the activation for this squadron is ended.


It’s the Orc turn to activate one of it’s squadrons.

Squadron ‘B’ moves out towards the islands, as with the Dwarfs nothing is in range so the activation for this squadron has ended.

As the Dwarves only have one squadron the Orcs can carry on and activate their remaining squadron.


Squadron ‘A’ moves out with the Frigates forming echelon between their own cruiser and the Orc battleship bringing them all just within their ‘Band 2’ range limit (16”) and allowing each 2 shots at the battleship for a total of 8 shots:-

The roll was 1,1,1,4,6,6,6,6 you need 4-6 to score a hit with sixes giving an extra dice!


4 more dice were rolled giving 4,5,1,6 three more hits with one more dice to be rolled giving 2 so giving a total of 8 hits, as the Damage Rating (DR) of the Dwarf battleship is 6 then 1 point of hull damage is inflicted.


Note: I had missed that sixes not only get you another dice to roll but count as TWO hits L


The end phase to the turn resulted in no change to the wind direction.


Turn 2

Initiative goes to the Orcs and they activate Squadron ‘A’

Squadron ‘A’ closes in on the Dwarf squadron and all of the frigates fire giving a total of 3 hits – not enough to damage the battleship. The Orc cruiser is still screened by the frigates and is unable to target the battleship.


The Dwarfs activate their squadron and the battleship moves forward its maximum move of 4″ and the cruiser moves it’s minimum required move of 2″ enableing it to target the trailing Orc frigate the ‘Warrg’ with its port guns while the battleship can target the frigate ‘Warmonger’

The cruiser goes first scoring in total 8 hits (4 sixes were thrown in total) as the Frigates Critical Rating (CR) is 5 then there is a single hit to be resolved using the Critical Hit Table using 2d6 a 4 was rolled giving a raging fire with 1 crew point lost and 2 hull points resulting in the sinking of the ‘Warrg’

Not bad, but now it’s the turn of the ‘Fearless’, two Orc frigates lay within band two range and in line of site. Band two gives the battleship 16 shots which it is going to split between the two frigates 8 each (nice!)

The first to be targeted is the ‘Warmonger’, 2 hits not enough to cause any damage.

The next to be targeted is the ‘Wolf’, again only 2 hits and not enough to cause any damage, most disappointing from the Dwarf point of view!


The Orc Squadron ‘B’ is now activated and commits itself to moving into the channel between the islands.

The turn end phase resulted in the wind changing to blow towards the NNE.


Turn 3.

The Orcs maintain the initiative and activate squadron ‘A’

The cruiser ‘Raker’ moves to bring its Fore batteries to bear and links its fire with the 3 frigates giving a total of 13 shots – but only getting 5 hits, not enough for any damage L


The Dwarf squadron now activates and manoeuvres to bring its starboard guns to bear at point blank range to the ‘Raker’. Sixteen shots, 10 hits enough for a roll on the critical table – a six, ship may not fire next activation and two points of damage.

Next the ‘Hammerhead’ with 7 shots. Three hits enough for one point of hull damage on the ‘Wolf’.


Orc Squdrn ‘B’ now activates and begins to sail through the channel.

No change in the wind.


Turn 4.

The Orcs have the initiative and activate squadron ‘A’.


Thr ‘Raker’ rammed the ‘Fearless’ without inflicting any damage but took 2 points of hull damage itself enough to sink it!

The ‘Wreaker’ collided with the ‘Fearless’ suffering a massive 7 hits enough for a roll on the critical able, a five, amongst other things takes 2 points of damage and sinks!

The two Orc Frigates now fired upon the ‘Hammerhead, with their fore batteries lined up they have a linked total of 7 shots. Only two hits, not enough to damage.


The Dwarf Squadron now activates and the ‘Hammerhead’ manoeuvres to bring the ‘Wolf’ into its sights, seven shots,  8 hits giving 1 roll on the critical table, 2 points of damage and sunk!

The ‘Fearless’ can now see the ‘Raven’ and gets 13 shots at it! Sixteen hits! That equals two rolls on the critical table, as each entry on the critical table applies at least 2 damage points the two rolls will give at least 4, enough to sink the Raven and effectively ending the game.


A great training game and it allowed me to get a better grip on the rules and the intricacies of the game first you need to remember that 6 to hit counts as 2 hits and another roll! So with luck you can really stack up those hits. I think that any mistakes balanced themselves out and the end result would have been the same.

Battleships are big and tough but with just a bit of luck the Orcs would have pulled it off – if the ‘Raker’ had not sunk then there would have been a boarding action and the crew numbers on each ship would have meant that there was an even chance that the ‘Fearless’ would have been taken by storm! (Note at this point in turn 4 I rolled as if the Raker had survived the ram and had initiated a boarding action – the result was a win for the Orcs!!)  Also if the ‘Wreaker’ could have manoeuvred into a ram instead of a collision then the boarding action would have been tipped in favour of the Orcs (not that they needed it as it turned out) – well there you have it ‘what if’s‘ the best way of deciding if a game system is entertaining!


Check out the Spartan games site as well as Maelstrom or your favourite games store the fleet boxes are reasonably priced and the models look great – can,t wait for mine to arrive 😀


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