WAAC 40K Raffle!

Well, the raffle was pretty damn successful!  We raised £1400 for MacMillan Cancer Support, and we have an extremely happy winner, Alex!  He’s looking forward to fielding some of the huge numbers of Salamanders donated and painted against his friends (who appeared to be weeping as he picked up the fully painted force with a big grin.

It was a heck of a lot of work, but tremendous fun.  I want to say thank you to all those who painted and donated.  @paintysim has been absolutely amazing, working with KR and Dark Sphere to sort out lots of support, in addition to sorting out basing parties and helping look after the Salamanders as they arrived, all on top of donating and painting loads of models. @baharipilgrim has provided a heck of a lot of support too.

@docbungle founded the whole WAAC drive, which has raised over £10,000 for MacMillan so far, and he also painted and donated a cracking squad of assault terminators, as well as some WAAC gaming templates.

@gamingking1616 was incredibly generous, donating several minis and contributing lots more time to paint up tanks and full squads donated by others too.

@nationoflee did a cracking He’Stan – with a choice of head.  I particularly loved the old school orange mohawk head!

@husker04 managed to paint and donate an Ironclad and full Vanguard assault squad despite tiny children.

@dark_eye_jay converted and painted a donated terminator librarian that looks amazing. Although the army all had snow added, no one could bring themselves to touch the masterwork base!

@vidpui, a top notch commission painter, painted up a Landspeeder that has had everyone in absolutely awe, as well as a rhino, a cracking squad of converted scouts and a full tactical squad!

@ticosminis, another cracking commission painter, painted up a donated squad of scouts and a squad of assault marines.

@elessarion30, a commision painter who focussed on Malifaux, painted up her first Space Marines with some cracking Legion of the Damned and a combat squad

@darrenbogus donated and painted an absolutely top notch chaplain and a crux terminatus badge to mark Alex as an elite veteran of 40K!

@rallyfox donated and painted a cracking librarian!  Top work, sir!

@dornstemplar donated a full 6 man combat squad to run rampant in a cracking razorback!

@ryglore donated and painted a brilliant Ironclad, with a complete range of options!

@Rekeiji donated a full space marine codex, so Alex has everything he needs to play.  Very generous donation at very short notice!

@Tolsenti donated and painted a complete devastator squad.  The incredibly filthy set of 4 multimelta’s all had brilliant heat effects on the barrels that has had viewers dribbling!

@SpectralRaziel has donated and painted tanks, flyers and monster centurions.  Its an amazing amount of stuff!

Its been both hellish and a tremendous privilege helping to sort this out!  I’m glad its been a success, and thanks so much to all those who donated for raffle tickets.  Cracking work from all of you!

The #40K #WAAC Raffle

Well, I’m looking at sorting out a #WAAC Army raffle for 40K. In line with the MacMillan theme, I’m suggesting we do Salamanders!  The green colour is appropriate, as is the fact that Salamanders care more for humanity than most in 40K!

In terms of the raffle, I’d see it probably being a £5 donation to #WAAC for a single entry – multiple entries per person allowed.  I’d obviously be ineligble as the organiser, but those donating models or painting could certainly enter!  If entering from outside the UK, we’d probably need to arrange something to cover shipping costs – its not cheap to ship an army.

I’ll keep this page updated with a proposed army list and participants as we get volunteers and proposed donations.  I’m also suggesting we be pretty flexible with adding options – add some Legion of the Damned with green spectral flames, or a small Biel-tan allied contingent because you have some spare Eldar?  All cool!  Don’t like normal marines, but love heresy models?  A stern guard squad in old mark armour would be cool. I’m based in the UK, so I suspect donations or painting offers from too far afield aren’t likely to be practical.  Don’t worry if the proposed donation would break the force org – while I’d like it to be a complete valid army, with data slates, additional force orgs, and the like, we can probably make something work.

I have snapped up a few extra minis for the £5 #WAAC challenge that I’m happy to donate here, and an old marine battle force I can donate a squad of two from if there aren’t any other donations.

You can contact me on twitter as @evilkipper or through the comments on this page!


@spectralraziel has offered to donate and paint Assault Centurions and a Stormraven

@docbungle has offered to donate and paint an Assault Terminator Squad

@Dark_Eye_Jay painting the Libby donated by @evilkipper.

@TicosMinis in france has offered to paint a scout squad and an assault squad!

@paintysim has offered to paint a  Tac squad, and help with a basing party

@eastephens001 from MI, US has offered to donate and paint a squad of devastator centurions (but distance might make this impractical.  Still grateful for the offer!)

@ryglore from MI, US  has offered to donate and paint an Ironclad Dreadnaught

@calgarstudios has offered to donate and paint a flamer heavy sternguard squad.

@Dorns_Templar has offered to donate and paint a tactical squad and transport – I’ve popped in a standard tac squad load out and razorback, but happy to change these to however they actually are!

@gamingking1616 has offered to donate and paint a Secret Sausage HQ model, and donated and painted a chaplain

@jontygoesgaming has offerend to donate and paint a squad of Devastator Centurions.

@nationoflee has offered to donate and paint a single model – Forgefather He’Stan suggested

@elessarion30 has offered to paint a squadof Legion of the Damned

@husker04 has offered to donate and paint a vanguard squad and an ironclad

@hobbywobbles has offered to donate and paint a master of the forge.

@darrenbogus has offered to donate and paint a unit – currently a chaplain!

@vidpui has offered to donate a scout squad and paint an additional land speeder.

@rallyfox has offered to donate and paint a librarian

Current suggested double Combined Arms Detachment and Allies – 3411/3500pts

Space Marines Codex (Salamanders) 


Terminator Librarian – Mastery 2, Force Maul (95pts) (donated by @evilkipper, @Dark_Eye_Jay to paint?)

Secret Sausage HQ (150pts) (donated and painted by @gamingking1616)

Forge Father He’Stan Vulcan (190pts) (donated and painted by @nationoflee)

Master of the Forge (140pts) (donated and painted by @hobbywobbles)

Chaplain with Plasma Pistol (105pts) (donated and painted by @darrenbogus)

Chaplain with  Jump Pack (105pts) (donated and painted by @gamingking1616)

Librarian (65pts) (donated and painted by @rallyfox)


Tactical Squad – Vet Sergeant (chainsword & bolt pistol), 7 SM with bolsters, 1xmeltagun, 1x heavy bolter (170pts) (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @PaintySim)

Tactical Squad – Vet Sergeant (chainsword & bolt pistol), 7 SM with bolsters, 1xflamer, 1x ML, Razorback with TL lascannon (245pts) (donated and painted by @Dorns_Templar)

Scout Squad – Heavy Bolter, 3 with Bolters, Sergeant with CCW and Bolt Pistol (73pts)(@evilkipper to donate and paint)

Scout Squad – Heavy Bolter, 3 with Bolters, Sergeant with CCW and Bolt Pistol (73pts)(@evilkipper to donate and @ticosminis to paint)

Scout Squad (55pts) – (@donated and painted by @vidpui)


Assault Centurions (190pts) – (@SpectralRaziel donating and painting)

Sternguard (Flamer, Heavy Flamer, 2 combi flamers, sarge with combi flamer) (165pts) (Donated and painted by @calgarstudios)

Vanguard Veterans (4x TH and SS, Sarge with TH and Stormshield) (295pts) (Donated and painted by @husker04)

Assault Terminators (3 TH,2LC) (215pts) (Donated and painted by @docbungle)

Ironclad Dreadnaught (145pts) (Donated and painted by @ryglore)

Ironclad Dreadnaught (145pts) (Donated and painted by @husker04)

Fast Attack

Assault Squad – Vet sergeant with power fist and plasma pistol, 3 AM, 1 x Flamer (140pts) (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @ticosminis)

Landspeeeder – 2 x multimelta (80pts) (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @vidpui)

Heavy Support

Stormraven – Hurricane Bolters, TL Multimeltas, TL Assault Cannons (230pts) (@SpectralRaziel donating and painting)

Devastator Centurions (190pts) – (@jontydoesgaming to donate and paint)

Allied Legion of the Damned Detachment


Legion of the Damned Squad – sergeant with power axe and plasma pistol, 3x bolters,1xflamer (160pts) (@evilkipper donated, @Elessarion30 to paint)

Suggested Painting Scheme

Heck, all the volunteers so far are far better than me, so I’m reluctant to tell anyone how to do their job.

The only think that I think would be worth following is a fairly consistent basing – @PaintySim has suggested maybe going unpainted bases and doing a basing party at Dark Sphere?  Any londoners up for that on 1st weekend in July?

Salamanders are obviously in green with black skin tones where appropriate.  Use of white as a spot colour for the MacMillan theme is recommended.  @SpectralRaziel has done some test models, and a Caliban Green Base, Warpstone Glow Layer and Moot Green edge highlights is looking pretty damn amazing, especially with some Nuln Oil to add depth.  With older paints, @gamingking1616 has had a lot of success with old Goblin Green and Skarsnik Green – might need a moot green edge highlight equivalent to match it up.  Take a look at this post for what various test paints have come up with.  As new techniques and recommendations come up they’ll be added there.

If you’d like to volunteer something outside of the Salamanders, like legion of the damned, think how you could get the green theme in.  In the case of LotD, green spectral fire?  For Eldar allies, maybe Biel-Tan colours?