Crimson Slaughter

Well, a while ago I picked up a force of Chaos Space Marines painted in Red.  The paint job was OK, so I haven’t done a huge amount with them – I had them as my “Retinue of the Ruby Dawn“, and then was considering repainting the shoulder pads – instead of a mix of chaos gods, I was looking at going with “World Eaters“.  Now though, especially as I have the models from the current Dark Vengeance set, I think I’m going to field them as the Crimson Slaughter, especially as there is a new Codex due out for them.

Here is the current force:

Adding a helbrute, a unit of chosen and another Chaos Lord should help, and there are a few other options I might look at juggling round – I have a LOT of unassembled chaos forces.

The Retinue of the Ruby Dawn

The Retinue of the Ruby Dawn

The Guide of the Changing Path, Sorceror Lord Lesset, discovered a most dangerous path to power – following in the steps of Kharn the Betrayer and his Khornate followers. Stalking Karn’s route through the galaxy, and gathering remnants of rival warbands to him to wreck havoc en route to a dark destiny, Lesset chances his own head being next on the altar of Khorne.

Terminator Sorceror Lesset

Terminator Sorceror of Tzeentch

His personal Tzeetch retinue

Tzeentch Terminators

The blessed of Tzeentch

Possessed of Tzeentch

Their Daemon inspirations and protectors

Tzeentch Daemons

Slaneeshi Terminators

Slaneesh Terminators

Their daemon lusts incarnate

Slaneeshi Daemonettes

The Ever Dying, blessed of Father Nurgle

Nurgle Havocs

Nurgle’s Children

Nurgle Daemons

Kharn the Betrayer, beloved of Khorne himself

Kharn the Betrayer

The Inspired of Kharn

Khorne Bezerkers 1

The Skulltakers

Khorne Bezerkers 2

The Nights Lords Own

Khorne Raptors