Blood Angels vs Thousand Sons Battle 2

After the first battle, we changed the forces around a little.  The chaos marines went fully Tzeentch, with Thousand Sons marines and the mark of Tzeentch on the ruling sorcerer, leaving them with many fewer heavy weapons.

However, as the game progressed, the lack of heavy firepower was made up for by psychic strikes and the invulnerable saves of the Tzeentch marines – power fists and swords went glancing off 4+ invulnerable, mystical saves, leaving force swords to take their toll even of the emperors finest in Tactical Dreadnought armour.

A second win for the Thousand Sons!

Blood Angels vs Thousand Sons

The first battle in Sheffield!  Kipper vs Saint Aidan, with the noble Imperial Blood Angels battling the sorcerous Thousand Sons!

Its not the most perfect setups, as terrain was largely improvised, and the Blood Angels are pretty much just basecoated, but it was a great game.   As it was Aidan’s first game, we used just 750 points a side, and played on a small 4 x 4 field.

The game started on a fairly even keel, with the Blood Angels taking the offensive.  The Imperial forces charged forward, firing at the exposed chaos marines, but did very little in return.  The chaos marines retaliated with a hail of heavy weapons fire, taking down the imperial dreadnought, and with it the majority of the Blood Angels heavy firepower.

Imperial terminators arrived, but got hit by a team of havocs, taking them down quite quickly.  The lack of heavy firepower made the Chaos Dreadnought unstoppable, and the librarians attempt to stop him with a plasma pistol ended up in immolation as the plasma pistol exploded.

By turn 5, every imperial marine was annhilated!  A clear victory for the forces of chaos.

Last UK Game…. :(

Well this is a special and sad battle report as it is my last UK game of 40k before moving to Crete where I shall continue my Battle/War gaming together with my modelling and painting. Just as a small aside, I was musing after the game, as I cleared the battlefield, and realised that I had been figure gaming for nearly 50 years! and that I have never had as much fun as I have had playing under the FoD banner and have never had such a good Ally/Enemy as Rob – Chears Mate!!

On with the fighting, firstly the pics have been posted in the gallery ‘Last UK Game’.

Table quaters were chosen and the forces were laid out and the unholy allience of the Tau and Necrons set-up and moved first.

Each side had one objective in their own deployment zones with two other objectives unclaimed.

The Tau split into two basic forces, one to hold the deployment zone objective and one to ‘support’ the energetic advance by the Necrons.

First blood was scored by the Necrons taking out two Ratling snipers, the third held his ground 😀 . Meanwhile the Monolith started it’s ‘charge’ up the center.

At this point Chapter Master Leonidas called down the might of the Imperial Navy in the form of an Orbital Bombardment to smite the foul abomination of the Monolith………and missed 🙁

oh well it would have been nice to see it destroyed on turn one.

The single Drop Pod landed close to the unclaimed objective opposite the Tau.

The rest of the shooting accounted for a handfull of Necrons.

The Game flowed on split into two fronts, the first at the ‘north’ around the two objectives at the Imperial end of the table and the other in the ‘south’ around the newly landed Drop Pod.

Durring the early/middle game Kai’s ‘Who Dares Wins’ approach certainly paid off with the Monolith dominating the game in the north, it proved to be a powerful fire magnet that undoubtably saved the Necrons some troop casualties, while meeting out some powerful attacks ably supproted by the Tau.

The Imperial tactic was very much a combined arms attack lead by the Guard and supported by two tactical squads split into 5 man combat squads while the Guard artillery and armour delt out death and destruction from a distance.

In the south, the lone tac squad had split into combat squad designated heavy and assault and with the Drop Pod Deathwind missile launcher easily saw off an attempt by the Tau the dislodge their claim the the objective. Unfortunatly the supporting force of Terminaters ,who chose not to deep stike 🙁 , were bogged down and didn’t make any impact until late in the game.

Kai had to leave and missed the end part of the battle, so Rob took command of both the Tau and the Necrons  who, now held the other objective in the north, while the Tau, after Deep striking into the extreem north of the battlefield, beat off an attack by the Space Marines and moved to take the objective defended by a small unit of Guard who fought bravely but were forced back, fortunatly a unit of SM’s were already moving to support the Guard and saved the sacred place from being defiled by the xeno’s.

The end of the battle was fast approaching and the Imperial forces could feel that victory was so very close all that was needed was one last push!

In the North a hail of fire was unleashed upon the Necrons in an attempt to inflict so many losses that they would flee back from whence they came. Alas it was not to be and too few were taken down.

In the south although there was no hope of taking the objective held by the Tau, a final push was made for the glory of the Emperor!

In the only full volly of fire made by the Terminators, a unit of Tau barricaded in ruins was forced to flee by the hail of  storm bolters and autocannon.

The game ended after six turns in a draw, two objectives and two table quarters each.

In all, for me, it was a great day with some great people and great wine! 😀

In terms of how we played it, from the Imperial side concentrating our fire on the Necron Warriors rather than the Monolith would probably paid off.

For the Space Marines I took a basic unit of 5 Terminators and used my ‘spare’ points to add another, so six terminators spent most of the game walking down the battlefield. The extra points would have been better spent putting a beacon on the Drop Pod and deep striking 5 Termies right where they could get stuck right in 😀

My next post will be from Crete 😀

Space Hulk – Mission 7

Mission 7 – The Artifact.

‘Get in, Get the Artifact, Get out’

That sums up the mission objectives, from the SM side the main difference between this and the first two missions (the ones we’ve played so far) is that a) you have 7 SM’s and b) one of them is a Librarian (psyker).

Game 1, I took the SM’s while James took the Tyranids.

With the 7 SM’s I decided from the off that I would splt the force into two, The Seargent, one SM with a Flamer and two SM’s with bolters were tasked to  hold the escape route and the Librarian one SM’ with power claws and one witha bolter were tasked  to get the Artifact.

As the game progressed I was struck by how I seemed to be able to do almost everything that I wanted, three facters contributed to this, reasonable dice rolls, above average Action Points and the presence on the board of  a Flamer AND a Psyker.

The Psyker is a very valuable member of the team as he can use all of his action points to move and then spend some Psychic points to either move the command point marker back one place (1), block a corridor (2), or make a ranged attack (3). The first two are automatically sucessful and the third needs to roll to hit. Together with the Flamer this gave me two units with the abillity to block access to the Tyranids – very useful 🙂

So the combination of  stopping free access to corridors, good shooting and high command point (keep that Seargent allive!) allowed me to complete the mission without any losses.

Game 2, the roles were reversed and James took the SM’s

James used similar overall tactics ie split force, I decided, after seeing how easily I managed to hold off the Tyranids in the last game to try and concentrate the ‘nids and try to overwhelm James’ SM’s at two specific points – that’s when James excersised the same control over the game as I had previously 🙁 My only sucess was to finally overwhelm the SM’ with the power claws in the last throws of the game 😀

Both of us agreed that perhaps one less SM would have made the game a little less certain.

All in all another great evening, many thanks to James


Gamesday – October 11th

As a heads up, so people can work out army lists, we are proposing the following:

Imperial GuardImperial forces are preparing a last ditch defense of the capital city Kasteli on the planet Whatforde. The Imperial Guard have been dug in for some time, and a Adeptus Astartes strike cruiser from the Ultramarines has just reached orbit. Space Marines

NecronUnfortunately, the necrons appear almost unstoppable, and the Tau have taken the opportunity to launch a simultaneous strike! With their low life spans and lack of psychic powers, they are of minimal interest to the cold metal forces, allowing them to move unhindered against the already stressed Imperials.Tau

Essentially, there are going to be 4 1000pt forces in play, with a Imperial Alliance of Guard and Ultramarines facing a simultaneous attack by Tau and Necrons. We’re looking at an objective based game, with table quarters also in play, through a built up city fight – so troops will be important to take and hold vital points.

This is the last major 40k engagement of the Forces of Darkness with Alan in Watford, so lets make it a great one!

Next GD (11th Oct)

Just a few pics of the board I’ve laid out.

As you can see it’s going to be a cityfight!

The city is split by a shallow canal (difficult going).

Loads of potential objectives, we’re hoping to make it a four army bash!

Whatch this space……..

Chaos vs Space Marines 20/09/2009

This is just a ‘potted’ report on the above battle, pictures can be viewes in the Gallery ‘GD20090920’, enjoy.

Battle setup was for the ‘Annihilate’ scenario with 2000pts of  Chaos setting up and moving first, single line of battle with two (I think) units in reserve.

The SM force was a ‘standard’ rapid response force based on the leader Cato Sicarius, 4 drop Pods with tactical units, one scout, one Dreadnought, one Predator, 2 units of Terminators and one Squadron of 2 Land speeders.

SM deployed the Land Speeders, Dreadnought, Predator and Scouts to minimise first turn losses in a thin battle line, all the rest were held in reserve.

Chaos kicked off with some movement to maximise shooting and then shooting – minimal losses on the SM side, although the Predator had been immobilised 🙁

SM turn one started with the Drop Pod assault, 2 pods came down both missed their target spot (something that seemed to occur very frequently throughout the game) but were saved by their inertial guidence systems.

Land Speeders and Dreadnought moved to gain shots and firing commenced, not as good as I had hoped but, not bad.

The rest of the game went roughly like this:

Dice rolls usually ‘even out’ by the end of the game and this game is no different except, the SM saving and morale rolls were generally unusually high, while other scores that needed to be high were low 🙁

Chaos had a similar experience, the upshot of all this was that two units of SM lost their combats, their morale roll and were caught in sweeping advances and destroyed 🙁

In spite of all that the game was won by Chaos by a margin of 7 units killed to 6, not bad 😀

The Sting in the Tail.

Each SM tac squad that suffered a lost combat, morale roll and annihilation was accompanied by cries of ‘Oh no! Space Marines don’t do that!’.

How right we were, they don’t, with the ‘And they shall know no fear’ rule, if they fail a morale roll and then are caught by a sweeping advance, they are not destroyd, they stop and continue to fight although they may take further casualties!

The moral of this tail is ‘ Make sure you read AND understand all of the small print in your codex.

Given the one unit difference in the final outcome – things MAY have been different if those units had not just melted away 😀

Next GD Terrain?

I’ve laid out the table as you see below, all blue is difficult terrain.




Three objectives are on the table, this one is in the north.


This is in the center.


And this is the Southern objectve.