Romans – a little off topic

One of the other (many) projects I have planned is a (fantasy) Roman vs Barbarian campaign, perhaps using theWarhammer Ancient rules set. I have a Shadowforge City Guard army, a Shadowforge Barbarian army and a Warlord Games Roman army, all 28mm.  The City Guard are done, the Barbarians are part done and the Romans have, up till now remained unstarted!

As Warlord Games are about to re-release their very fine Roman Testudo,( I thought it was perhaps time to complete the one that I bought first time round.

The Testudo is a six part resin kit, the four sides, the shield top and one shield tilted with a Roman soldier ‘sneeking a peak’. The original kit didn’t come with transfers so three sheets of Little Big Men transfers were required.

The kit was easy to assemble and paint and the Little Big Men transfers are a joy to work with (GW take note), all finished with Quick Shade wash.

Here’s the result:-