I haven’t had time to do any modelling at all (though I have made it through 2 of the 3 xbox campaigns in Warhammer Battlemarch 🙂 ).  I’m trying to put together a novel pitch for the Black Library’s submission window in May this year (1000 word summary, 6 pages of a chapter by chapter synopsis and the first 3 chapters).  Thats not including all the background and characters workups needed to get that far!  As a tease, here’s a paragraph sized pitch:

Innocent is the story of Lieutenant Hayden Corvin, an officer in the 134th Structarma IV Regiment, known as “The Enforcers”, and Decimus, as insane rogue dreadnaught from the Alpha Legion who has been an unseen blight on the worlds of the Vulpes Astra Subsector for millenia.  After rumors of rebellion lure the Enforcers to the planet Letalis to perform their specialities of investigation and suppression, the situation quickly deteriorates for the defenders of the Imperium.  Betrayed by the local Adeptus Arbites, made to look guilty by the Alpha Legion, and savaged from orbit by their own fleet, Lieutenant Hayden has to piece together the shattered regiment, find the truth behind the attack, and prove his innocence before the Inquisition arrives!