Raid on Teramore V – Formosa Sector

In the dying days of the 41st Millenium, the Formosa sector remained bright and properous thanks to the oversight of Inquisitor Coteaz.  However, even in this scrutinized and properous sector, some fools existed who avoid the black ships, and toy with powers beyond them.

Responding to an informant, Costeaz headed to Teramore V with his personal retinue, pressing two squads of elite local law enforcement into his service as he went to apprehend the cultists.  Perhaps fortunately for the planet, his timing was more fortunate than might have been expected …. as the depraved eldar of commoragh were stirring, and in need of entertainment from a fresh source.

Gangs, enforcers, and Inquisitors alike were forced to delay their reckoning to defeat this alien threat as dark shapes roared from hidden webway portals into the sky.  Beyond all else, suffer not the xenos to live!


Forces in the Streets – 1250 pts.


Inquisitor Coteaz – 100pts

Ordos Hereticus Inquistor with powerfist – 40 points


Coteaz’s personal retinue 215

2 x Jokaero Weaponsmiths (gives 5+ invulnerable save to the unit), 5 Warrior Acolytes with Stormbolters and Power Armour, 3 Heavy Bolter Servitors, 2 Crusaders

Local Law Enforcement – Response Team 1 – 145pts

Chimera, 10 Warrior Acolytes with hot shot lasguns

Local Law Enforcement – Response Team 2 – 145pts

Chimera, 10 Warrior Acolytes with hot shot lasguns

Gangs – Daughters of the Flame (180)

12 x Death Cult Assassins

Gangs – Cultists – 100pts

3 Daemonhosts, 7 psykers

Gangs – Adeptus Mechanicus grafters – 180 pts

12 Arco flagellants


Vindicare Assassin (145pts)


1250 Pts – Dark Eldar Roster – Cult of the Flayed Nun

Total Roster Cost: 1250

HQ: Lelith Hesperax (1#, 175 pts)
1 Lelith Hesperax, 175 pts

Troops: Wyches (10#, 233 pts)
8 Wyches, 106 pts = 8 * 12 (base cost 10 + Haywire Grenades 2) + Razorflails x1 10
1 Hekatrix, 57 pts = (base cost 20 + Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20) + Blast Pistol 15
1 Raider, 70 pts = (base cost 60) + Flickerfield 10

Troops: Wyches (10#, 215 pts)
8 Wyches, 90 pts = 8 * 10 (base cost 10) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
1 Hekatrix, 55 pts = (base cost 20 + Agoniser 20) + Blast Pistol 15
1 Raider, 70 pts = (base cost 60) + Flickerfield 10

Elite: Hekatrix Bloodbrides (10#, 252 pts)
8 Hekatrix Bloodbrides, 134 pts = 8 * 13 (base cost 13) + Razorflails x1 10 + Hydra Gauntlets x1 10 + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
1 Syren, 58 pts = (base cost 23 + Agoniser 20) + Blast Pistol 15
1 Raider, 60 pts

Heavy Support: Razorwing Jetfighter (1#, 165 pts)
1 Razorwing Jetfighter, 165 pts = (base cost 145) + Splinter Cannon x1 10 + Shatterfield Missile x2 10

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 105 pts)
1 Ravager, 105 pts

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 105 pts)
1 Ravager, 105 pts


Shrine part 2

This is the 6′ x 4′ table layout only the Exorcist’s are currently deployed.

The Sisters deployment is as follows:-

Two Battle Sisters Squads and the two Seraphim Squads are in reserve.

There are 4 objectives:-

The Bastion, The Shrine, The Command Bunker and The Comms Bunker.

Firestorm Turn.

The DE have the ‘Scorched Skies’ strategem so roll 2D6 getting 7 + 4 for the number of objectives= 11 Firestorm attacks.

The Firestorm attacks resulted in Exorcist (red) loosing its Hunter-Killer missile, the Flamer Retributer squad and the Battle Sister Squad both loosing 1 figure but both passing their pinning tests.

Turn 1. Objectives:- SoB=4 / DE=0

DE Player Turn.

Crash and Burn!! –  with a sonic boom the DE direct a captured Imperial ship into the battlefield!

Four debris fragments hit the battlefield one, shattered into a million pieces on the Comms Bunker without causing any damage, another crashed harmlessly behind the bunker, one casualty was caused in the Battle Sister squad and the last piece smashed into the flamer Retribution Squad taking out the Retributor Superior and two Retributors the final Sister stood her ground FOR THE EMPEROR!.

The rest of the DE turn:-

The following DE units will enter on turn 1

1 x Wyches Raider

2 x Kalabite Warrior Raiders and Archon



2 x Ravagers

The landing and Movement.

The Razorwing and the two Ravagers moved in from the dropzone and started their targeting proceedures while the Raiders of the Wyches and Kalabite Warriors landed almost on target, the Wyches dismounted. The Scourges barely missed splatting into the Exorcist and were targeted by the Quad Gun but only suffered 1 casualty (twin linked but BS 2)

Shooting next.

The Razorwing launches a Shatterfield missile at the Battle Sisters (S7& reroll misses) all hit! But only one casualty, The Razorwing followed up with 2 Dark Lance shots and took out another Sister.

The Kabalite Warriors open fire with their Splinter Rifles (re-roll misses with the Splinter Rack fitted to thr Raider) and wound on 4+ (poison)

The Wyches open fire on the Battle Sisters as does the other Raider with it’s splinter canon both without effect, but the splinter rifles from the Raider cause one more wound, which is just too much for the unit and they flee!

The Scourges fire on the Retributers on the Command Bunker roof (12 shots!) and fail to wound (those 3+ saves).

One of the Ravegers opens fire on the Shrine and destroys the Void-Shield, the other one opens fire on the Penitant Engine stunning it so that is unable to move or fire.

The Scourges charge the Retributers each suffering one wound so the combat is a draw.

SoB Turn 1. Act of Faith points=1

One Seraphim Squad and one Battle Sisters Squad enter the battle from the drop zone edge and one Battle Sister Squad entered from the side, the Arco Flagelents burst from the Comms Bunker ready to engage the Wyches.

The fleeing Battle Sisters re-group

The Seraphim move closer to the Ravager.


The Battle Sister squad that entered from the drop zone targeted the nearest ravager – 20 shots, 11 hits, 15 with the act of faith rerolls – 3 glancing hits, one scores a modified 5 – Ravager destroyed!

The Seraphim Squad open up on the other Ravager only destroying one of its weapons.

The other Battle Sister squad opens fire on the Raider close to it and destroys its weapon

Exorcist Red sent 5 missiles streaking towards the DE Razorwing and scored 3 unsaved penetrating hits 2 of which were enough the send the Xeno monstrosity plunging from the skies!

The Bastion opened fire on thr last Ravager and in spite of only BS2 managed a glancing hit that wreaked it!

Close Combat.

The Retributors continued their struggle with the Scourges, and suffer one casualty without inflicting any but stay in the fight!

The Arco Flagelents crash into the Wyches and inflict 3 casualties while receiving only 1 but the Wyches held

Turn 2. Objectives:- SoB=3 / DE=0 / Contested = 1

DE Movement

The only unit to arrive from reserve were the Reavers, they arrived by Deep Strike and scattered to an empty piece of roadway infront of the Comms Bunker and were fired at by the Quad Gun without success.

The Reavers and all the Raiders moved to pass over troops, and a combination of Chain Snares and Cluster Caltrops destryoed the remnents of the Battle Sisters squad, the Flamer Retributors and inflicted 1 wound on the Canoness


Splinter Rifle Fire from the Raider at the north edge caused 6 casualties but the Sisters held firm, A Dark Lance shot from the Raider by the road smashed harmlessly into the Aegis wall by the side of Exorcist Red. The Reaver Arena Champion fired his Heat Lance at Exorcist Red and it was again saved by its cover.

Close Combat.

The Scourges inflicted another casualty on the Retributor squad without loss but the Sisters held.

The Wyches took out 2 more Flagelents for only one loss in return.

SoB Turn 2. Act of Faith points=6

The remaining Seraphim failed their reserve roll so failed to turn up this turn!


The Seraphim at the eastern edge of the board moved towards the center as did the Battle Sisters who also managed to run 6″ against the Seraphim who only manages 1″ (those heavy jump packs!). The Canoness moved to support the flagelents while the remnents of the other Squad moved to take whatever shots it can against the Raider. The remaining units stayed in the Command Bunker and Bastion.


The Battle Sisters shooting at the Raider scored 3 hits but were unable to penetrate the Raider’s armour.

The Bastion fired at the Raider and missed.

Close Combat.

The Scourges inflicted another casualty on the Retributors withut loss but the Retributers still held.

The Canoness charged into the melee between the Wyches and Flagelents and caused 1 loss to the Wyches but failed to prevent the loss of the Flagelent unit.

Turn 3. Objectives:- SoB=3 / DE=0 / Contested = 1


DE Movement & Shooting

I started this phase the the sound of Wagner’s ‘Die Walkure’ – every Sisters unit not in CC with the exepion of the Penitent Engine, suffered casualties when the DE moved, more casualties were caused in the shooting phase, in addition, the Engine lost one of it’s weapons and the Exorcist Black is shaken (the casulty ratio at the moment is 5 to 1 in favour of the DE!).

DE Assault Phase.

Only 2 assaults the Scourges lost 1 figure with no losses to the Retributor’s while the Canoness lost one wound while despatching one of the Wyches.

SoB Turn 3. Act of Faith points=1 🙁


The Reserve Seraphim finally arrived at the northern edge.

All other movement was to maximise flamer coverage.

The units in the Bastion and Command Bunker stayed put!

The Arch Confessor moved onto the roof of the Bastion (now it gets to fire with BS5!).


The Battle Sister squad at the eastern edge gain the ‘Light of the Emperor’ act of faith.

They used it well, accounting for 5 Wyches but they did not run!

The Quad Gun managed to immobilise the Venom of the Trueborn.

The Bloodbrides dismounted from the Venom suffered 3 flameing casulties but did not run.

The Penitent Engine flamed away one of the reavers

The Commad Squad heavy bolters immobilised the Kabalite Wrriors Raider.

Exercist Red removed another Reaver.


The Wyches brought down the Canoness without loss.

The Scourges removed the last Melta Retributer leaving just the Retributer Superior.

Turn 4. Objectives:- SoB=1 / DE=1 / Contested = 2

Body count ratio 2.43 to 1 in favour of the DE


Kabalite Warriors dimount from their Raider and move towards the Command Squad.

The Kabalite Trueborn dismounted and moved towards the Serephim at the north egde.

The Raider manuvered to gain a shot at the Engine.


Again all unengaged Sisters units suffered losses, the Command Squad lost 2 members but the remaining member survived 20 shots!


Lelith and the Wyches inspite of having 19 attacks only managed to inflict 1 wound (damn 3+ saves)

The Seraphim lost another one but managed to take 2 Trueborn out.

The Last Command Heavy Bolter was taken by the Wyches.

And the Retributor Superior swapped blows with the Scourges to no effect.

SoB Turn 4. Act of Faith points=6!

No movement – am going to hold the last 2 units in their bunkers until next turn!


The Quad Gun fired on the downed Venom taking out its Splinter Canon.

The Penitent Engine Fired its flamers at the Reaver with no effect.

With a devestating show of firepower Exorcist Red destroyed the last Reaver.

Exorcist Black failded to hit it’s target.


The Battle Sisters and Lelith’s Squad both suffered 1 loss no one broke.

The Kabalite Truborn Destroyed the Seraphim.

The Bloodbrides and Sisters just swapped blows as did the Retributor Superior and Scourges.

Turn 5. Objectives:- SoB=2 / DE=1 / Contested = 1

Body Count Ratio:  2.84 to 1 in favour of the DE.

Well that’s all I have time for today, with 2 lots of friends ‘popping in’ the day was shorter than I had expected.

With an extra hour today and not having to go out until 12:00 thought I might get a chance to play some more…

The Last DE Warriors and the Xran-Kal dismount from their Raider and move to the Command Bunker.

The other Warrior unit moved towards the Shrine.

The remainder of the Wych unit that cleared out the Command Squad moves back towards the Command Bunker.

The remnents of the Trueborn move to support the Bloodbrides.

The two Raiders that are still mobile swap positions and the Venom moves to contest the Shrine.


Only one shot from the Raider with its Dark Lance which was spectacluarly successful as the Peninent Engine explodes leaving a smoking crater.

The Wyches and Kabalite Warriors Fleet 2 and 3 inches respectivly.


Lileth and the Wyches trade a casualty with the Sisters.

The combined might of the Trueborn and the Bloodbrides slaughtered the Battle Sisters at the north edge.

The Scourges finaly cut down the Retributer Superior.

SoB Turn 5. Act of Faith points=4

Movement (The Imperium Strikes Back!)

The Sisters Repentia burst from the escape hatch 18″ from the Bastion in assault range of the Warrors and the last Battle Sister Squad sallied forth from the Command Bunker lead by the flamers!


The Venom by the Shrine was reduced to atoms by the blistering fire of the Quad Gun on the Bastion and a heavy bolter meted out the same fate to the Reader by the Bastion.

Shooting from both Exorcists only managed to reduce the Warriors advancing on the Shrine by 3.

A combination of the packed formation of the Warriors, Flamers and Bolters resulted in the Warrior unit attacking the Command Center to be wiped out with the exception of Xran-Kal! (go Sisters)


Lileth and the Sisters once again swap casualties.

The Repentia’s managed to reduce the Warriors to 2 members with the loss of 2 themselves.

End of turn roll of 4, the game continues

Turn 6. Objectives:- SoB=2 / DE=1 / Contested = 1

Body Count Ratio:  1.63 to 1 in favour of the DE.

Well that’s all I have time for today, I hope to be able to conclude this battle sometime Monday!

Well got back in time to do more Sunday evening so..

DE movement

One Raider moved over the Battle Sister Squad causing 1 casualty and took aim at Exorsist Red.

Meanwhile the Bloodbrides and Trueborn split up and both made their seperate ways towards the Shrine.


The Raider managed to get a shot through the rear armour of Exericist Red and managed to immobilise it!

The other Raider fired its Dark Lance at the Battle Sisters and scored one casualty!


Lelith and the Hekartix finaly slaughtered the remains of the Battle Sister squad and consolidated 2″ towards the Bastion.

The Cabalite Warriors and Repentia’s swaped casualties.

SoB Turn 6. Act of Faith points=4


The Battle Sister Squad moved to target Xran-Kal


Xran-Kal shrugged off 8 hits from the Sisters!

Exorcist Red targeted the Scourges but only managed to take out 2 the Solorite stood firm!

The Quad Gun targeted Lelith and the Hekatrix and both shrugged off the hits.

Exorcist Black loosed 5 shots to wipe out the Trueborn.

Turn 7. Objectives:- SoB=1 / DE=1 / Contested = 1 /Neither=1

Body Count Ratio:  1.54 to 1 in favour of the DE.

Game Turn roll = 4, the game ends!

Now, the game is technically a DRAW but,

The Sisters will claim that the Shrine is occupied by the SPIRIT of St. Aspira therfore giving them 2 objectives to the DE 1!


The DE will claim that the high caualties inflicted on the Sisters count as a win – 76% were taken back to Commorragh as a gift for Vect, including the Canoness!


Vect received the gift and in his mercy had the Canoness flayed and returned to the cult, thus was created The Cult of the Flayed Nun!

The Second Battle of the Shrine

The Second Battle of the Shrine.

Will be a Planetstrike ‘Planetfall’ Mission with approx 2100pts per side.



Some time ago the Dark Eldar Cult of the Red Moon attacked The Shrine of St Aspira during a commemoration service and caught the visiting force of Battle Sisters by surprise. It was a fierce battle with the Sisters prevailing.


The result of the battle was two results that would only put the DE and the Battle Sisters on a collision course once more:-


The Ecclesiarchy decides that such an important Shrine should not be undefended and established a ‘Shrine Defence Force’. The SDF was to be made up of units rotated into the Shrine from the entire Sisterhood, while stationed at the Shrine the force would be know as The Sisters of St. Aspira. The infrastructure of the garrison was also upgraded to include a bastion and other essentials.


Meanwhile back in Commorragh the Cult of the Red Moon were received with less than enthusiasm and Asdrubael Vect decided that nothing would wipe the stain of defeat by a ‘bunch of nuns,’ and ordered the name of the Cult to be removed ‘as if it had never existed’ Thus the cult and all of its members became ‘the nameless ones’ and thus fed the malice of their Archon, Xran-Kal far beyond the initial defeat.

Such malice formulated a plan to use all of the dwindling resources of the Cult to strike back at the Sisters and hopefully regain his power base.


The Armies are:-


2100 Pts – Sisters of Battle Roster – Sisters of St. Aspira

Total Roster Cost: 2099

: Bastion (1#, 0 pts)

: Defence Lines (1#, 0 pts)

HQ: Arch-Confessor (1#, 90 pts)
1 Arch-Confessor Ellenor, 90 pts

: Battle Conclave (6#, 90 pts)
1 Battle Conclave, 0 pts
6 Arco-Flagellant, 90 pts = 6 * 15

HQ: Canoness (1#, 125 pts)
1 Canoness, 125 pts = (base cost 65 + Combi-Flamer x1 10 + Eviscerator x1 25) + Rosarius 25

: Sororitas Command Squad (5#, 150 pts)
3 Sororitas Command Squad, 140 pts = 3 * 30 (base cost 15 + Sister Hospitaler 15) + Simulacrum Imperialis 20 + Heavy Bolter x3 15 + Sister Dialogus 15

Troops: Battle Sister Squad (10#, 158 pts)
9 Battle Sister Squad, 150 pts = 9 * 12 (base cost 12) + Simulacrum Imperialis 20 + Flamer x2 10 + Sister Superior 15
1 Sister Superior, 3 pts = (base cost 0 + Storm Bolter x1 3)

Troops: Battle Sister Squad (10#, 158 pts)
9 Battle Sister Squad, 150 pts = 9 * 12 (base cost 12) + Simulacrum Imperialis 20 + Flamer x2 10 + Sister Superior 15
1 Sister Superior, 3 pts = (base cost 0 + Storm Bolter x1 3)

Troops: Battle Sister Squad (10#, 138 pts)
9 Battle Sister Squad, 130 pts = 9 * 12 (base cost 12) + Flamer x2 10 + Sister Superior 15
1 Sister Superior, 3 pts = (base cost 0 + Storm Bolter x1 3)

Troops: Battle Sister Squad (10#, 138 pts)
9 Battle Sister Squad, 130 pts = 9 * 12 (base cost 12) + Flamer x2 10 + Sister Superior 15
1 Sister Superior, 3 pts = (base cost 0 + Storm Bolter x1 3)

Heavy Support: Retributor Squad (5#, 145 pts)
4 Retributor Squad, 140 pts = 4 * 12 (base cost 12) + Heavy Flamer x4 80 + Retributor Superior 12

Heavy Support: Retributor Squad (5#, 105 pts)
4 Retributor Squad, 100 pts = 4 * 12 (base cost 12) + Multi-melta x4 40 + Retributor Superior 12

Fast Attack: Seraphim Squad (5#, 160 pts)
4 Seraphim Squad, 120 pts = 4 * 15 (base cost 15) + Two Hand Flamers x2 40 + Seraphim Superior 60
1 Seraphim Superior, 40 pts = (base cost 0 + Eviscerator 25 + Plasma Pistol 15)

Fast Attack: Seraphim Squad (5#, 160 pts)
4 Seraphim Squad, 120 pts = 4 * 15 (base cost 15) + Two Hand Flamers x2 40 + Seraphim Superior 60
1 Seraphim Superior, 40 pts = (base cost 0 + Eviscerator 25 + Plasma Pistol 15)

: Defence Strategems (0#, 0 pts)

Heavy Support: Penitent Engine (1#, 85 pts)
1 Penitent Engine, 85 pts

Heavy Support: Exorcist (1#, 145 pts)
1 Exorcist, 145 pts = (base cost 135 + Hunter-killer Missile 10)

Heavy Support: Exorcist (1#, 145 pts)
1 Exorcist, 145 pts = (base cost 135 + Hunter-killer Missile 10)

Elite: Repentia Squad (6#, 107 pts)
5 Repentia Squad, 107 pts = 5 * 17 (base cost 17) + Mistress of Repentence 22

Validation Report:
c-1. File Version: 1.34 For Bug Reports/; b-1. Roster Options: Planetstrike, Special Characters; a-1. Scenario: Planetstrike – Defender
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
HQ: 2 (1 – 3)
Elite: 1 (0 – 3)
Troops: 4 (2 – 8)
Fast: 2 (0 – 3)
Heavy: 5 (0 – 6)

2110 Pts – Dark Eldar Roster – Cult with no Name

Total Roster Cost: 2108

HQ: Lelith Hesperax (1#, 175 pts)
1 Lelith Hesperax, 175 pts

Xran-Kal  (1#, 150 pts)
1 Duke Sliscus, 150 pts

Troops: Wyches (10#, 185 pts)
8 Wyches, 90 pts = 8 * 10 (base cost 10) + Razorflails x1 10
1 Hekatrix, 20 pts
1 Raider, 75 pts = (base cost 60) + Shock Prow 5 + Chain-snares 5 + Envenomed Blades 5

Troops: Wyches (10#, 185 pts)
8 Wyches, 90 pts = 8 * 10 (base cost 10) + Razorflails x1 10
1 Hekatrix, 20 pts
1 Raider, 75 pts = (base cost 60) + Shock Prow 5 + Chain-snares 5 + Envenomed Blades 5

Troops: Kabalite Warriors (11#, 200 pts)
9 Kabalite Warriors, 96 pts = 9 * 9 (base cost 9) + Shredder x1 5 + Splinter Cannon x1 10
1 Sybarite, 19 pts
1 Raider, 85 pts = (base cost 60) + Chain-snares 5 + Splinter Racks 10 + Flickerfield 10

Troops: Kabalite Warriors (11#, 200 pts)
9 Kabalite Warriors, 96 pts = 9 * 9 (base cost 9) + Shredder x1 5 + Splinter Cannon x1 10
1 Sybarite, 19 pts
1 Raider, 85 pts = (base cost 60) + Chain-snares 5 + Splinter Racks 10 + Flickerfield 10

Fast Attack: Scourges (5#, 120 pts)
4 Scourges, 88 pts = 4 * 22
1 Solarite, 32 pts

Fast Attack: Reavers (3#, 118 pts)
2 Reavers, 76 pts = 2 * 22 (base cost 22) + Heat Lance x1 12 + Cluster Caltrops x1 20
1 Arena Champion, 42 pts = (base cost 32 + Power Weapon 10)

Heavy Support: Razorwing Jetfighter (1#, 175 pts)
1 Razorwing Jetfighter, 175 pts = (base cost 145) + Splinter Cannon x1 10 + Shatterfield Missile x2 10 + Flickerfield 10

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 105 pts)
1 Ravager, 105 pts

Heavy Support: Ravager (1#, 115 pts)
1 Ravager, 115 pts = (base cost 105) + Flickerfield 10

: Attack Strategems (0#, 0 pts)

Elite: Hekatrix Bloodbrides (6#, 185 pts)
4 Hekatrix Bloodbrides, 70 pts = 4 * 15 (base cost 13 + Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardnet & Impaler x1 10
1 Syren, 60 pts = (base cost 23 + Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20) + Blast Pistol 15
1 Venom, 55 pts

Elite: Kabalite Trueborn (6#, 195 pts)
4 Kabalite Trueborn, 76 pts = 4 * 14 (base cost 12 + Haywire Grenades 2) + Shardcarbine x4 20
1 Dracon, 64 pts = (base cost 17 + Haywire Grenades 2 + Agoniser 20) + Ghostplate Armour 10 + Blast Pistol 15
1 Venom, 55 pts

Validation Report:
1. Dark Eldar Army: Kabal; c-1. File Version: 1.34 For Bug Reports/; b-1. Roster Options: Planetstrike, Special Characters; a-1. Scenario: Planetstrike – Attacker
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
HQ: 2 (1 – 3)
Elite: 2 (0 – 3)
Troops: 4 (0 – 6)
Fast: 2 (0 – 6)
Heavy: 3 (0 – 3)


I plan to run the game on Friday / Saturday, I’ll post the terrain set up as soon as I’ve done it.



A quick note

As our Public Wireless Internet has remained active for the second day in a row and our guests have gone out for the morning I can do a quick update.

I finished the construction of another DE Raider (the 3rd) and have laid down the hull of a Ravager, not sure if I’ll get a chance to do any more for another 10 days or so 🙁

I’m putting the DE force together to mount a revenge raid on the Shrine of St. Aspira (see elswhere in this blog). In the original battle I gave the SoB a numerical advantage but restricted their setup to a parade ground turn out and allowed the DE the first turn and the element of surprise.

As it turned out the DE came out very much the worse partly due to the age of the DE codex and partly due to the tardy arrival and placement of their reinforcements. The Sisters reacted quickly and shot down all of the DE Raiders and Ravagers !

So a return match will be played once the holiday season is over and I can assemble the DE force (literaly) from the array of brilliant figures and kits from GW.

The fight will be a Planetstrike scenario with the Sisters on the defensive with the DE possibly having a slight numerical advantage.

Other News.

Not a lot.

Possibly another 10 days before we get a hard wired internet 🙁 the good news is that we will only have about 50m of copper between our ADSL router and the Fiber in the road outside 🙂

Was on the internet in Manos yesterday and managed to locate a wargame box from Zvezda (Russian co 20mm or 1/72 historical figures and kits) of the Napoleonic Battle of Borodino, 160+ 20mm plasic figures and some terrain, bases, rules etc. for just over £65 incl shipping from the USA to Crete, thats another battle I’ll fight before I paint the figures – I really do need to get some wargaming in soon 😉

I’ll post or comment again when I get a chance and remember even if it’s an ‘historicaly accurate’ game it’s still playing with toy soldiers 😉


A. 😀

Kipper’s Hobby Plans!

Well, I thought I’d try and motivate myself to get started by listing the enormous number of projects and armies I’m looking at doing at present!

1) Finish the Battleboard!

2) Finish my Tau army!

The Tau are pretty close to finished already! I have one more unit of Firewarriors to ink and detail, a hammerhead tank to ink and detail, and I think I also have a couple of drones to do. I do have a few ethereals, but as I use Commander Farsight and can’t field them, they aren’t on my must do list (and to be honest, I don’t find the models nice enough to make it onto my fun list either!)

I already have 3 12 man firewarrior squads, a full 8 man pathfinder squad, a 5 man Stealth suit squad, 18 gun drones, two devilfish, two 3 man crisis teams, a broadside and commander farsight done, so a Tau army can take the field right now!

Bonus extra – I do have an additional box of firewarriors – if I can find sufficiently tau looking wings, I may convert them as tau commandos to proxy as vespids.

3) Finish my Fallen Angel army

The complete army is assembled and ready to go. This should be a straightforward army to paint – after the black undercoat, I just need to edge highlight with DA green (so it is the original black heresy colours with a nod to the current scheme), though the stone symbols and robes on many of the models will take longer. The army went on the very first gaming trip to crete, so its time to actually get it done!

4) Rebase my Necron army

I have two Necron armies which have been painted differently – both look good, so I don’t intend to redo any of them, but I do intend to rebase them all to match my battleboard – sand painted brown, highlighted in ochre, then scorched grass in patches.

5) Return of the beakies (crimson Fists)!

I lost a complete Rogue Trader ultramarine army on the train several years ago now, but still have a slew of other figures from that era, and picked up a few from ebay. These will be prepared as Crimson Fists matching the original Rogue trader cover. I’ll need a certain amount of conversion work – old school jump packs will be needed with chain weapons for an assault squad, and the original series dreadnought will have its unusual heavy weapons arm replaced by a pair of classic twin-linked lascannons. I still think the Corvus Mk6 armour and the classic missile launcher is a much more iconic look than the newer marines. This is the project I’m most excited about at the moment, so it is likely to jump to the top of the list!

I’m looking at scratch building mk1 rhinos and mk1 land raiders for the force too! Old school!

6) The Blood Angels

Between Space Hulk terminators, sanguinary guard and death company, and some lovely chapter leaders, I really should get my blood angels battle ready! I struggle getting excited about them generally, though – I never got on with James Swallows Blood Angel novels.

7) The Deathwatch

I’m really excited about this, so again, they will probably jump up the list more than a bit! I want to do some classic deathwatch conversions, and have full shoulderpads for 10 chapters to go on the right shoulders as well! It should look great! In addition, I intend to do a unit of terminators in Deathwatch colours, with a rhino and land raider to act as transports, and a dreadnaught and captain as well.

I can then use the deathwatch to bulk out any of my other marine forces, which will be very useful!

8) Legion of the Damned

Just like the Deathwatch, the Legion of the Damned can appear to save my marines in general, making them very tempting models. I have the boxset, but would like to bulk that out to a full squad with specialist and heavy weapons.

9) Tyrian Eagles

I’m currently painting my own chapter of Tyrian Eagles, using mostly troops from the Assault on Black Reach set. They are coming together really nicely, and will tie in with the Deathwatch to flesh out the numbers.

10) Tyrian Eagle traitors

These are coming together slowly as well, with a rogue librarian leading the lost third company of marines to treacherous victory!

11) Imperial Fists

I have some lovely imperial fists models – a gorgeous command squad and scouts, with an OK dreadnaught, but I need to get enough basic troops cleaned up to bulk out the force.

12) Orks!

I have loads of Orksies! About three loads of the AoBR set, in fact! With loads of boyz and coptors, its a really orky waargh of a charge. I have the greenskin primer from army painter, but need to assemble and prime everything, before painting them up. Evil Sunz? Goffs? its all to be decided!

13) Grey Knights!

My grey knights are a completed army … for the Daemonhunters codex. The new Grey Knights codex leads to all sorts of new delights – paladins, purifiers, librarians, dreadknights….. its all so tempting!

14) Ultramarines

I have loads of random marines that need to be brought together and sorted out. Although generally not great models, its tempting to just have loads of Ultramarines as a standard mob of marines.

15) Other random thoughts

I’d love to have a Dark Eldar army, painted as if craftworld eldar for a dark craftworld. Wyches in Howling Banshee colours, Kabalites as Dire Avengers, Mandrakes as Striking Scorpions, Scourges as Swooping Hawks.

I’d also love to do Sisters of Battle as a traitor force, dedicated to Tzeentch. I’d need plastics first, and I have high hopes when they officially release a new codex they’ll renew the model line.

16) Terrain!

After the battleboard, I’ve been getting very excited about terrain. I want to build a weathertop as per the LoTR guidelines, and I want to build some portal scenary with the Storm of Magic vortex templates – an eldar webway portal and a dark altar would be great, as would a Necron portal.

I’ve also got to build witchfate tor and paint to match the battleboard, and I may be getting a temple of skulls for my birthday! Huzzah!

Hope you find that intriguing – I’ll update with photos as they various bits come together!

Dark Eldar Raider

Just completed the first (of my 4) new Dark Eldar Raiders, the kit is very clean with lots of options for customizing and a very animated crew, I must say in the cabinet next to my original collection of DE Raiders and Ravagers the older models look positively pedestrian! I’ve chosen Dark Angels Green as my base color on a black undercoat with highlights in Snot Green for my DE force.

I’ve tried to pose the Raider as if in the middle of a ‘fighting turn’.

Chavana III

On the world of Chavana III, deep within the Vulpes Astra subsector, a monastary is used to hold psykers for the Black Ships of Terra. the Retinue of the Red Dawn have broken the Imperial defences. Unknown to them, the Dark Eldar seek the same rich prize, for the suffering of psykers goes so much furtyer in their dark pits. Both sides are advancing implacably, willing to take any cost for such a rich prize!

The Dark Eldar are facing Chaos Space Marines in an Implacable Advance scenario from the battle missions book. This post will be updated with photos and a battle report after the game, but you can see tweets through the game (fodgaming)

Turn 1

The beserkers and possessed streamed forward towards the center of the battlefield, hoping to gain the monastary early, after securing their first objective, the shrine of St Alun of Chavona. The havocs overestimated their lascannons, as the dark eldar cowered out of range!

Overcoming their xeno cowardice the dark eldar advanced towards the center. The Archon and his incubi dismounted, opening a webway portal for the rest of their dark kin.

Turn 2

The Chaos forces continued their advance, heading towards the centre of the table. Lascannons flared to no effect, and the night lords impaled themselves on the monestary walls. lesser daemons ripped apart incubi, and an obliterator blew a weapon off a ravager.

In return, wyches and mandrakes poured through the portal, and the reaver jetbikes hurtled through the chaos lines on their turbocharged machines. The mandrakes and archon butchered the last lesser daemons while a ravager and reaver annihilated the obliterator. The other ravager advanced towards the chaos reserves, opening up with its disintegrators, killing several.

Turn 3

The beserkers on the left flank charged the ravager that had killed three of their number, but both their plasma pistols misfired! Dark Eldar witchery at work!

The havocs were out of range of the strange curse, and the heavy bolters and lascannons blew the skimming tank out of the sky. The beserkers led by kharn opened fire in the jetbikes, but left one alive as prey for the possessed, who torn the poor eldar to a thousand pieces.

The other ravager charged forward, while the raider headed for cover down the left flank. Wyches headed for beserkers for an awesome conflict. The ravager and raider opened up on the decimated beserkers, but failed to hit even once.

Turn 4

Both units of terminators arrived, turning the tide of the battle, annihilating lilith hesperax and an entire unit of wyches, as well as forcing the Archon round the left flank of the monastary. Without reinforcements, the wyches facing kharn, beserkers and the possessed were whittled down faster and faster. Wihout lilith and the remaining cabal troops hanging back, it eas a punishing turn for he dark eldar.

Two more raiders arrived, opening up on the terminators for comparatively little effect, as mandrake charged the slaneeshi termibators, ony to be surprised by their snake like speed and simultaneous strikes. The mandrakes broke and were pulled down by the slaneeshi, bellowing in pleasure and pain.

Turn 5

The terminators took down the remaining raiders, and proceeded to start butchering the cabal soldiers who emerged gasping from he wreckage. Kharn charged forward with the possessed, while the remaining beserkers regrouped in cover.

The Archon massacred the remaining beserkers on the left flank, before taking cover behind the ruins of a raider. The cabal troops were massacred by kharn, but those facing tzeentchi terminators ran clear to regroup in the distance. the last raider arrived and the troops took the comms bastion.

Turn 6

Terminators proceeded to exchange fire with the remaining soldiers, and kharn closed in for more butchery. The archon was punished from afar by the havocs, but his shadowfield saw him rough he worst of it.

The archon sprinted into the shrine of st Alun, but as he wasnt a scoring unit, he couldnt rescure the objective.

Turn 7

With the battle largely over, the Archon stayed in cover within the Shrine of St Alun. The terminators continued to whittle down the last cabal, while the comms bastion continued to pour its information through the webway.

As the beserkers couldnt get close enough to the tower to take he monastary, the game counts as a tactical draw! the forces of chaos largely ruled he battlefield, but the archon arguably had the moral victory by lurking at the chaos starting objective while holding their own.

Thoughts and comments

The dark eldar are much more of a force to be reckoned with. Both armies played riskily, with large numbers of reserves and deep strikes. Luck turned for the chaos forces, arriving earlier in the battle, and with the exception of the raptors, appearing perfctly to tun the tide of the game. If Lilith had turned up a turn earlier, with the cabal raiders, the game would certainly have gone the other way! Great game, and lots of fun, with Kharn butchering his own side, plasma pistols blowing up on a regular basis, and sneaky sorcerers suffering the wrath of the warp!

Dark Eldar Preview

Well, I received my White Dwarf early (subscription), and got my grubby paws on a copy of the Codex in a Games Workshop too.  Three words – Oh My God!!!!

The models are great, and the stats for HQ models are just totally out of this world.   Dark Eldar can field Harlequins now too (with the other troops they can field, I’m not sure why they’d want to except for the fact the models are gorgeous!), which works really well from the fluff.  In addition, the wych cult/cabal divide is gone – both wyches and kabal troops are basic troop types.

There are two big changes, and both really work with the fluff, though I think Dark Eldar will remain a hard force to play well.  The first is that although their weapons remain rapid fire, they count as poisoned with a 4+ to wound pretty much anything except vehicles.  Thats right, wraithlords are now easy meat for the Dark Eldar basic troops.

The second is really interesting – Power through Pain!  Essentially, the Dark Eldar feed on souls in agony, and it shows in the game!  For every full unit of troops wiped out, the Dark Eldar Unit responsible gets a pain token from teh additional power of the souls consumed.  There are three levels of enhanced power – (I’m not sure of the order, but I think its Feel No Pain (so an extra 4+ save!), furious charge, and then fearless).  If you get stuck in successfully at the start of the game, you’ll sweep the board!  If you get caught in front of a gunline though, its still very much a fragile force, so you really need to use the fast movement and take the fight to the enemy.

Wyches get invulnerable saves in close combat thanks to their dodging ability!  Lilith has an amazing ability.  Initiative of 9, so she’ll probably be striking first, then she gets an extra attack for every point of dfifference between her weapon skill of 9 and the unit she’s attacking.  She has 4 attacks anyways, so if she charges a unit of guard she gets +1 for dual weapons, +1 for charging, and +6 for the difference in weapon skills – thats 12 attacks!  She also takes advantage of the Power through pain rule, so she get even more resilient and stronger as the battle rages!

There’s quite a lot of little touches that work for the dark eldar as long as things go their way.  The Archon can take a shadow field, giving him a 2+ invulnerable save … but if he rolls a 1, the field collapses and is gone for the rest of the game.

Loads more Dark Eldar models to come, with a whole slew of HQ models still to arrive, new beastmasters and better monsters, venoms (light transports), with wych  models to hang on the side (which work on the raiders too, so you can mark which type of unit is onboard which ship).  New scourge models supposed to arrive too!  There are two aircraft listed in the codex, which for Spearhead games is an awesome advantage to dominate teh skies!

The models are gorgeous too, having seen them for real in GW.  I’m so tempted to do a “Dark Craftworld”, and paint the models as an equivalent eldar unit, so paint wyches as banshees, Kabalites as dire avengers, mandrakes as striking scorpions, incubi as warlocks, reavers as shining spears and an archon as a autarch.

It really brings them up to date, but you still need skill to play them – against necrons, for example, take the wrong weapon choices and you’ll flail ineffectively against the we’ll be back rules and gauss guns.  Take the right weapons and land a strong early assault and metallic parts will soon be spread all over the field.

I think horde armies like orks and guard would struggle most against them, but even marines won’t find it easy to fight off the onslaught!  I can’t see Eldar being able to match them now – every eldar strength is countered.  Howling banshees vs wyches, for example – the invulnerable save counters the banshees power weapons, and the wyches are at least as competent, though cheaper and a troop type so can hold objectives.  Poisoned weapons can gun down the avatars, wraithguard and wraithlords, and mandrakes and incubi will mince Striking Scorpions.

For Eldar to face Dark Eldar, you’d need to play to the unique eldar strengths – firepower and psychic strength – with farseers adding their might to dark reapers, guardians with heavy weapons and eldar tanks, you’d have a very interesting match!

As an additional note, the latest Salamanders book (Firedrake) is superb to show the current Dark Eldar society and background from the codex.  Well worth a read if you’re a fan of DE.

The view from the Dark (Eldar) Side

The View from the Dark (Eldar) Side.

Well, getting to chose which side to set-up on seemed to be a gift – two objectives on my side of the field – can’t be bad to start with.
My plan was to hold one objective (with troops) while refusing the others to the Guards.
My deployment was thus:-
on my right and occupying the Shrine was my Arcon and retinue and Jet Bike Squad, on my left were the two Talos,while the rest of the army was placed in the centre with one unit of troops dismounted from their Raider and  occupying the second objective in my set-up area. The third unit of troops was left aboard their Raider to act as a ‘mobile reserve’, the Mandrakes have special ‘hidden setup’ rules.

After the devistating accuracy of the Guards first turn (troop unit, Raider, Jetbike squad) I needed to move the reserve Raider forward to make use of it’s Dark lance, I also needed troops to cover and take the, now unoccupied, objective in my zone in the centre. So the ‘mobile reserve’ dismounted and headed for the ruin while the Raider boosted the center.

Looking back on the game I’m not sure what changes I could have made – had I known that the game would end on turn five, I would have sent the reserve towards the Shrine (it was closer).

Running two Talos was definitly a good idea they were a fire magnet but their high toughness, 3+ save and multiple wounds ensured that at leas one of them made it into close combat (3 combats in 5 turns). The Mandrakes were another first for me, they did the job that evolved for them i.e. occupy the 3rd objective to stop the Guard from taking it, once in cover then they are very hard to shift.

On the right the Arcon and Retinue were my highest valued unit and it could be argued that they did little, which is true but, they secured that side of the line much the same way that the Talos did on the other side.

Overall I think I made a couple of mistakes  in not having units ‘go to ground’ while receiving fire, not game loosers but might have kept a few figures on the table a little longer 😀


Mini Games Day (evening)- 29th July 2009

Well here it is our first evening games day (!)

The forces: 1250 points Imperial Guard vs Dark Eldar

The battle: Dawn of War – Take and Hold

Quote of the day: James:- “Take and Hold, Dark Eldar don’t have a chance”

Setup: With some good luck the DE (Alan) got to choose table sides and chose the side with 2 of the 3 objectives in their table half.

The Game: After the obligatory HQ and 2 Troop choices deployed the DE started the game by bringing on the rest of their force and firing 2 Dark Lances at the only available targets taking out 2 Guardsmen in flashes of blue light.

The Guard started their turn by bringing on more troops and some heavy weapons and with astonishing accuracy started to reduce the DE. First to go was the unit of DE warriors holding the objective on the DE left, the barrage, fired blind, landed on target and removed all 5 warriors (that’s one third of the DE troops btw). This accuracy was maintained until the main weapon was destroyed by a Talos attack 3 turns later. 🙁

Ranged fire was exchanged in turn 2 with the only incident on note was the concentration of fire on one of the 2 Talos on the extreme left of the DE line, this was followed by a unit deep striking behind the Talos with incredible accuracy, which prompted me to check the scatter die for irregularities ;).

One Talos lost, one deep strike unit wiped out by the other Talos, and the Guard moving strongly in the center to take the third and unguarded objective.

Then the Mandrakes appeared…. using their uncanny abilities they remained hidden until the 3rd turn revealing themselves cunningly disguised as Kroot! One of the units occupied the objective while the second flanked the two advancing Guard units. The center was hotly contested for the next 2 turns with the Mandrakes in the ruin only being finally dislodged on turn 5 by heavy flamer fire from a Chimera!

Turns 4 and 5 saw the rest of the Guard reinforcements turn up and swarm across the center of the battlefield as only the Guard can!

On the DE left the only remaining Talos finally silenced the over accurate barrage and blunted any further moves of the Guard. On the DE right the DE Arcon and his retinue sprang out from the Shrine to meet and destroy a weak thrust from an infantry unit.

All was poised for a climactic struggle on turn 6 to determine control of the objectives – and the game ended there!

A quick look at the final dispositions shown that no-one held ANY of the objectives, the final result A DRAW.

Great fun was had by all!