Hobby Progress for #WargamesWednesday!

Well, its time to catch everyone up with my hobby progress, and anything new I’ve spotted in the world of RPGs, wargames and video games!

I already posted about kicking off an Imperial Fists painting run!  It feels really good to get started.  I’m also working on sorting out my paint station (i’m trimming a cutting mat to cover the base of my big wooden paint station, while setting up my smaller plastic one to get started on the Fists.

I’ve been reading through the new Space Marines codex as well.  It is a really amazing codex on the whole – the history, the background, the chapter variations, it really holds together.  Its not perfect (the centurions are pretty dire), and as usually feels a bit overpowered compared to say Chaos Space Marines, but the level of integration into the whole   universe and depth of history is incredible!  Very excited at prospect of playing marines again, which I didn’t think would happen!

Really enjoying Injustice, on the Xbox 360 – great story, brilliant graphics.  About everything you could want in a beat em up, really!

Fingers crossed for some Stomtalons and sternguard 🙂

Campaign Fun for #WargamesWednesday

Just keeping up my regular posts to keep me thinking about wargaming and RPG fun, even when I don’t have a chance to play!  As you’ve probably spotted already, I’m setting up a mini-campaign with SaintAidan. I like a campaign feel to wargaming – every battle means a little bit more, and it stops being just a “1500pts battle” – you want to know how Captain Marcus of the Imperial Fists fares against his nemesis, Sorcerer Lord Tepemkau of the Thousand Sons, for example.  Although I haven’t actually done much, I’ve been really enjoying trying to put together an army for this campaign.  Currently, I’m looking at Imperial Fists with a Bastion, plus a small force of Silver Skulls with a prognosticar, tactical squad and Stormtalon, together with a small force of Eldar rangers, maybe with Ilic Nightspear as the eldar HQ.

On the Xbox, I finished the single player story mode of Injustice: Gods among us – really fun game!  Fighting games are easy to pick up and play, which is ideal for gaming with a munchkin taking up so much time.

On the PC, I managed to pick up the complete Total War line of games through Steam for very little – 75% off this deal with already fairly cheap games, so less than £20 for 7 games of wargaming strategic fun.  Huzzah!  Looking forward to Empire (building the British Empire) and Napoleon.  Very tempted to preorder the new Rome II as well!

RPG-wise I’ve been really enjoying reading about Numenera!