Hobby Roundup (Week 1)

Well, the first week of hobby in 2016 is over, and what have I done?  Nothing!  Or, at least, very little!  I’ve been looking through what I have, rather than getting active hobby in.

I’ve opened Imperial Assault and the Force Awakens X-Wing starter sets that I got for Christmas, though have to pop tokens and sleeve the cards still.  I have to say, I am blown away by the quality of these sets.  Great value, cracking miniatures, clear rules, good introductions, and easy to add to.  Really looking forward to trying them out – I play X-Wing already, but looking forward to getting a couple of new x-wings out with the falcon!

I’ve also started my 2016 involvement in #WAAC, with the purchase of Lanyssa from the Minions faction in Hordes (from Privateer Press) to be painted up for a charity raffle later this year.  Obviously the plan is Green and White colours … and I do enjoy painting elves!


With the announcement of Bloodbowl from GW again, my enthusiasm to get some teams painted is through the roof!  I may have acquired a team of Wicked Elves from Shadowforge this week.

I’m probably going to go with a bodysuit colour rather than flesh, making them a little less wicked!  Blue and Yellow Darkside Cowgirls are planned!  I also got a set of elf catchers I was missing to finish off my Elf ladies that I plan to paint in the red and blue of the Galadrieth Gladiators!

Looking forward to trying out some Vassal Malifaux and Guildball to get to grips with the rules too!

2016 – The Year of Skirmish!

Well, its 2016, so like everyone else, I’m looking at the New Year and wondering what my hobby plans should be.  I’m not going to go as far as resolutions, as I suspect I’ll crack like a twig at the sight of new shiny models, but I have a definite approach in mind.

2016 is the year of the skirmish (and board) game for me, I think.  Why?  It’s simple – time to paint, time to play.

With 2 small children, and my regular opponent having a small boy too, big chunks of hobby time just don’t come together often, if at all!  Smaller chunks of time for a quick game, though?  Thats possible!  Painting a  few models here and there?  Doable!  Painting a whole army?  Thats more of a stretch, at least without compromising on quality more than I’d like.  In addition, I am a hobby butterfly – without much time to throw at something, I’ll have lost interest in a bigger force before I finish!

So, what’s on the agenda then!  In terms of 28mm gaming, I think there are 3 main games going to be grabbing my time – Dungeon Saga, Star Wars Imperial Assault and Malifaux.  Bloodbowl, Guildball and Frostgrave are all likely to get a turn too, but probably more painting than play time.

Star Wars Armada and Star Wars X-Wing are definitely going to get play time.  Minimal work is needed to field a force, and the games are easy to set up and fun to play.  I’m hoping to customise a 100pts X-Wing tournament force with a squadron paint job too, but thats a bonus extra.

I’m going to mix it up a bit by painting for some of the charity armies for WAAC – so Lanyssa is being purchased for an upcoming Minions (from Warmahordes) army raffle.  I may be moving this year, so not sure I’ll be able to organise a #WAAC 40K raffle like I did last year though – time will be very difficult!

What are the hobby losers then?

  • Infinity looks like it’s not going to get a look in this year.  I love the models, but I don’t have any local opponents to get into it, and the same sort of Sci-Fi slot is being grabbed by Imperial Assault.
  • Age of Sigmar – well, that’s a blog post in its own right, but Dungeon Saga and Frostgrave fill the skirmish end of the fantasy spectrum already.
  • 40K, surprisingly, isn’t likely to get much of a look in.  Despite being my favourite game for years and years, the length of games, setup times and size of forces make it unlikely that I’ll be able to get to play much.  Add in the ongoing rules update costs, and the continual rules emphasis on new or underselling models to keep changing up forces, and I just can’t keep it up.   I might pick a single army to work on over the year, but can’t see myself doing too much, though I may explore the new “Path to Glory” rules and look at maybe doing a 40K warband.
  • Warmahordes – I love the models, but just don’t have time or local opponents to get really into it.  My Cygnar are likely to go unpainted and unfielded!  Shame, as I love my swans.
  • Dropzone Commander – I absolutely love this game, but just don’t think I’m going to get time to sort out a new system and build techniques for painting a new scale in large numbers.

I don’t plan on axing or reducing my collection unless it becomes necessary, but will be aiming to have a much smaller collection of active games and models.  However, hoping to keep hobby enthusiasm high and participate more in things like Vassal and as part of the Warmongers over on twitter!