Trying to get into 9th Ed 40k: Step 1 – Picking an Army

Well, after a turbulent couple of hobby years, I’m trying to work out how the hell I actually play 9th ed!  Between very few games of 8th before lockdown, 9th edition not played to date, earlier editions still floating around in my head, and little opportunity for games, it’s important to get my head around the game, the army and sort something out before I spend precious hobby time playing!  If I don’t get it at all, the game will be a waste of time for me, and for my opponents.

I have a lot of armies from over the years, so I thought “Why not ask the Twitterverse what’s a simple army to get started with?”  The response was basically “It’s all complicated now.  Do you what you like.”

Honest, but not particularly helpful!  I started again, and decided that my criteria would be:

  • An army I already have
  • An army that has a 9th edition codex, so I’m not changing midway through learning and spending more on codexes.
  • An army I like
  • An army  where the rules come in a single book (to minimise complexity and because I’m cheap.

So, first, an army I have!  My Imperial Knights languish unbuilt.  My Drukhari still need painting.  My Orks are partially painted, but nowhere near 2000pts worth!  My Admech and Genestealer Cult are mostly unbuilt and low numbers.  Same for Tyranids – built but few painted.  I’ve never picked up any Custodes, and just have one unit of Sisters of Silence.  My Death Guard from 8th ed are still all unpainted!  My bro collects Thousand Sons, so I’ve stayed clear of those.  I have some Rogue Trader Harlequins, but I’d need to fill out the army significantly.  Fallen (Dark) Angels?  Unfinished!  Chaos Marines?  Unfinished!

Next, an new codex!  It ruled out Imperial Guard, an old favourite of mine and my main 8th edition army, as they are yet to see a codex update.  Eldar have similarly yet to be updated.  T’au are still waiting for an update too.  Grey Knights are on the verge of dropping, but haven’t arrived.

An army I like!  I toyed with Necrons, but my army is basically the 3rd ed Codex choices, and I’ve never been 100% taken by the new (to me) Tomb Kings in Space vibe.  

Only one book?  Space Marines sadly really need the supplements, and with the Codex Supplements needed, that’s more books and complexity.  Not for now!  So that’s my Ultramarines, Imperial Fists and Crimson Fists out for now.

So with my recent painting and love of a recent revamp, I settled on the Adepta Sororitas …. the Sisters of Battle, and put the order in for the Codex.

Now I only managed one 8th ed game with Sisters of Battle with their previous codex.  It didn’t seem too bad, though I wasn’t terribly impressed with how they played.  More rapid movement across the board made it much harder to apply the short range pressure they excelled at in earlier editions, and they got totally torn up by stronger armies in close combat, and the lack of cover in 8th crucified units like Repentia.  Still, I love the insanity, so onto step 2!  Working out an army list from the models I have or could assemble, and reading through the new codex after it arrived!