Enginseer Version 2

Well, I’ve assembled my 2nd Enginseer!  She does look more like a Adeptus Mechanicus Magos … I like to think of the first one as an Arch Magos 🙂





The parts seem to have come together really well, but I have some additions to my Enginseer project still to go!

Enginseer version 2

Well, progress has been made my version 2 of the enginseer! Rosie has been robed, the backpack has been cut down and the axe and wrench are ready to go.  All I need is to convert another servo arm, wash her off and assemble. guide quite pleased and the robes, especially the hood!



Overlords Conversion Challenge 3

Well, my first attempt hasn’t been particularly well received, which is a shame.

The main criticisms are:

the base isn’t custom enough

the backpack is too large.

The first isn’t really an issue, as adding additional customisation is always part of the plan, but the overlarge backpack (and axe), though quite 40Kish and overblown steampunk, is a valid criticism.

I am, therefore, going to try looking at using Rosie as the main base model, adding green stuff robes, using a cutdown marine backpack with another devastator servo-arm and the smaller maxmini steampunk axe where her wrench is.

Overlords Conversion Challenge

Ok, I snapped, I suspect I won’t get time, but it might actually give me some motivation to get things done 🙂

I’m going for a female enginseer for my guard force, having read Ciaphas Cain for the nth time recently. It’s mostly going to be a simple kitbash, though I’ll have to wait for several of the parts.

I’m going to use Sascha Dubois from the Chronoscope line as the base model, and repose the left arm slightly to hold a chain axe, and use a gothic packpack with a slightly converted servo arm from a missile launcher devastator for a more slim, elegant look.  I’m also mounting her on a techy clockwork base.

Nothing too complex, but I hope it’ll look really effective.