Imperial Fists 3rd Company

Welcome, Inquistor, to the battle barge of the 3rd Company of the Imperial Fists.

We are lead by Captain Agathon, Master of the Arsenal, Defender of the Hind Marches.  Armed with his trusty storm bolter, and an ancient lightning claw, he leads the third company to glory after glory!

Captain Agathon  Captain Agathon (Space Marine Captain, Storm Bolter, Lightning Claw, Meltabombs- 123pts)

He is guarded by his picked men, Squad Epilektoi.  This consists of Apothecary Nestor, Standard Bearer Ajax, Champion Hector, Veteran Miltiades and Veteran Argus.

Apothecary Nestor Apothecary Nestor (23pts)

Standard Bearer Ajax Standard Bearer Ajax (Company Standard, Power Weapon – 53pts)

Champion Hector Champion Hector (Company Champion – 38pts)

Veteran Miltiades Veteran Miltiades (Meltabombs – 28pts)

Veteran Argus Veteran Argus (Meltagun – 33pts)

Captain Agathon is advised by Revered Ancient Telemachus, a dreadnaught of wide renown.  Once Captain of the 3rd Company himself, Telemachus provides fire support and advice.

Revered Ancient Telemachus Ancient Telemachus (Assault Cannon – 115pts)

Ancient Teucer, master of the lascannon also attends the 3rd company.  Teucer is one of the oldest dreadnaughts in the company and so sleeps between battles … though provides lethal support on the field.

Ancient Teucer (Twin-linked Lascannons – 135pts)

The third company generally designate squads by the name of the sergeant., and this has rolled over to the attached forces of 10th (scout) company.

Squad Damocles is a small group of initiates being evaluated in the field for induction into the 3rd Company.  Sergeant Damocles runs a tight unit, dropping the wrath of the Imperial Fists on the heads of the Xenos and Heretics!

Squad Damocles Squad Damocles (Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles – 90pts)

In the 3rd company, Squad Leto is famous for its defiant stand against the Tyranids on Beta Gamma 3, where the hive tyrant and elite guard were shattered against there yellow armour.  Sergeant Leto, then just a battle brother, was the only survivor, and is hoping to lead the new marines in the squad to glory.

Squad Leto (Tactical Squad with heavy bolter and plasma gun, sergeant with chainsword, bolt pistol, meltabombs – 185pts)

Squad Orion, on the other hand, is known for its work on the field against tanks.  Brother Philoctetes, the squads missile launcher, is on the verge of promotion to the veteran sternguard units for his calm fire under pressure.

Squad Orion (Tactical Squad with Missile Launcher and plasma gun, sergeant with chainsword, bolt pistol, meltabombs – 185pts)

Squad Achilles is aiming at promotion to the vanguard squads, with Patroclus, the team’s flamer operator, particularly prone to getting up close and personal!

Squad Achiles (Tactical Squad with Missile Launcher and flamer, sergeant with chainsword, bolt pistol, meltabombs – 185pts)

 As the Master of the Arsenal, Captain Agathon tends to deploy with the tank he sees as an icon of his own success, the predator Apollo.  Known for its success throughout the years in an anti-tank role, the venerable machine-spirit continues to destroy enemies of the Imperium in the 41st Millennium.

Predator Apollo (Twin links lascannon, lascannon sponsons – 165pts)

He also tends to call in air support, having learnt to his cost against the insurgents of Heaven Lost that air superiority can cost even Astartes, and the Stormtalon Artemis is normally assigned to his deployments in order to ensure that local control of the skies remains with the Imperial Fists.

Stormtalon Artemis (Twinlinked lascannon – 140pts)

This forms the standard deployment of the available 3rd Company forces in the Hind Marches (1498pts).

Finally, Captain Agathon always tries to ensure that there is a local fortification deployed by local support or the Chapter’s techmarines.  An Imperial Bastion with anti-air support offers a tremendous tactical advantage to the masters for the siege masters.

Imperial Bastion (with Icarus Lascannon – 110pts)

Of late, the third company snipers seem to be remarkably accurate, almost as if they are receiving assistance from a ghostly force.  Investigations into the events are ongoing.

Autarch of Craftworld Alaitoc (Scorpion chainsword, mandiblasters – 83 pts)

Striking Scorpions of the Alaitoc Ascendent Shrine (Exarch – 95pts)

Rangers (60pts)

(Total Points – 1846pts / 1850pts)