Hive Fleet Kipper arrives

Well, my work sorting out my various armies has continued onto the Tyranids!

Unfortunately, I have fewer painted Tyranids than most of the other forces, and can muster only 1300pts of painted gribblies!  I’ve included the full unpainted forces (a solid 3000pts) here, to illustrate the full potential scope of the Tyranid threat.  Its a fairly simple paint scheme, though – desert yellow base, red wash over non-chitin, yellow chitin, dry brushed red, then a few details.

With two hive tyrants (I have metal wings that I may use to convert them to “flyrants”), some old school tyrant guard, tyranid warriors, lots Genestealers, Termagants, 3 Zoanthropes, Hormagaunts, a Lictor, Raveners, Biovores and spores, and a carnifex, there are plenty of options for lists.  Unfortunately gargoyles must be fielded in units of 10 – I have 9 metal ones!

No anti air hits pretty hard these days, though.  Aegis defence lines or a hive crone might be needed, and possibly an exocrine or weapon heavy carnifex may also be needed to make it more workable, and it sounds like a venomthrope is almost essential to absorb incoming firepower.

I worked out as a minimum to hit 1850 pts, I need to paint:

  • 2 broodlords
  • 1 termagant
  • 2 hormagaunts
  • 3 biovores
  • 1 carnifex
  • 2 Zoanthropes

So just 11 models to hit my minimum completed army specifications!