My 2014 from a gaming perspective!

Well, 2014 is almost at an end, and it hasn’t been terribly successful in terms of actually getting in many games, or actually getting much hobby done!  There were many grand plans for the year … and few of them have come together.  Next year needs to be a touch more realistic, I feel!

I still have plastic mountains of models that need to be assembled and painted!  If anything, the plastic mountain has grown significantly, with Orky enthusiasm.  None of my armies have actually reached the state I wanted to class as finished (with the possible exception of the Ultramarines!)  Though I’ve loved reading about Malifaux and Infinity, I haven’t painted my starting forces or played even a single game.  I do have a complete starter force for Retribution of Scyrah in Warmachine, but not managed to get that going either (though I am loving Warmachine Tactics on the laptop).  My major passion in 40K has been Orks for the last couple of months, and I’ve been gathering and planning an Ork Waargh (though that’s being somewhat derailed by the brilliant Blood Angels models being released right now, and enthusiasm for Silver Skulls!)

What has gone well?  #WAAC 2014 was amazing fun, with events around the country, and I’ve ended up with an brilliant range of gaming gear, from T-shirts, to dice, through to templates.  I painted some models that I think came out really, really well, and won a great book and a pro painting of my Bonesinger by Peter (@minimodelpaint), which is coming on amazingly well!  I’ve tried playing X-Wing, and absolutely loved it.

I’ve loved interacting with (and meeting some of) the #warmongers.  Twitter has been a brilliant hobby outlet for me, and that’s definitely going to continue!

I’ve got some brilliant hobby resources, with brilliant brushes from Gears & Games and Army Painter really making a difference, a full Army Painter set of paints in decent paint racks letting me dip in and out of painting to do little bits here and there around the demands of being a Dad – demands that are going to increase in 2015 with the arrival of another one in May! 🙂

I haven’t played much Xbox 360 for various logistical reasons over the year, but did manage to sneak in some Transformers and Halo, and completed Injustice!  I’m hoping I’ll get more video games in next year, with an Xbox One arriving for Xmas … Halo!  Destiny!  Titanfall!  There’s some amazing games coming out for the PC just now too – Satellite Reign as a long awaited “Syndicate” style game this week.  Elite Dangerous looks amazing, and comes out this week!  As mentioned, Warmachine Tactics is great.

I’d like to have reported much more hobby fun … but its been a cracking year.  I’ll try to follow this with my plans for 2015, and maybe write a summary of what I think the biggest changes have been in the hobby world in general.

Attack of #HobbyADD – Infinity, Malifaux and 40k in between…

Well, as always, I am suffering from #HobbyADD, but at the moment I think its a particularly advanced case! I’ve almost completed my #WAACPainting entry – the models are done – I just need some decent photos for an entry.  I’m looking a knocking up a quick display board to take the photos on. So, current projects (in no particular order)!

1)  Infinity Nomads!  I’m very excited about Infinity!  It looks like an amazing system, and the skirmish nature means I don’t need to assemble and paint huge numbers.  Plus nuns with guns – my battle sisters can stride onto a new battlefield.  I think I can hold off until Ice Storm though!

2)  Malifaux I have a Lady Justice crew half assembled (I still need to put the Death Marshalls together.  Interesting system with the card deck, and fascinating fluff and gorgeous models.  Only problem is that I keep eying up Viktoria’s crew and Gremlins….. Hopefully I can stick to my guns (of justice!)

3) 40K – Sisters of Battle I need to paint about 2 models to “finish” my Order of the Argent Shroud, and about 6 models to “finish” my Order of the Verdant Garden.  So close….

4) 40K – Imperial Fists This is my current “Churn em out army”.  I do like the Sons of Dorn, and these will probably be my standard go to 40k army for a while.  Assault terminators and forge world pads on the way to bolster a Lysander charge 🙂

5) 40K – Pirate Orks Pirate orks.   What more can I say?  I have a fair few Orks from Assault on Black Reach, and Stormclaw may be lurking for an upcoming birthday.  I’ve also got RTB02 ready to be repainted and take the field.  Add some Flash Gitz, and Cap’n Kipp’s Freebootaz could be ready to go!  Its a heck of a lot of models though, so I may end up holding off here.

6) 40K – Dark Craftworld Dark Eldar I have a reasonably DE force in need of some TLC.  I’m really tempted to reorganise it as a fallen craft world and paint it in aspect colours – Striking Scorpion green for Incubi, blaster wielding kabalites as fire dragons, kabalites as Dire Avenger blues, Wyches in howling banshee bone and so on.

7) Ax Faction minis for fun I’m looking at using some of these as Inquisition forces too, so not purely just for fun.  Cracking sculpts on these.

8) 40K – Fallen Angels This army has been lurking for ages and been bolstered by the DV set.  Totally unpainted for over 7 years….. I really should at least prime them!!!

9) 40K – RTB01 Crimson Fists Army Ah, my beloved Crimson Fists!  Painstakingly gathered from eBay to replace an army that got lost on a train years ago.  The plan is to recreate the classic Rogue Trader front cover.  Navy primer is ready to go!

10) 40K – Ultramarines More marines!  I actually have a fairly decent collection of ultramarines, some primed, some badly painted.  I’m just missing a HQ force here really!  Ironclad dreadnoughts and bikers recently added to the increasing forces.   I now have a complete enough force not to worry about these!  Counting Ultramarines as done!

11) 40K – Crimson Slaughter I have a reasonably solid force of CSMs in red and gold, perfect for the role of Crimson Slaughter.  With the addition of the Crimson Slaughter specific models from the DV set, this would be a great little force (possibly in need of a bastion or helturkey for anti air).  Just the CSMs from DV to paint here, though a fair few khorne beserkers need some finishing too.

12)  X-Wing Not started here, but a good guy locally loves it, and wants to play.  I love Star Wars, so I suspect mistakes will be made here 😉

13)  Armada If I like Star Wars star fighters, running a fleet as an admiral????  Yeah, this is happening.

14) DnD 5e Absolutely love everything I’ve seen for this so far!  Just wish digital versions of the core books were coming out as space is an issue.

15) 40K – Space Wolves My first 40K force back in the 80s!  The storm claw set has sucked me back in.  I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the recent vehicles, but the current character modelling is amazing.  Definitely to be painted in grey instead of the rubbish modern light blue though.  Will probably just be an allies force rather than a full blown 1850pts army.

16)  40K – Blood Angels Really struggling for enthusiasm here!  I have some really quite nice chapter leaders painted up, and some gorgeous terminators from Space Hulk to paint.  I have primed basic troops, and unbuilt death company and sanguinary guard.  Just not feeling too enthused, particularly without a current codex.

17) 40K – Silver Skulls Loads of unbuilt models for this, and they fit with my long term plans of having a range of silver armies sharing some vehicles with magnetised logos with my Order of the Argent Shroud and Grey Knights.  Need to work out the skulls for the shoulders and a quick effective paint scheme here!

18)  40K – Eldar Loads of unpainted Eldar, and loads of painted ones! Recently bolsters by  Eldrad, a new Avatar and some warlocks.  I need to sort out some effective fighting forces here – I think painting the remaining ones is quite low down the list.  Really tempted to add more wraith warriors at all levels though ….

19)  40K – Tau My Tau are pretty much done with a reasonable force.  There are a couple of options half painted that I’d like to finish off, and perhaps add some broadsides and riptides, but generally these are pretty low on the list as they have a fully painted force!  Ticking these off the list as have a sorted out painted playable army matching all my main criteria.  Not ideal, as could do with slightly different options, but cool.

20)  40K – Grey Knights! New codex due out, decent force already, and only a couple of things needed to be finished or assembled to finish them off!  Also awesome with the new psychic phase.  These guys may well be seeing the table again soon.  Dreadknight is tempting me!

21) 40K – Imperial Guard Valhallans Pretty much sorted out and ready to go!  Not great paint jobs, but OK enough to get by.  some basing of heavy weapons needed here.

22) 40K – Imperial Guard Cadians Ouch.  Loads of men, not much paint, and pretty much every heavy weapons squad needs to be rebased.  Lots and lots of work, not much enthusiasm at present 🙁

23) 40K – Legion of the Damned I have 15 Legion to be painted to use as an allied force to other Imperial types.  Struggling to get enthused though.

24) 40K – Deathwatch I have a 10 man squad with custom pads (both DW and a range of chapters), heads, guns, all ready to be assembled!  Must get around to building and painting these.  Very excited with my Inquistions types.

25) 40K – Inquisition I have a load of models from a range of manufacturers to put together as my Inquistion force.  Female paladins as crusaders, floating psykers, daemonhosts, the lot!  Very cool and good allies for almost all the other Imperial forces.  Quite excited, but as I haven’t started they are quite low down the list.

26)  40K – Tyranids I’d love to get this army finished to at least 1850 points!  They look gorgeous, and are easy to do.  I’m struggling motivation wise here as I basically need to buy a fresh army to make them playable with tervigons, more termagants and flying MCs.  I have genestealers aplenty to paint.  Hmm.

27) 40K – Necrons I have a fully painted army of these bad boys – rubbish in the current game, but fully painted and ready to go.  w00t!!!!  Could do with some newer models, but not loving the new fluff anyway. Counting these as done for now!  I have a complete playable and painted army all sorted out.  Not great, but done!

28) 40K – Militarum Tempestus I have a reasonable number of Karskrin Stormtrooper squads here.  No new stormtroopers, but enough to work well with inquisition or guard voices quite effectively!  None really painted, boo hiss!

29)  Scenary! I have a huge amount of scenery to assemble and/or paint.  From an Imperial City to Altars of Chaos, it’d look amazing on my battle board.  As it doesn’t affect my actual games too much though, difficult to find the time!

Sooo, 29 reasonably sized projects, and possibly a few more kickstarter bits to go too.  Ouch!  #HobbyADD indeed!

Introducing Wargames Wednesday (with RPG fun thrown in!) #WargamesWednesday

In order to keep me involved in my various gaming hobbies, I’ve decided to make a point of posting something every Wednesday.  Despite the tag of Wargames Wednesday, I’m actually going to cover RPGs (both paper and electronic), 40K as my main hobby, and anything else from painting/fiction/other wargames that catches my eye!  This week, I’m covering Numenera, Dropzone Commander, Shadowrun Returns (PC), Space Hulk (PC), and the Black Legion Codex Supplement


Numenera!  Monte Cooks new game system has been released, and I backed the kick starter for the complete set of books in PDF format!  I’ve been getting a constant stream of stuff over the last few weeks, and its all pretty impressive!  I love the game engine (see my earlier post on Numenera), but the list of various card decks, GM screens, posters and other bits as well as the core books has been brilliant.  Good work Monte!

Dropzone Commander

After Leonidas gave me a copy of the Dropzone Commander rules as a present (many thanks, by the way!), I’ve become rather intrigued by this wargame.  I love the concept of fast transport driving a futuristic battlefield, countered by antiaircraft fire, while tanks and troops do battle.  However, I don’t really have anyone nearby to play the wargame against at present, so buying a complete starter army for me, and potentially a second one too to play against, was just too big an investment.  However, a new two player starter set has just launched, at around the £60 mark.  I am very tempted with birthdays then christmas looming 🙂  I love the UCM look (very Halo!), and the scourge have an unusual insectile appearance I quite like too … and they are the two armies in the set.

Space Hulk and Shadowrun Returns (PC)

Huzzah!  More games I don’t have time to play 🙂  I managed to order Space Hulk and Shadowrun Returns on Steam.  Shadowrun in particular interests me – I love the world (and am rereading many of the novels at the moment on the journey to and from work!), but I also like the custom editor that comes with it.  Neverwinter Nights was a huge, huge favorite of mine, largely because of the editor and ability to create and play comunity modules – I’m really hoping that holds true here.

I’ve played the board game of Space Hulk since the original release (and managed to grab the limited edition from a couple of years ago), so I was always going to be the target audience for the new version of the PC game.  I’m hoping its a fairly faithful interpretation of the board game where I can play through a mission reasonably quickly while my munchkin naps 🙂  Heavy flamer FTW!

Black Legion Codex Supplement

I really thought I’d be disappointed by this, and only really got it in order to get a feel for how the Chaos supplements would be released – I’d love a Fallen Angels one, but SaintAidan would sacrifice quite a lot to the dark gods for a Thousand Sons supplement, and with the interest in heresy stuff, I think its quite likely.

This is probably the best supplement yet.  The history of Abaddon, his dark pacts and the Black Crusades is brilliant.  The tweaks to the lists all make sense, and the way specialist troops work with the black legion actually feels right (Thousand Sons and Rubricae in a black legion force always niggled me a bit).  I think you could put together a pretty awesome grey knights counter list with Abaddon, and Chosen Terminator troops, together with some nasty artifacts and alliances.  Really enjoyed reading it!

Blood Angels

Well, the Blood Angels have languished unsorted for some time, despite Space Hulk providing gorgeous terminators, and some really nice command models!

Thats now about to change!  After a really fun game where the blood angels took on the thousand sons in an impromptu game (and got pretty thrashed!), these were high up the list to sort out!

Lets take a look at the 1000pts list!

Mephiston – 250pts

5 Man Assault squad (plasma pistol, sergeant with power fist) 140pts

5 Man Assault squad (flamer, sergeant with meltabombs, power sword) – 125pts

Furioso Dreadnaught – 125pts

5 Man Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon (230pts)

5 man Devastator Squad – 4x Missile Launcher (130pts)

An excellent array of heavier weaponry.  Too light on troops, really, but heck, it looks fun!  Lets take a look at the expanded 1500pts list:

Mephiston – 250pts

Brother Corbulo – 105pts

5 Man Assault squad (plasma pistol, sergeant with power fist) 140pts

5 Man Assault squad (flamer, sergeant with meltabombs, power sword) – 125pts

Furioso Dreadnaught – 125pts

5 Man Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon – 230pts

10 Man Tactical Squad with Meltagun and missile launcher, sergeant with powerfist – 200pts

10 Man Tactical squad with Flamer and missile launcher – 170 pts

5 man Devastator Squad – 4x Missile Launcher , sergeant with meltabombs(135pts)

At 1490pts, that gives a lot more troops options (especially with combat squadding!).  I think some more vehicle support for maneuverabiity might be good, but I think it looks a pretty solid list (except against flyers!)

This list, while largely unpainted, is entirely sorted and in a KR case ready to play!

My expanded 500pts of Blood Angels allies is more of an issue though, and will have to wait till pass 2, or maybe even pass 3!  I just don’t have enough models to put together my sanguinary guard and dante force, or my death company and Astorath force properly – I need to build and possibly buy some!

Adeptus Astartes! (first pass)

Well, I decided to start with my space marines!

I originally started collecting Space Marines back in the Rogue Trader days, so they’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for me.  However, with everyone playing power armoured marines, and the fact I got very much into Eldar has left my marine collection rather in disarray, based on a few big army buys from ebay that have never really been sorted out.

I have Blood Angel terminators from the Space Hulk set, and a slew of Blood Angel commanders painted quite nicely, so it makes sense to sort out a Blood Angels army if possible.  I’m not a big fan of special characters generally, so I’ll try to use those in my “allied” forces where possible, rather than my core army.

Lord Mephiston Brother Corbulo Lord Dante

I was also given a Marneus Calgar and Honor Guard set as a gift by Leonidas so Ultramarines are another strong option.  As I’m a big fan of standard marines, Ultramarines would be a solid way to go too.  Like with the Blood Angels, I’ll probably look at using Marneus as an “allied” 500pt contingent, rather than part of my core force.

In the past, I’m looked at setting up my own marine chapters.  I’d started painting a few marines in purple as my “Imperatoris Aquilae” or Emperor’s Eagles chapter, but I don’t think I’m going to continue there.  I’ve also been looking at a marine chapter called the Argent Eagles, in silver, matching my Grey Knights, so I can share tanks with them, but these are pretty much all unbuilt models, so won’t be included in this first sort out (and possibly not at all, depending on time commitments.  Practicality is the new watchword!)

So, thats two main armies that need to be sorted out – Blood Angels and Ultramarines, with possible allied contingents from both.

In addition, there are a few bonus extras here.  I have a slew of specialist models too, that I’ve always meant to assemble – the deathwatch conversion kit, and a fair few legionnaires of the damned.  I’ll look at possibly setting these up as allied contingents, which would be cool to be able to plug them into other armies.  If they need models to be assembled, though, they’ll be popped aside for my 2nd pass stuff.  I’ve also got a decent core of Imperial Fists that are painted and look pretty cool, so they’ll make up a decent allies contingent for codex:space marines too.

Finally, I also have a whole horde of rogue trader era stuff that I want to sort out as Crimson Fists, based on the original rulebook cover.  As these are effectively a completely different model range though, I’ll look at these separately later.

Sisters of Battle vs Blood Angels (as Chaos Head Hunters!)


1500 pts per side, seize ground, pitched battle deployment

Blood Angels – two typhoon pattern landspeeders, one vindicator, one predator, rhino with command squad and tycho, rhino with assault squad (10 man), rhino with assault squad (10 man), 5 man combat squad

Sisters – two Battle Sisters squads in rhinos, retributor squad (5 sisters) with heavy flamer immolator, seraphim squad (9 sisters), celestians with multimelta immolator, Canoness, St Evangeline, 2 Exorcists, Repentia Squad (6 repentia + superior)


Sisters win dice roll, and choose to go second. Blood Angels setup first, Sisters fail to steal first turn.

(note – left and right is from the perspective of the Sisters of Battle)

The objectives were set up in a loose star pattern, with two on hills on the sisters side, and two on the flanks on the blood angels side.  In the centre was a hatch to an underground bunker.

The vindicator and a rhino with a tactical squad set up in the centre.  The command squad rhino set up to the right of centre, while the two landspeeders set up on the far left.  On the right was the predator, the other rhino, and the 5 man combat squad.

The retributor quad set up on a hill to the left next to an objective, with a rhino with a battlesister squad behind the hill.  In the open centre were the two immolators (with the canoness and celestians deployed inside the multimelta one), and the other rhino and battle sisters behind them.  The Exorcists were both hidden behind a major rock outcropping to the right of centre, and the seraphim, the living saint and the repentia sisters were to the right near the other hill and objective.

Turn 1

Chaos – all vehicles roar forward with scout moves and fast.  The Predator hurtles down the right flank with a turbo charged scout move (12″), then moves 6 inches and fires all guns at the side of an exposed exorcist, destroying a weapon!   The tactical squad in the rhino follows it down the flank, while the command squad advances cautiously just to the right of centre.  The vindicator on the right opens up on an immolator, but the charge scatters and bounces off the rhino armour.  The land speeders hurtle forward, and open up on the retributor squad with heavy bolters, killing one equipped with a bolter.  The fiv eman combat squad knuckled down around the chaos objective to the right.

Sisters – the Repentia squad hurtled toward the predator to carve it up in close combat, while the seraphim advanced toward the enemy objective.  The Retributor squad opened up on the landspeeders immobilising one (destroying it as a part of a squadron), and destroying the rocket launcher on the other, while the immolators advanced firing, though to no effect.  The damaged exorcist took off like a bat out of hell, acting as a mobile shield to the other tanks, while the other exorcist opened fire on the vindicator to little effect.  The sisters in rhinos moved around the rear of the field to little effect.  In the assault phase, the seraphim and the living saint tried to assault the command squad rhino through a hedge, but rolled a double one on the difficult terrain roll, failing to connect.  The Repentia sisters, on the other hand, carved the predator to pieces with 9 penetrating hits … unsurprisingly the tank exploded, killing one of  the sisters.

Turn 2 (Head Hunters 1 objective, Sisters 0 objectives)

Chaos – The chaos assault continues, with the tactical squad disembarking from the rhino on the right, before shooting and assaulting the Repentia Squad, killing all but the sister superior by the end of the turn.  The rhino itself tried to move through the predators crater in an attempt to shield the tactical squad from reprisals… but threw a track and was immobilised.  The command squad disembarked, shot at and assaulted the seraphim, while the 5 man combat squad opened fire but held back, protecting the valuable objective – by the end of the turn, only Saint Celestine was left.  In the centre, the vindicator reversed six inches and missed again, while the landspeeder managed to shake the crew of the immolator with the multimelta.  The other assault squad in the rhino hurtled to the centre of the table.

Sisters –   The flamer immolator roars forward up a hill, shielding the shaken immolator with the multi-melta (and the canoness and celestians, which ducked behind a hill.  The retributors immobilise the remaining landspeeder with holy bolter fire. The exorcist annihilates the chaos rhino, leaving a fiery crater and a unit of marines.  The sisters in one of the rhinos with storm bolters open up on the exposed unit, killing another.  The living Saint wins combat against the entire command squad, wounding Tycho and tying up the unit.  The chaos squad finish off the sister superior on the right, and regroup towards the objective on the right flank.

Turn 3  (Head-hunters 2 objectives, Sisters 0 objectives)

Chaos – The chaos command squad wins the combat against the living saint, but fail to kill her again! In the centre, the vindicator destroys the immolator on the hill, while the immobilised land speeder on the right manages to shake the canoness’s immolator once again.  the exposed troops in the centre knuckle down into cover, and destroy the damaged exorcist.

Sisters – The canoness and her immolator tactically advance in a negative direction 12″ towards the exorcist in the centre, while the retributor squad finish off the land speeder. The exorcist manages to shake the crew of the command squads rhino.  In the assault phase, Tycho and the command squad kill the living saint, and regroup towards the immobilised exorcist.  In the centre, a rhino with battle sisters carrying flamers opens up on the batterd troops in the middle, supported by long range shots from the sisters with storm bolters, annihilating 4 of the squad.

On the surface, things look bleak for the Sisters, who are trapped in a quarter of the board and the raging blood angels are pressing their attack!

Turn 4  (Head-hunters 2 objectives, Sisters 0 objectives)

Chaos – the command squad assault into the exorcist, destroying it utterly.  The vindicator opens up on the rhino carrying the flamer sisters in the middle, but the shot scatters into the assault squad killing two.. and they fail their morale check, beginning to flee.

Sisters – the sisters in the rhino near the centre disembark, flamers ready to destroy the command squad.  Celestine rises from the grave … with a full three wounds, and advances to flame the command squad as well.  The canoness disembarks with a heavy flamer and flamer ready to open fire.  The command squad is hit by huge amounts of holy flame, then charged … butchering the remaining men.  The captain falls, and the sisters regroup towards the other objective on the right, while the saint regroups north toward the chaos objective on the right.  The multimelta on the immolator smashed into the vindicator … destroying its main cannon.

Turn 5  (Head-hunters 2 objectives, Sisters 0 objectives)

Chaos – The fleeing marines in the centre would normally automatically regroup, but they were within 6″ of the sisters rhino, so they continued to fall back.  The rhino plowed forward, tank shocking the sisters in the centre, and squashing the sister superior in her bid for glory.  On the right, the chaos troops opened up on the battle sisters with everything they had to destroy the troops unit, but several survived.

Sisters – The another shot from the immolator with the multimelta immobolised the vindicator in the centre, leaving it helpless.  The rhino in the centre followed the fleeing marines, staying close enought to force them to continue falling back.  To the right, the living saint, celestians and battle sisters annihilated the tactical squad with huge amounts of flame and bolter fire, followed by a brief charge, where the living saint destroyed the remaining few troops.  On the left, the other sisters unit disembarked, and held their objective.

The roll for end of game meant the battle continued!

Turn 6  (Head-hunters 1 objectives, Sisters 2 objectives)

Chaos – the marines in the centre had to continue to fall back.  In an attempt to prevent the rhino following up, the chaos rhino accelerated at top speed and rammed the sisters rhino from behind, at a speed of 14″.  Unfortunately, neither tank was damaged.  On the right, the 5 marine holding the last objective fell back slightly to try and avoid the imperial onslaught, and the immobilised chaos rhino on the right finally self repaired!

Sisters – the living saint flamed the defending chaos marines with the ardent blade, and charged into combat, while the immolator missed the repaired rhino.  the other sisters regrouped in the centre.

The roll for end of game meant a 7th turn would be played

Turn 7  (Head-hunters 0 objectives, Sisters 2 objectives)

Chaos – Although the marines in centre were forced to fall back off the table, the chaos forces showed their cunning here.  They managed to slay the living saint in close combat, and fell back to their objective (a 2+ armour save is not proof against the dreaded snake eyes!).  The rhino on the right hurtled forward into the sisters objective to contest it, and the remaining rhino in the centre attempted to tank shock through the sisters near the objective on the left.  Unfortunately for the chaos forces, the tank shock failed thanks to a nameless sister, who immobilised the rhino 4″ away from the objective with a krak grenade!

Sisters – On the right, the sisters opened up on the chaos rhino – surely easy meat to the sisters with krak grenades, the multimelta immolator, and the celestian superiors plasma gun!  Alas, not a single sister connected!

End of game – Head Hunters 1 objective, Sisters 1 objective


A hard fought game, and a worthy draw!   The sisters really need to take the field in larger numbers, otherwise I feel the can’t pile on enough firepower – 1500pts seemed to feel much more fluid than the 1000point force – repentia, a retributor squad, an immolator, and the living saint and a few extra seraphim don’t seem a lot, but the additional firepower of the retributors played a huge difference here, as did keeping the battle sisters in the rhinos – a rhino effectively with twin flamers is brilliant, as is stormbolters – two stormbolter shots from a unit as well as the onboard stormbolter is actually a lot of anti-personnel shots a round at a decent range.  The immolator with multimeltas was OK (despite being shaken or missing a lot), but the immolator with heavy flamers is really useless with the slow move.  The blood angels should possibly have gone for more combat squads to hit multiple objectives, but that might have lessened the initial assault.

A brilliant fun game!  Warboss Shagga (or Captain Paul of the Head Hunters), I salute you!

Sisters of Battle vs Blood Angels

I went along to my first Overlords gaming session last night, and had an absolute blast!

 Gaming 18-09-2011 149

On the left is Inquisitor Steve, who welcomed me to the Overlords, and on the right is my opponent, Glen, who was fielding Blood Angels.  Blood Angels seem a very popular choice at the moment!

Set up

We had 1000pts armies each, and diced up Capture and Control with a Pitched Battle deployment.

The Blood Angels won the roll off, setup first and took first turn – the Order’s roll to steal failed, unfortunately!


Blood Angels – 2 assault squads, two land speeders, one tactical squad, one captain, sanguinary priest.

Sisters – two battle sisters squads with rhinos, celestians and canoness in immolator, two exorcists, one seraphim squad

Turn 1

The Blood Angels jump scarily forward towards the Sisters of Battle objective on the left.  A full assault squad, supported by the marine captain, and with two landspeeders, crashed forward, hoping to gain an early dominance.  Another Assault squad with their Sanguinary Priest hurtle down the centre towards the Exorcists on the hill tops on the centre right.  The final unit, a tactical squad, hunker down around the marine objective and fire off a missile launcher at an Exorcist to no effect.  One of the landspeeders immobilises the immolator with a multi-melta shot.

In return, The Exorcists swat three assault troops in the centre, the Sanguinary Priests feel no pain rule ineffective against the strength 8 hell missiles!  On the left, the defending  Sisters of the Azure Bolt shoot one on the right, while the Seraphim closed in on a landspeeder … but failed to penetrate the armour or use melta bombs in the assault phase.

Turn 2

The Assault Troops on teh left, led by the captain, annihilate the defending Sisters of Battle arround the objective in a brutal assault after an ineffective shooting phase.  The other assault unit jumped forward to get a meltagun in range of the Exorcist, but failed to penetrate its armour.  One Landspeeder kills three seraphim, while the other tried to soften up the defending sisters before the assault finished them off.  Again, the missile launcher in the Tactical Squad missed against the Exorcists.

In an attempt to save the Exorcist firepower for a different target, celestians and and Battle sisters in a rhino open up with flamers and heavy flamers, as well as some bolt and plasma pistols…. but to almost no effect with the Sanguinary Priests Feel no pain rule making a real difference.  The rhino on the left moves to cover the immobilised immolator, in the hopes of opening up with the twinlinked heavy flamer.  Finally, the Exorcists annihilate the Assault squad in the centre, leaving only the sanguinary priest.  Seraphim try hand flamers, no effect, on the assault squad on the left.

Turn 3

The Space Marine captain turns and kills the two remaining Seraphim, while the assault squad takes the Sisters objective and stuns the rhino with an assault.  A Land Speeder stuns the Immolator, while the other land speeder stuns the rhino.  The missile launcher from the tactical squad finally hit the Exorcist .. but a cover save meant no damage.  The Sanguinary priest fled on his jump pack to bolster the tactical squad.

For the Sisters, the options were limited.  The two Exorcists opened fire on the tactical squad, to try whittling down their numbers, but to little effect.  The Celestians and Canoness moved towards the taken objective, while a rhino containing the other battle sisters rumbled towards the Blood Angels objective.

Turn 4

The Assault Squad on the left charged the rhino, smashing the already stunned rhino to pieces with 8 krak grenades and a powerfist!  The landspeeders finish off the immolator with a shot to the rear armour, effectively destroying it by destroying its last (and only) weapon.  On the right, the marines opened fire on the advancing rhino with a missile launcher, only to hit an intervening hedge (cover save!)

For the Sisters, the rhino continues to advance on the right, while the exorcists picked a landspeeder each and annihilated them!  The Canoness let the celestians towards the assault troops hunkered down behind the shells of the burning Adeptus Sororitas rhino and immolator.

Turn 5

The Captain jumped out of cover, leaving the assault troops to hold the objective.  He used a hand flamer on the celestians, then charged into close combat, soundly defeating them … and breaking them!  The Sisters rand screaming for the edge of the board, while the captain moved to place his back against the burning immolator, prepared to face the worst.

The Celestians regrouped, and fired at the captain causing a wound.  The Exorcists opened up on the Tactical squad again, but with very few missiles, and the sisters disembarked from their rhino, opening up with flamers and bolters.  Only three defenders were left! 

Turn 6

The space marine captain charged the celestians again, winning the combat but suffering a wound, slaying all but the canoness.  The other assault troops remained hidden.  On the right, the remaining three marines charged into the Sisters of Battle, wiping them out in a single round.

In the Sisters turn, the Canoness struck down the marine captain!  The power of faith at work!  The rhino moved up to contest the marine objective, while the exorcists tried to finish off the tactical marines, killing another.

Turn 7

The Assault squad decided not to risk an assault or sneaky objective contesting from the canonness in her turn with an Act of Faith, so decided on a risky move – they charged, hoping to win in a single round, and consolidate back to the objective to hold it … and did so.  Only one marine was within three inches of the objective, however, with a special weapon.

The Exorcists opened up on the Assault marines, causing 10 wounds … meaning wound allocation came into play!  If the wound against the flamer marine near the objective wasn’t saved (cover save), the battle would be a draw.  Every cover save was made … except for the flamer!  Neither side held any objectives, making the game a draw!


It might have been a draw but we were both winners – Glen was a great guy, and we both had a brilliant time!  Glen made a mistake tactically by not using Combat Squads – he wanted a big assault, but it held him back towards the end, while I just forgot about Acts of Faith entirely!  The Exorcists (officially the MVPs and now referred to as my quarterbacks) did an amazing job.  You really need to keep sisters away from marines, though – I should have kept my Battle Sisters in Rhinos and relied more on fire power.  3 marines destroyed 10 sisters in a single assault phase!  Brutal!

I’m really looking forward to next weeks game against Phil (or Warboss Shagga on the Overlords site).

Blood Angels!

I popped into a Games Workshop in York on Monday, on our way home, and although I couldn’t buy them, I did get to flick through the new codex, and see the new death company miniatures and the Sanguinary Guard.

My thoughts?  Well, this is going to be an expensive year!  For the Sanguinary Guard, The combination of the wings and the antique looking single exhaust jetpack is gorgeous.  It looks gothic, but technological.  Alan – if you ahd dreamed of an imperial looking wings and jetpack combo for the seraphim, this is it!  Oddly, the sanguinary guard look really easy to paint – they are basically just gold with power blades. 

The Death Company are a great set – I reckon one pack of these would also let you convert an entire ten man marine squad with blood angels details as well as the actual 5 death company marines!  Thats a brilliant way of customising a gorgeous looking army.

The details in the codex are awesome, though I feel its a little bit OTT.  You can get a furioso dreadnaught housing a librarian … with a psychic power option that lets you move as if you have a jump pack…. yup, a dreadnaught with jump movement!   All the tanks based on a rhino chassis are now fast vehicles, and land raiders can deepstrike (though terminators can’t assault on the same turn!)

Given the overlap with basic marines, plus the awesome speed and close combat advantages with the death company, I’m not 100% sure how you’d stop them!  Well, apart from a few wraithlords!  It does detract a little from mobile armies like Eldar (both Dark and normal), and the Tau, but the points cost make the Blood Angels quite vulnerable to enough ranged weaponry.

It’ll be interesting to see how they play!

The Sanguinary Guard

I’d buy them just for the wings 😀

Blood Angels vs Thousand Sons Battle 2

After the first battle, we changed the forces around a little.  The chaos marines went fully Tzeentch, with Thousand Sons marines and the mark of Tzeentch on the ruling sorcerer, leaving them with many fewer heavy weapons.

However, as the game progressed, the lack of heavy firepower was made up for by psychic strikes and the invulnerable saves of the Tzeentch marines – power fists and swords went glancing off 4+ invulnerable, mystical saves, leaving force swords to take their toll even of the emperors finest in Tactical Dreadnought armour.

A second win for the Thousand Sons!