Kipper’s Resolutions for 2015

So, after a very ambitious set of resolutions for 2014, and achieving almost none of them, what should I aim for this year?  😀

1)  Blog More!

First up, I really want to blog more regularly.  It shouldn’t be too hard to aim for one post a week – I’d like to do more, but I’ll see that as a bonus!  Battle reports, thoughts for the week, painting progress (and maybe record my paint choices to make it easier to go back to older projects!)  I’d love for people to read them, but the main aim is to be fun for me to remember my hobby!

2)  Paint more – “Complete” some forces!

Last year I had a huge number of projects I had outstanding.  I’ve since added to that list!  My main goal is going to be to “complete” forces.  What do I mean by that?  I mean a complete force for the standard size game, painted and ready to play!  My main goals here are:

  • Imperial Fists – Finish the fight!  Or at least the yellow!  I have a reasonable force approaching completion.  I have a storm raven, vindicator and assault terminators I could add … but that’s a bonus, not a goal!
  • Silver Skulls – I am loving the simple paint job I’m doing on a AoBR set for these, so will try to go ahead and expand it out to a full army.  I’m looking at magnetising icons on the rhino chassis for these, so I can share them with my silver SoB – 2 for 1 timesaver!
  • M2E Guild Hunters – the Lady J crew!  I really love the Malifaux rules, and want to get at least one decently painted crew together.  Maybe some gremlins too …. bonus extra!
  • Infinity the Game Nomads – I want to get at least a reasonable starter force painted and ready to play!  I love the range of strange anime and alien inspired models here!
  • Infinity the Game PanO – Again, I’d like a matching starter set to play against the nomads, and try a lure a few people into giving the system a go!
  • Enter #WAAC2015 painting again with a unit – maybe a Salamanders command squad, or an Ork Painboy!

I’m afraid finishing Orks, Blood Angels and Tyranids are definitely on my bonus list at this point, not my goals.

3)  Play more!

With a 2nd munchkin on the way, time is going to be pretty limited.  I’d still like to get back down the Overlords at least a few times to play some 40K, but weekend time is pretty limited!  I’ll get a few games in against my brother, but its likely to be pretty restricted.

With that in mind, I have 3 main goals here:

  • Play more video games on the new xbox one!  Really looking forward to getting my Halo on!  I’m also looking forward to getting some Warmachine in on the PC 😀
  • Try to work in some #vassalfaux – I feel some later night games after the kids nap may well be a great way forward.  Its also a great way of trying out different crews before investing hobby time in buying and painting up models.
  • Play more X-Wing!  I know several people playing X-Wing, and the quicker games and smaller space needed make it a heck of a lot easier to get a game or two snuck into the agenda.