Blood Angels vs Thousand Sons Battle 2

After the first battle, we changed the forces around a little.  The chaos marines went fully Tzeentch, with Thousand Sons marines and the mark of Tzeentch on the ruling sorcerer, leaving them with many fewer heavy weapons.

However, as the game progressed, the lack of heavy firepower was made up for by psychic strikes and the invulnerable saves of the Tzeentch marines – power fists and swords went glancing off 4+ invulnerable, mystical saves, leaving force swords to take their toll even of the emperors finest in Tactical Dreadnought armour.

A second win for the Thousand Sons!

Blood Angels vs Thousand Sons

The first battle in Sheffield!  Kipper vs Saint Aidan, with the noble Imperial Blood Angels battling the sorcerous Thousand Sons!

Its not the most perfect setups, as terrain was largely improvised, and the Blood Angels are pretty much just basecoated, but it was a great game.   As it was Aidan’s first game, we used just 750 points a side, and played on a small 4 x 4 field.

The game started on a fairly even keel, with the Blood Angels taking the offensive.  The Imperial forces charged forward, firing at the exposed chaos marines, but did very little in return.  The chaos marines retaliated with a hail of heavy weapons fire, taking down the imperial dreadnought, and with it the majority of the Blood Angels heavy firepower.

Imperial terminators arrived, but got hit by a team of havocs, taking them down quite quickly.  The lack of heavy firepower made the Chaos Dreadnought unstoppable, and the librarians attempt to stop him with a plasma pistol ended up in immolation as the plasma pistol exploded.

By turn 5, every imperial marine was annhilated!  A clear victory for the forces of chaos.

Updates from London

Well, not a lot of painting has taken place in the pre christmas frenzy, but some gaming news.

First Blood Bowl is out for the Xbox. Its a little disappointing in some ways -the multiplayer is much (much, much!) easier for pickup games, but multiplayer leagues don’t seem possible, and you can’t customize your team and colours in the same way you can on the PC. Having said that, I’ve found it much more enjoyable to play single player thanks to the bigger screen, and the ease of multiplayer make up for the disadvantages. Its a great way to combine the Xbox hobbywith our Games Workshop fun 🙂

I’m still working on the world of Morania for some online D&D gaming fun, which should be interesting. 🙂 Its based on some concepts I’d put together when looking to write a novel, so hopefully you’ll find it reasonably fresh with enough background detail to entertain.

New gaming options have opened up a bit – Saint Aidan will probably be adopting my Chaos forces, and my Dad (Tazman) will be flying the Eldar cause once more, so some gaming will be happening over Christmas! Updates will of course be posted on the site! Sadder news is that my Tau and Necron forces have been retired to longer term storage for now, while I focus on getting a force of Blood Angels painted (including the Space Hulk terminators).

Chaos vs Space Marines 20/09/2009

This is just a ‘potted’ report on the above battle, pictures can be viewes in the Gallery ‘GD20090920’, enjoy.

Battle setup was for the ‘Annihilate’ scenario with 2000pts of  Chaos setting up and moving first, single line of battle with two (I think) units in reserve.

The SM force was a ‘standard’ rapid response force based on the leader Cato Sicarius, 4 drop Pods with tactical units, one scout, one Dreadnought, one Predator, 2 units of Terminators and one Squadron of 2 Land speeders.

SM deployed the Land Speeders, Dreadnought, Predator and Scouts to minimise first turn losses in a thin battle line, all the rest were held in reserve.

Chaos kicked off with some movement to maximise shooting and then shooting – minimal losses on the SM side, although the Predator had been immobilised 🙁

SM turn one started with the Drop Pod assault, 2 pods came down both missed their target spot (something that seemed to occur very frequently throughout the game) but were saved by their inertial guidence systems.

Land Speeders and Dreadnought moved to gain shots and firing commenced, not as good as I had hoped but, not bad.

The rest of the game went roughly like this:

Dice rolls usually ‘even out’ by the end of the game and this game is no different except, the SM saving and morale rolls were generally unusually high, while other scores that needed to be high were low 🙁

Chaos had a similar experience, the upshot of all this was that two units of SM lost their combats, their morale roll and were caught in sweeping advances and destroyed 🙁

In spite of all that the game was won by Chaos by a margin of 7 units killed to 6, not bad 😀

The Sting in the Tail.

Each SM tac squad that suffered a lost combat, morale roll and annihilation was accompanied by cries of ‘Oh no! Space Marines don’t do that!’.

How right we were, they don’t, with the ‘And they shall know no fear’ rule, if they fail a morale roll and then are caught by a sweeping advance, they are not destroyd, they stop and continue to fight although they may take further casualties!

The moral of this tail is ‘ Make sure you read AND understand all of the small print in your codex.

Given the one unit difference in the final outcome – things MAY have been different if those units had not just melted away 😀

The Imperatoris Aquilae 4th Company

The lost fourth company of the Imperatoris Aquilae have fallen into the gravest trap of all … they have fallen from the Emperor’s Grace. During an extended mission, their Captain recovered a strange blade. thought to be one lost by another Chapter long ago. The daemon blade corrupted the caption, who in turn subtly led his company (and the attached troops) astray. At present, test troops are being trialled to perfect the colour scheme – we’ll hopefully get examples up here soon.