The Cadian 39th – Leo’s Leathernecks!

I inherited my Imperial Guard forces from my generous (and in need of space friend), Leonidas.  There are three main components – a decent size force of Cadian Shock Troopers, a decent size force of Valhallans, and a range of tanks and APCS.  In the past, I used the tanks as a shared platform with a similar guard army of Cadians or Valhallans.

My new concept of pick up a box and play knocks that on the head – no more sharing models.   I want to be able to pick up a box or two and deploy an army – no worries, no hassle.  That’s lead to a split – a Valhallan tank regiment, and a Cadian infantry brigade!

Thats right!  I’ve tried to use the models as best I can, and managed to field a full infantry army of Guard!!!!  Lets look at the 1000pt list:

Command Squad with carapace armour, 2 sniper rifles, voxcaster, standard bearer and a master of ordinance, and a power sword on the commander – 140pts

Scout Sentinel Squadron – 1 x multilaser, 1 x lascannon – 85pts

Ratling squad – 6 snipers – 60 pts

Infantry platoon – 460 pts

command squad, voxcaster, platoon standard, autocannon

2 x infantry platoons with voxcasters, grenade launchers

2 x heavy weapons squads – 3 x auto cannons, 3 x heavy bolters

2 x special weapons squads – 3 x flamers, 3 x plasma guns

Infantry platoon – 255 pts

command squad, voxcaster, 2 grenade launchers

2 x infantry platoons with voxcasters, grenade launchers

1 x heavy weapons squads – 3 x missile launchers

Not a bad mix.  It’ll suffer in a kill points game, but between grenade launchers, plasma guns, heavy bolters, missile launchers and auto cannons, thats a lot of firepower!!  Even lasguns with the vox casters and special orders can chuck out some decent firepower!  Lets look at the 1500pt list:

Command Squad with carapace armour, 2 sniper rifles, voxcaster, standard bearer and a master of ordinance, and a power sword and melta bombs on the commander – 145pts

Scout Sentinel Squadron – 1 x multilaser, 1 x lascannon – 85pts

Ratling squad – 6 snipers – 60 pts

Infantry platoon – 475 pts

command squad, voxcaster, autocannon, platoon standard

2 x infantry platoons with voxcasters, grenade launchers

2 x heavy weapons squads – 3 x auto cannons, 3 x heavy bolters

2 x special weapons squads – 3 x flamers, 3 x plasma guns

Infantry platoon – 440 pts

command squad, voxcaster, 2 grenade launchers

2 x infantry platoons with voxcasters, grenade launchers

2 x heavy weapons squads – 3 x missile launchers, 3 x missile launchers

1 x special weapon squad – 3 x plasma guns

Storm Trooper Squad – 10 man squad, 2 grenade launchers, powersword on sergeant – 185pts

Storm Trooper Squad – 5 man squad, flamer, meltagun, powersword on sergeant – 110pts

All pretty cool – lots of firepower, and some really nice numbers of troops!  The only downside is that there weren’t enough cadians left for a full allies force .. but enough odd models have been left when combined with the valhallans and odd stuff to give a mixed mercenaries allied force.

Enginseer Version 2

Well, I’ve assembled my 2nd Enginseer!  She does look more like a Adeptus Mechanicus Magos … I like to think of the first one as an Arch Magos 🙂





The parts seem to have come together really well, but I have some additions to my Enginseer project still to go!

Enginseer version 2

Well, progress has been made my version 2 of the enginseer! Rosie has been robed, the backpack has been cut down and the axe and wrench are ready to go.  All I need is to convert another servo arm, wash her off and assemble. guide quite pleased and the robes, especially the hood!



Overlords Conversion Challenge 3

Well, my first attempt hasn’t been particularly well received, which is a shame.

The main criticisms are:

the base isn’t custom enough

the backpack is too large.

The first isn’t really an issue, as adding additional customisation is always part of the plan, but the overlarge backpack (and axe), though quite 40Kish and overblown steampunk, is a valid criticism.

I am, therefore, going to try looking at using Rosie as the main base model, adding green stuff robes, using a cutdown marine backpack with another devastator servo-arm and the smaller maxmini steampunk axe where her wrench is.

Overlords Conversion Challenge

Ok, I snapped, I suspect I won’t get time, but it might actually give me some motivation to get things done 🙂

I’m going for a female enginseer for my guard force, having read Ciaphas Cain for the nth time recently. It’s mostly going to be a simple kitbash, though I’ll have to wait for several of the parts.

I’m going to use Sascha Dubois from the Chronoscope line as the base model, and repose the left arm slightly to hold a chain axe, and use a gothic packpack with a slightly converted servo arm from a missile launcher devastator for a more slim, elegant look.  I’m also mounting her on a techy clockwork base.

Nothing too complex, but I hope it’ll look really effective.

Spearhead – Imperial Guard (and Imperial Guard) against Necrons and Dark Angels

Well, at the Overlords we tried out Spearhead in preparation for the Overlords 3rd Birthday bash.  Essentially, we fielded 1000pt spearhead forces, and randomly decided allies and enemies.

I (Kipper) fielded a fully meched up Guard list – 3 Leman Russ Battle Tanks (in an Armoured Spearhead), a Basilisk, a Hellhound and an armoured sentinel.  Asters, my ally, was also taking guard, with two veteran squads in chimeras, a command squad in another chimera, a Valkyrie, two more leman russ battle tanks, and two sentinels.

Meatshield fielded Necrons, with 2 Spyders, Scarabs, a Triach Stalker, 5 wraiths, two annihilation barges, and two catacomb command barges with overlords as a mech assault spearhead.  Shellmax fielded Dark Angels, with two tac squads in rhinos, a 6 man bike squad, an attack bike with multimelta and a space marine captain.


The Guard chose to go second.

Meatshield stacked up the necrons behind a major piece of scenery on the left flank of the table, while shellmax was left with an advance over open ground.

Asters and me had a tank logjam in our deployment zone, with my tanks leading the way!  Too many tanks left a very clumsy setup, making it difficult to manoeuvre with a hill in the middle and two huge terrain pieces on either side, and a load of columns in front of us.

The Guard failed to steal initiative.

Turn 1

The bikes and rhinos advanced to the right, while scarabs scuttled over terrain and wraiths advanced to the left. No shooting occurred!

The guard tanks slowly advanced, and opened up with a tremendous amount of firepower.  5 battle cannons, 6 plasma cannons, lascannons, basilisks.  Not a single wound was inflicted.

Turn 2

The lead scarabs scuttled to the attack, with runs and charging giving them a tremendous move.  The  rest of the troops continued their advance, with bikes turbo boosting down the field.  The Scarabs managed to immobilise the lead Leman Russ, and ate its battle cannon, as well as reducing the AV by 3.

The remaining guard opened up with their tanks and valkyrie, killing 4 bikes and the lead scarabs with the hellhound.

Turn 3

The dark angels launched into the stalled guard advance on the right, while their rhinos stetted in on the centre objective.  A new wave of scarabs crashed into the front line of guard tanks, while wraiths destroyed a leman russ and locked up in combat with an armoured sentinel.  From the rear, the two Overlords appeared, destroyed the basilisk and caused chaos with Aster’s rear troops, who poured out to heat them with melta.

My Guard were pretty much out of the fight at this point, with one crippled russ in the middle of the field, a stunned hellhound and a sentinel in close combat with a horde of wraiths.  Asters Guard were fighting a desperate defence against both armies now!

Turn 4

The Sentinel continued to tie up the wraiths, while the dark angels continued to pound the guard right, destroying the hellhound, while scarabs ate the remaining russ in the centre.  The overlords destroyed the Imperial guard units at the rear, and started smashing troops with gusto, while the valkyrie made a desperate assault on the centre rhino.

At turn end though, the guard were clearly defeated, holding no objectives to the enemies two, and with no chance to break through their own wall of ruined, burning tanks!

Thoughts and Comments

Well, a fun gain, but very different to my expectations.  The meched up guard were hemmed in by terrain, hampered by poor shooting, and frankly too geared up to kill monstrous creatures or tanks, and suffered badly against more normal troops.  I was expecting tank duels and canifexes galore, and it wasn’t what this game of spearhead, at least, was about.  Bit of a disappointment, to be honest – may as well just have said 40k down the long table edges instead of across.  There were great moments – the sentinel duelling with a horde of wraiths turn after turn was good, and the fun of rolling scatter for huge pie plates made a nice change from tiny blasts (though a little less scattering would have been nice!!).  Asters was an absolute pleasure as an ally, and he got stuck in behind my burning tanks with a spirit of fun and can do!


I haven’t had time to do any modelling at all (though I have made it through 2 of the 3 xbox campaigns in Warhammer Battlemarch 🙂 ).  I’m trying to put together a novel pitch for the Black Library’s submission window in May this year (1000 word summary, 6 pages of a chapter by chapter synopsis and the first 3 chapters).  Thats not including all the background and characters workups needed to get that far!  As a tease, here’s a paragraph sized pitch:

Innocent is the story of Lieutenant Hayden Corvin, an officer in the 134th Structarma IV Regiment, known as “The Enforcers”, and Decimus, as insane rogue dreadnaught from the Alpha Legion who has been an unseen blight on the worlds of the Vulpes Astra Subsector for millenia.  After rumors of rebellion lure the Enforcers to the planet Letalis to perform their specialities of investigation and suppression, the situation quickly deteriorates for the defenders of the Imperium.  Betrayed by the local Adeptus Arbites, made to look guilty by the Alpha Legion, and savaged from orbit by their own fleet, Lieutenant Hayden has to piece together the shattered regiment, find the truth behind the attack, and prove his innocence before the Inquisition arrives!

Last UK Game…. :(

Well this is a special and sad battle report as it is my last UK game of 40k before moving to Crete where I shall continue my Battle/War gaming together with my modelling and painting. Just as a small aside, I was musing after the game, as I cleared the battlefield, and realised that I had been figure gaming for nearly 50 years! and that I have never had as much fun as I have had playing under the FoD banner and have never had such a good Ally/Enemy as Rob – Chears Mate!!

On with the fighting, firstly the pics have been posted in the gallery ‘Last UK Game’.

Table quaters were chosen and the forces were laid out and the unholy allience of the Tau and Necrons set-up and moved first.

Each side had one objective in their own deployment zones with two other objectives unclaimed.

The Tau split into two basic forces, one to hold the deployment zone objective and one to ‘support’ the energetic advance by the Necrons.

First blood was scored by the Necrons taking out two Ratling snipers, the third held his ground 😀 . Meanwhile the Monolith started it’s ‘charge’ up the center.

At this point Chapter Master Leonidas called down the might of the Imperial Navy in the form of an Orbital Bombardment to smite the foul abomination of the Monolith………and missed 🙁

oh well it would have been nice to see it destroyed on turn one.

The single Drop Pod landed close to the unclaimed objective opposite the Tau.

The rest of the shooting accounted for a handfull of Necrons.

The Game flowed on split into two fronts, the first at the ‘north’ around the two objectives at the Imperial end of the table and the other in the ‘south’ around the newly landed Drop Pod.

Durring the early/middle game Kai’s ‘Who Dares Wins’ approach certainly paid off with the Monolith dominating the game in the north, it proved to be a powerful fire magnet that undoubtably saved the Necrons some troop casualties, while meeting out some powerful attacks ably supproted by the Tau.

The Imperial tactic was very much a combined arms attack lead by the Guard and supported by two tactical squads split into 5 man combat squads while the Guard artillery and armour delt out death and destruction from a distance.

In the south, the lone tac squad had split into combat squad designated heavy and assault and with the Drop Pod Deathwind missile launcher easily saw off an attempt by the Tau the dislodge their claim the the objective. Unfortunatly the supporting force of Terminaters ,who chose not to deep stike 🙁 , were bogged down and didn’t make any impact until late in the game.

Kai had to leave and missed the end part of the battle, so Rob took command of both the Tau and the Necrons  who, now held the other objective in the north, while the Tau, after Deep striking into the extreem north of the battlefield, beat off an attack by the Space Marines and moved to take the objective defended by a small unit of Guard who fought bravely but were forced back, fortunatly a unit of SM’s were already moving to support the Guard and saved the sacred place from being defiled by the xeno’s.

The end of the battle was fast approaching and the Imperial forces could feel that victory was so very close all that was needed was one last push!

In the North a hail of fire was unleashed upon the Necrons in an attempt to inflict so many losses that they would flee back from whence they came. Alas it was not to be and too few were taken down.

In the south although there was no hope of taking the objective held by the Tau, a final push was made for the glory of the Emperor!

In the only full volly of fire made by the Terminators, a unit of Tau barricaded in ruins was forced to flee by the hail of  storm bolters and autocannon.

The game ended after six turns in a draw, two objectives and two table quarters each.

In all, for me, it was a great day with some great people and great wine! 😀

In terms of how we played it, from the Imperial side concentrating our fire on the Necron Warriors rather than the Monolith would probably paid off.

For the Space Marines I took a basic unit of 5 Terminators and used my ‘spare’ points to add another, so six terminators spent most of the game walking down the battlefield. The extra points would have been better spent putting a beacon on the Drop Pod and deep striking 5 Termies right where they could get stuck right in 😀

My next post will be from Crete 😀

Gamesday – October 11th

As a heads up, so people can work out army lists, we are proposing the following:

Imperial GuardImperial forces are preparing a last ditch defense of the capital city Kasteli on the planet Whatforde. The Imperial Guard have been dug in for some time, and a Adeptus Astartes strike cruiser from the Ultramarines has just reached orbit. Space Marines

NecronUnfortunately, the necrons appear almost unstoppable, and the Tau have taken the opportunity to launch a simultaneous strike! With their low life spans and lack of psychic powers, they are of minimal interest to the cold metal forces, allowing them to move unhindered against the already stressed Imperials.Tau

Essentially, there are going to be 4 1000pt forces in play, with a Imperial Alliance of Guard and Ultramarines facing a simultaneous attack by Tau and Necrons. We’re looking at an objective based game, with table quarters also in play, through a built up city fight – so troops will be important to take and hold vital points.

This is the last major 40k engagement of the Forces of Darkness with Alan in Watford, so lets make it a great one!