Only one figure completed recently, Goldberry, part way through this figure I was very disapointed with how it was going, I couldn’t seem to get the colour of the dress as I wanted it, I was actually thinking about stripping the figure and starting again. Decided to wait until the light of day then took to completing the figure before I made a final choice, this is the result:-

A. πŸ™‚

The Tower, continued

Basic construction on the tower is now done and it’s been base-coated in white to seal it:-

Now I need to think carefully what colour to do it, I want it to have a LotR/Gondor feel but I would also like to use it in other games, 40k for instance!


LotR – Rangers

Hot off the paint-station 9 Rangers:-

Completed these last night and photographed them this morning so that I could get one of the bigger mountains in the background.

Next to start are the 4 Hobbits, Gandalf, Aragorn, 4 Barrow Wights, Tom Bombadil & GoldenBerry.

I’m also going to make a start on the ruined tower.

Also completed was another stand of elves for The Battle of 5 Armies and I have started the Space Hulk Librarian.

Very busy weekend comming up so might not make much progress πŸ˜€


Latest from Crete

Well with all the good weather out here been spending most of the days in the garden and most of the evenings sorting out the house, finding places for 41 crates is NOT easy!

I’ve not done any more work on the Drop Pod, was waiting for my compressor and airbrushes, will try to do some work once we get on top of the garden.

Not touched the Librarian, want to spend time and get it right, as it’s a plastic figure there’s no going back.

So, needing to get on with SOMETHING I knocked these guy’s out last night:-

Have nine Rangers on the bench that would give me the ability to fight the first two scenariosΒ  from ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ journey book, I plan to fight my way through the three books and linking the battles as GW sugest.

So as well as trying to continue with the Battle of Five Armies and the 40k stuff I’m now preparing the LotR stuff!