Painting Katerina’s Korps

Well, I want a suitably mercenary set of colours for Katerina’s Korps!  I’m looking at a simply pattern of red and black.

imperialguardI know its not particularly complex, but I think it’d look quite distinctive and “feels” mercenary.  It’d go well with both world eaters and fallen angel colours too.

Any thoughts?


Katerina’s Korps

Well, after doing the Valhallans and Cadians, there were still a fair few mixed troops left, so I looked at a combined guard allies list –  Katerina’s Korps!

Lord Commissar Katerina (with carapace armour, plasma pistol, melta bombs and power sword) – 115pts

Infantry Platoon – 255pts

Command squad, grenade launcher, meltagun

Infantry squad – Flamer, Autocannon

Infantry squad – Flamer, Heavy Bolter

Veteran Squad – Plasma gun, missile launcher, sergeant with shotgun – 100pts

Ratling Squad – 3 snipers – 30pts

Its based on models that were left, as opposed to being a thought out force, but actually looks and feels very mercenary.  I like it.  One note – if I field it with the cadians (for a full 2000pts of pure guard goodness, I have to combine the ratling squads for a valid list, but thats not a major drama!

Here’s Katerina!