Eldar Codex

Well, having got the new Eldar Codex on iOS, what are my thoughts?

I think the Eldar are back, baby, yeah!!!!

There are a lot of small changes but there are a few main improvements –

1)  Some flyers!  The Crimson Hunters and Wraithfighters give a decent air superiority force.  Not a massive fan of the wraithfighter look though – looks too close to DE for me.

2)  The wraithknight – as an old fan of the epic knights, this is just amazing!  I believe the phrase is “wraithknight does what wraithknight wants!”  Very expensive model though!

3) Shoot and run, or run and shoot – letting you close in and fire the shorter range elder weaponry, or popping out of cover, firing, then hiding again.  It given basic eldar the sort of maneuverability the tau only get with crisis suits.

4)  No more wraithsight – all the wraithtypes get to kick ass and take names – their “slow” I4 reflects wraithsight.  No more spending a whole turn noodling about because you rolled a 1.

There are also some disappointments –

1)  I was hoping that a phoenix lord would let you take that aspect as troops – only spirit seers shake up the force org.

2)  a bit formulaic – not much new except the now standard flyers and big monster.

3)  harlequins are still  a bit rubbish for the points!

Generally, though, its made me  a lot more excited about Eldar again – I love the take on the fluff, where the Eldar are gearing up for a final stand against oblivion in these end times.  No flickering out,  but going out like a nova!  Rock.