The Fall of Cawandir Prime – Mini campaign

+++ Coded transmission, Epsilon Clearance, Code Vermillion Recognition.  Ave Imperius! +++

Is anyone there?  We need assistance.  We need it now!  Corrupt Astartes battle barges have moved into orbit and are assaulting the Telemundi, the main librarius complex for this sub-sector.  Local forces are unable to hold, and the Imperial Fists contingent has ceased responding to communications.  We need ..

Wait … what was

+++ Transmission ends +++

This is a short, escalating two part campaign, featuring Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Marines, and Eldar.

A proud lord of a Thousand Sons cabal has been tracking cyphered texts containing a summoning ritual for a powerful daemon of Tzeentch, Lord Machtwechsel the Allseeing, Master of the Thousand Horrors. The daemon’s legions, and his bound allies from the other powers, notably Slaanesh, will engulf a planet and provide the summoning sorcerer with tremendous power – perhaps even enough to unbind some of the Rubricae from their chains of dust.

The books have been taken to Cawandir Prime, the Administratum headquarters for the Nebulos Subsector, and filed in the depths of the local librarius.  Gathering his cabal, and calling on the warp for allies, the sorcerer lord assaults the planets, hoping for a quick and successful raid.  Unfortunately, the fickle whims of fate, or the Emperor’s will has intervened.  A force of Imperial Fists are garrisoned on the planet, and though outnumbered, they will never yield, and will fight against the Excommunicate Traitoris until victory or defeat. Joining them are a small force of Eldar, who are checking the possible skeins of the future their farseer predicted.

Gathering the Ritual

This is a 1850 point scenario – details TBD

+++ Coded transmission, Epsilon Clearance, Code Vermillion Recognition.  Excommunicate Traitoris – Exterminatus Xenos+++

The Astartes … they are using witchcraft!  And xenos are coming from the mountains!  Please, if you don’t help soon, we’ll all ….

+++ Transmission ends +++

In the aftermath of the battle, the Imperial Fists are a spent force, win or lose.  They cannot hope to face the gathering Thousand Sons, as more battle barges arrive in orbit. However, with the Eldar scouting force confirming the worst fears of their farseer, a long sealed webway gate is opened, and the forces of the Eldar arrive to face the gilded azure legionnaires.  Knowing the ritual will summon not only Tzeentchian hell, but also slaaneshi daemons, dooming the souls of countless nearby exodites, their craftworld commits a tremendous force. An ancient power and corrupt super humans will battle for the sake of their army’s souls.

Facing the Fury

This is a 3000 point scenario – details TBD


Scenario 3 – The Ascension


With translations of runes from the Tomb World, and items from the bones of an Eldar Craftworld, the time comes closer to perform the Ritual of Ascension.  The forces of the Imperium, seeing the danger thanks to the guidance of the Emperor’s Tarot, have assigned their finest forces, the Grey Knights, to prevent the rise of a new Daemon Prince.

Attacker’s Briefing

My Dark Prince, Lord Khenti of the Flaming Eye, greetings.  We have discovered the location of the altar for the ritual, and your moment of ascension approaches!  The corpse god’s minions may seek to stop us, Lord, and the spirits of the the Thousand Sons stand ready to ensure your success.  None will prevent your rise!  The Imperial planet where the altar is located will fall quickly, thanks to your scheme to unleash the foolish followers of Khorne, but we must perform the ritual as soon as possible, to prevent further interference.

Defender’s Briefing

Brother-Captain Stern, you must heed the Inquisition.  We believe a dread ritual is being prepared in the lost colony of New Pleiades, designed to infusr a traitor marine from the days of the heresy with daemonic power.  Should he succeed, a new Black Crusade, with the schemers of Tzeenth in the vanguard, could spill over the centre of the galaxy.  This must be prevented.  Take the Grey Knights, and go with the Emperor’s blessing.


The battlefield should be set up with an altar in the centre of the table, with a standard terrain deployment around the rest of the table.

Four craters should be deployed around the board, with the players taking turns to deploy them.  Each crater should have an objective marker inside.

The Chaos Marines are the defenders in this scenario, and will set up first, no further than 18″ from the Altar.  In addition to their forces, they can also deploy a set of barricades to aid their defense of the ritual.

The Grey Knights, as attackers, roll for which table edge they deploy on.  They cannot start within 18″ of any enemy figure.

Scenario Special Rules

Each of the craters represents an Imperial defense point, destroyed by the Chaos Warband.  Each location may hold a surprise for those who move onto the objective marker.  Roll a dice:

1 – an unexploded shell detonates. (strength 5, AP3 large blast centred on the objective marker)

2 – an unexploded grenade detonates (Strenth 3, Ap5 blast centred on the objective marker)

3-4 – nothing happens.

5 – You’ve found survivors.  Chaos – D3 Khorne bezerkers.  Imperial – D3 Imperial Fist Space Marines.

6 – You’ve found a hidden bunker! – Chaos – 2d3 Khorne Bezerkers, including Skull Champion.  Imperial – 2d3 Imperial Fists, including Veteran Sergeant.

The Ritual itself is a special rule, defined under mission objectives.  Deep Strike is active, as are reserves.

If the Chaos Forces had a free greater daemon in the second scenario, and it wasn’t banished, it can be deployed for free as a Lord of Change in this mission, as Brother-Captain Stern leads the Grey Knights.  (If not using Grey Knights, it can still be deployed for free as a standard Greater Daemon)

Mission Objective

Chaos Lord Khenti starts next to the Altar in the centre of the table, undertaking the ritual of Ascension.  He must be slain or engaged in hand to hand combat to interrupt the ritual.  If engaged in hand to hand combat the ritual is only delayed – the countdown resumes (not restarted!) once the comabt is over.

The ritual takes 5 turns to complete, with every item recovered in the previous scenario reducing that by a turn.  If all four items were recovered, this ascension is complete at the end of turn 1!  If playing this scenario as a stand alone mission, assume that there are two items, and the ritual will take 3 turns.

Once the ritual is complete, Chaos Lord Khenti should be replaced by a Daemon Prince.  If the Daemon Prince survives to the end of the battle, the Chaos forces win.  If the ritual is prevented, the Imperial Forces win.  If the Daemon Prince arrives, but is banished, the result is a draw.

Scenario Guidelines

Force Sizes: This is designed to be fought with standard Force Organizations with 2000pts on each side.

Reserves: Yes, by choice of the players.

Game Length: 5-7 turns, rolling from turn 5 as per 40k main rules.

Line of Retreat: Chaos troops fall back towards the altar in the centre of the table – if they fall back and reach the altar, they are presumed sacrificed to the gods.  Grey Knights fall back towards their table edge.

Scenario 2 – Gather the Lost Artifacts


Having identified the lost artifacts needed for the ritual, they now need to be recovered.  The Chaos Warband must raid the bones of the dead craftworld Palinsor, searching for the artifacts needed for the ritual. The Eldar seek to prevent the Chaos forces achieving their aim, but are limited by tradition – the lost items cannot be moved.

Attacker’s Briefing

My Dark Lord, Khenti of Fiery Axe, greetings.  We have finished translating the information recovered from the Tomb World, and have located the requisite artifacts in the ruins of an Eldar craftworld on an abandoned planet on Eastern galactic arm, on the borders of Imperial space.  While I believe we could improvise sufficient alternatives from the bones of slaves and the hewn horns of Slaneeshi daemons, it would take much longer, giving your rivals more time to interfere.  The more items we can recover, the greater the chance of success for your future ascension!

Defender’s Briefing

Farseer, you have the thanks of the Council of the Young King in this matter.  The monkeigh cannot be allowed to defile the bones of the dead craftworld, Palinsor, and the chance that this could lead to the death of Alaitoc in the future at the hands of a Daemon yet to be cannot be left unchecked.  The children of the Laughing God have already begun to arrive, lending further credence to your warning.  Lead our forces to victory, Farseer, or the death of thousands of our kind will be on your head in years to come.


Chunks of impassable terrain should be deployed to represent the bones of the craftworld.  In addition, ruined buildings and trees should be placed around the board to represent the buildings raised by the few survivors of Palinsor, as they fought (unsuccesfully) against extinction.   Scenary can be deployed by players taking turns, or simply to look appropriate at the agreement of both players – it is suggested that a selection of ruined buildings and wood should be at one end of the table, with the craftworld bones at the other, representing survivors huddingly near the fallen craft in the distant past.

The defender of the items places an objective marker in each of the table quarters.

Next, roll for the choice of table edge – the winner will deploy first within 12″ of the chosen edge and take turn one (with a roll to steal initiative by the loser as normal).  All forces deploy on the table except chosen reserves, which must be able to deep strike.

Scenario Special Rules

Objective taking is handled uniquely – see the Mission Objective section.  Deep Strike is in effect.

If part of a campaign, there will be extra forces on one of the sides – the Eldar will have a free avatar if the Chaos forces lost the first battle, the Chaos forces will have a free Greater Daemon available if they triumphed.

Mission Objective

The items must be gathered by the Chaos forces – the Eldar must prevent this.  Each item can be gathered by the chaos forces by holding an objective for a full turn – at that point the item has been located by the unit holding the objective, and the objective marker should accompany that unit.  Any unit type except vehicles can hold an objective.  If a unit with an item is destroyed, the objective marker is left where the last unit member was cut down.  Units with items can leave the board  – on leaving voluntarily, the item is counted as held by the Chaos forces.  If the unit flees from the board without rallying, they will not be extracted and the item is counted as lost.  If playing as an independent scenario, capturing 3 or more items counts as a win, two as a draw, and one or less as a loss.

Scenario Guidelines

Force Sizes:  This scenario is designed for the standard Force Organisation chart with two armies of 2000pts.

Reserves: Units may be held in reserve for Deep Strike only

Game Length: 6 turns

Line of Retreat: Forces retreat towards their own long table edge.

Campaign Victory:  Items recovered will make a big difference in the final scenario – the Ascension.  Every item recovered will reduce the time of the ritual by 1 game turn – if all four items are recovered, the ritual will take just a single turn!  Preventing the recovery will obviously benefit those hoping to prevent the ascension!

Scenario 1 – Raid a Tomb World


An artifact must be recovered from an apparently dead tomb world.  The raiding warband must take an hold the objective to study the tomb and runes in its resting place.   This scenario is designed for a Chaos Warband to find a lost tome of sorcery, with a Necron horde preparing to awaken, but could work equally well with other forces – perhaps Eldar defenders arriving from a Webway, or Radical Inquisitors recovering the lost book to use against Chaos.

Attacker’s Briefing

Lord Khenti, the auguries are clear.  The lost tome of sorcery is amongst the strange collection of black structures in the midst of the forest on this strange world.  We must awaken the armour of the Thousand Sons, and recover the book quickly.  Some force blocks my sight, and I fear the tome is not unguarded.

Defender’s Briefing

Invaders, living, and writhing with the cursed vigor of the warp, seem to be approaching.  Your skeletal forces begin to stir, deep in the hollow core of the planet.  Sleep, for now, but awaken when the lowly scarabs maintaining your buildings sense the arrival of life for the harvest.


Woods are set up on each of the two short table edges, extending between 6″ to a foot onto the battlefield.  The very centre of the table requires a portal of some kind – if using recommended forces, this will be a Necron monolith (but could be an Eldar webway, a magical summoning rune for chaos, or a teleport homer for Imperial forces).

Around the portal, the centre of the table should be filled with structures , ideally impassable tombs of some kind. 

The defenders set up any vehicles, and one type of unit.  If using Necrons, this should be scarabs.  The attackers then rolls to see which end of the table (and forest area) he deploys in.

Scenario Special Rules

The defenders are slowly awakening from slumber, (or responding to an alert on a distant world through the webway) and are slow to respond until the presence of life is confirmed.  All vehicles are dormant.  The deployed unit type (such as Scarabs) moves 2d6 according to scatter dice, with a hit allowing the defender to choose their path.  Random moves into buildings means they finish their move by the wall, regardless of additional movement possibilities.

Once the attackers open fire, or a defender moves within twelve inches of an attacker, the defenders awaken – vehicles are no longer dormant, and patrolling units go under the control of the defender with no more random dicing.

Regardless of normal portal rules, the defender may then bring on two units a turn through the portal – one troop unit, and one non-troop unit.  This includes the turn on which the defenders are spotted if a scarab moves within 12″.

Mission Objective

The Attackers must take and hold the single objective placed by the defender in the middle of the abandoned structures.  Any attacking infantry or jump infantry (but not vehicles) can hold the objective, not just troop choices.

Scenario Guidelines

Force Sizes:  This scenario is designed for 2000 points of attackers and defenders, using the standard organisational force charts.

Reserves: Attackers can hold deep striking troops in reserve, but no others – they arrive togther onto the planet.  All defending forces are held in reserve, except for vehicles (which will be deployed but dormant) and one troop type (ideally scarabs for necrons) acting as defenders.

Game Length: 5-7 turns, rolling as normal from the Warhammer 40K rule book

Line of Retreat:  Defenders retreat to the portal they arrive from. Attackers flee towards the nearest forest at either short edge of the table.

Campaign:  If the attackers win, the book is taken and studied.  The strand of fate becomes stronger, and a Greater Daemon will attend the Chaos forces next battle for free.  This is a standard Greater Daemon, not a specific one from the Chaos Daemons codex.  (If not using Chaos Forces, choose an appropriate replacement – perhaps an awakened Wraithlord for Eldar, a Daemonhost for Radical inquisitors).  If the defenders win, enough runes are gathered to allow the lost artifacts for the ritual to be identified, but it will take time to interpret them.  The Eldar will awaken an avatar during this time, and receive it for no points cost. (If not using Eldar in the next battle, choose an appropriate replacement – perhaps an awakened Dreadnought for marines, or an experimental battlesuit for Tau).

Gamesday – October 11th

As a heads up, so people can work out army lists, we are proposing the following:

Imperial GuardImperial forces are preparing a last ditch defense of the capital city Kasteli on the planet Whatforde. The Imperial Guard have been dug in for some time, and a Adeptus Astartes strike cruiser from the Ultramarines has just reached orbit. Space Marines

NecronUnfortunately, the necrons appear almost unstoppable, and the Tau have taken the opportunity to launch a simultaneous strike! With their low life spans and lack of psychic powers, they are of minimal interest to the cold metal forces, allowing them to move unhindered against the already stressed Imperials.Tau

Essentially, there are going to be 4 1000pt forces in play, with a Imperial Alliance of Guard and Ultramarines facing a simultaneous attack by Tau and Necrons. We’re looking at an objective based game, with table quarters also in play, through a built up city fight – so troops will be important to take and hold vital points.

This is the last major 40k engagement of the Forces of Darkness with Alan in Watford, so lets make it a great one!

Next GD Terrain?

I’ve laid out the table as you see below, all blue is difficult terrain.




Three objectives are on the table, this one is in the north.


This is in the center.


And this is the Southern objectve.


Clear the Way



Dawn marks a new day and the beginning of yet another campaign. You have been tasked with clearing a landing zone for your forces to make planetfall and establish operations in this theatre. You don’t expect any enemy resistance, but this is the most defensible location within this sector so you must be prepared for anything.


Forces that are forced to flee must move toward their nearest deployment table edge.


The game lasts 6 turns or until time is called.



Both players roll a number of dice equal to their army’s strategy rating. High roller chooses their deployment zone.

The player who won the first roll deploys a unit first.

Units are deployed in the following order: Heavy Support, Troops, Elites, HQ, and Fast Attack.

Units may be deployed anywhere inside the deployment zone




Players roll a die. The player with the highest roll may elect to go first or second.







Table Quarters (see below)


Both players can accomplish this objective.

Completely destroy your opponent’s most expensive unit (including transport if purchased as part of the unit). Units that are broken at the end of the game count as destroyed.


Both players can accomplish this objective.

Destroy all enemy Troop units. Units that are broken at the end of the game count as destroyed. Troop transports do NOT have to be completely destroyed to complete this objective.


   Draw Solid Victory 

Crushing Victory 

Victorious Slaughter 


Table Quarters


Both Players Control the Same Number of Table Quarters


One Player Controls 1 More Table Quarter than their Opponent


One Player Controls 2 or 3 More Table Quarter than their Opponent


One Player Controls All 4 Table Quarters