Gamesday – October 11th

As a heads up, so people can work out army lists, we are proposing the following:

Imperial GuardImperial forces are preparing a last ditch defense of the capital city Kasteli on the planet Whatforde. The Imperial Guard have been dug in for some time, and a Adeptus Astartes strike cruiser from the Ultramarines has just reached orbit. Space Marines

NecronUnfortunately, the necrons appear almost unstoppable, and the Tau have taken the opportunity to launch a simultaneous strike! With their low life spans and lack of psychic powers, they are of minimal interest to the cold metal forces, allowing them to move unhindered against the already stressed Imperials.Tau

Essentially, there are going to be 4 1000pt forces in play, with a Imperial Alliance of Guard and Ultramarines facing a simultaneous attack by Tau and Necrons. We’re looking at an objective based game, with table quarters also in play, through a built up city fight – so troops will be important to take and hold vital points.

This is the last major 40k engagement of the Forces of Darkness with Alan in Watford, so lets make it a great one!

Next GD (11th Oct)

Just a few pics of the board I’ve laid out.

As you can see it’s going to be a cityfight!

The city is split by a shallow canal (difficult going).

Loads of potential objectives, we’re hoping to make it a four army bash!

Whatch this space……..

Chaos vs Space Marines 20/09/2009

This is just a ‘potted’ report on the above battle, pictures can be viewes in the Gallery ‘GD20090920’, enjoy.

Battle setup was for the ‘Annihilate’ scenario with 2000pts of  Chaos setting up and moving first, single line of battle with two (I think) units in reserve.

The SM force was a ‘standard’ rapid response force based on the leader Cato Sicarius, 4 drop Pods with tactical units, one scout, one Dreadnought, one Predator, 2 units of Terminators and one Squadron of 2 Land speeders.

SM deployed the Land Speeders, Dreadnought, Predator and Scouts to minimise first turn losses in a thin battle line, all the rest were held in reserve.

Chaos kicked off with some movement to maximise shooting and then shooting – minimal losses on the SM side, although the Predator had been immobilised 🙁

SM turn one started with the Drop Pod assault, 2 pods came down both missed their target spot (something that seemed to occur very frequently throughout the game) but were saved by their inertial guidence systems.

Land Speeders and Dreadnought moved to gain shots and firing commenced, not as good as I had hoped but, not bad.

The rest of the game went roughly like this:

Dice rolls usually ‘even out’ by the end of the game and this game is no different except, the SM saving and morale rolls were generally unusually high, while other scores that needed to be high were low 🙁

Chaos had a similar experience, the upshot of all this was that two units of SM lost their combats, their morale roll and were caught in sweeping advances and destroyed 🙁

In spite of all that the game was won by Chaos by a margin of 7 units killed to 6, not bad 😀

The Sting in the Tail.

Each SM tac squad that suffered a lost combat, morale roll and annihilation was accompanied by cries of ‘Oh no! Space Marines don’t do that!’.

How right we were, they don’t, with the ‘And they shall know no fear’ rule, if they fail a morale roll and then are caught by a sweeping advance, they are not destroyd, they stop and continue to fight although they may take further casualties!

The moral of this tail is ‘ Make sure you read AND understand all of the small print in your codex.

Given the one unit difference in the final outcome – things MAY have been different if those units had not just melted away 😀

Space Hulk

OK so Rob got Space Hulk, I thought that at nearly 60 quid it was expensive.

So Rob came over on Sunday and I got my first look at the new (Limited) Release.

The first thing that you notice is the wieght of the game, the bulk of this is because of the thickness of the card pieces – think standard cardboard times 3 or 4!

The card pieces are beautifuly printed and embossed! and include all of the corridoor pieces, various play markers, doors and a display track for Command, Psy and auto cannon points.

The plastic pieces are split into 3 types, Space Marines, Tyranids and door mounts.

You get 10 live Space Marines 1 dead one sitting in a chair, a Cat (mobile drone) and a Chalice in red plastic and a hoard of Tyranids lead by a Brood Lord all in purple plastic.

The quality of the figures is outstanding, the molded details everything you would expect from GW – and more!

The 11 SM figures are all unique in a variety of action poses – maybe one day they will be available seperatly 😀

The Tyranids have 7 or 8 unique poses with 5 poses being duplicated. Again a lot of animated poses with Tyranids creeping around corners, up through deck plates and on beams. In all a very eye catching and desirable set of figures.

I would start my conclusion by saying that the pictures above don’t do Space Hulk justice. I still think that nearly 60 quid for a board game is a lot. But, given the quality of the product, the playability (Space Hulk IS a classic) and the amount of fun the game provides, I have to say that I think that Space Hulk is good value for money.

The Last Sisters (almost)

Well with a little over a week to go before our holiday and some power packing to do once we get back, this is probably the last 40k unit that I will paint in the UK! I have 3 single figures left on the workbench and the Shrine of the Aquila to complete before they too are packed away for their journey to Crete.


Picture 1 of 3


The view from the Dark (Eldar) Side

The View from the Dark (Eldar) Side.

Well, getting to chose which side to set-up on seemed to be a gift – two objectives on my side of the field – can’t be bad to start with.
My plan was to hold one objective (with troops) while refusing the others to the Guards.
My deployment was thus:-
on my right and occupying the Shrine was my Arcon and retinue and Jet Bike Squad, on my left were the two Talos,while the rest of the army was placed in the centre with one unit of troops dismounted from their Raider and  occupying the second objective in my set-up area. The third unit of troops was left aboard their Raider to act as a ‘mobile reserve’, the Mandrakes have special ‘hidden setup’ rules.

After the devistating accuracy of the Guards first turn (troop unit, Raider, Jetbike squad) I needed to move the reserve Raider forward to make use of it’s Dark lance, I also needed troops to cover and take the, now unoccupied, objective in my zone in the centre. So the ‘mobile reserve’ dismounted and headed for the ruin while the Raider boosted the center.

Looking back on the game I’m not sure what changes I could have made – had I known that the game would end on turn five, I would have sent the reserve towards the Shrine (it was closer).

Running two Talos was definitly a good idea they were a fire magnet but their high toughness, 3+ save and multiple wounds ensured that at leas one of them made it into close combat (3 combats in 5 turns). The Mandrakes were another first for me, they did the job that evolved for them i.e. occupy the 3rd objective to stop the Guard from taking it, once in cover then they are very hard to shift.

On the right the Arcon and Retinue were my highest valued unit and it could be argued that they did little, which is true but, they secured that side of the line much the same way that the Talos did on the other side.

Overall I think I made a couple of mistakes  in not having units ‘go to ground’ while receiving fire, not game loosers but might have kept a few figures on the table a little longer 😀


Mini Games Day (evening)- 29th July 2009

Well here it is our first evening games day (!)

The forces: 1250 points Imperial Guard vs Dark Eldar

The battle: Dawn of War – Take and Hold

Quote of the day: James:- “Take and Hold, Dark Eldar don’t have a chance”

Setup: With some good luck the DE (Alan) got to choose table sides and chose the side with 2 of the 3 objectives in their table half.

The Game: After the obligatory HQ and 2 Troop choices deployed the DE started the game by bringing on the rest of their force and firing 2 Dark Lances at the only available targets taking out 2 Guardsmen in flashes of blue light.

The Guard started their turn by bringing on more troops and some heavy weapons and with astonishing accuracy started to reduce the DE. First to go was the unit of DE warriors holding the objective on the DE left, the barrage, fired blind, landed on target and removed all 5 warriors (that’s one third of the DE troops btw). This accuracy was maintained until the main weapon was destroyed by a Talos attack 3 turns later. 🙁

Ranged fire was exchanged in turn 2 with the only incident on note was the concentration of fire on one of the 2 Talos on the extreme left of the DE line, this was followed by a unit deep striking behind the Talos with incredible accuracy, which prompted me to check the scatter die for irregularities ;).

One Talos lost, one deep strike unit wiped out by the other Talos, and the Guard moving strongly in the center to take the third and unguarded objective.

Then the Mandrakes appeared…. using their uncanny abilities they remained hidden until the 3rd turn revealing themselves cunningly disguised as Kroot! One of the units occupied the objective while the second flanked the two advancing Guard units. The center was hotly contested for the next 2 turns with the Mandrakes in the ruin only being finally dislodged on turn 5 by heavy flamer fire from a Chimera!

Turns 4 and 5 saw the rest of the Guard reinforcements turn up and swarm across the center of the battlefield as only the Guard can!

On the DE left the only remaining Talos finally silenced the over accurate barrage and blunted any further moves of the Guard. On the DE right the DE Arcon and his retinue sprang out from the Shrine to meet and destroy a weak thrust from an infantry unit.

All was poised for a climactic struggle on turn 6 to determine control of the objectives – and the game ended there!

A quick look at the final dispositions shown that no-one held ANY of the objectives, the final result A DRAW.

Great fun was had by all!