Introducing Wargames Wednesday (with RPG fun thrown in!) #WargamesWednesday

In order to keep me involved in my various gaming hobbies, I’ve decided to make a point of posting something every Wednesday.  Despite the tag of Wargames Wednesday, I’m actually going to cover RPGs (both paper and electronic), 40K as my main hobby, and anything else from painting/fiction/other wargames that catches my eye!  This week, I’m covering Numenera, Dropzone Commander, Shadowrun Returns (PC), Space Hulk (PC), and the Black Legion Codex Supplement


Numenera!  Monte Cooks new game system has been released, and I backed the kick starter for the complete set of books in PDF format!  I’ve been getting a constant stream of stuff over the last few weeks, and its all pretty impressive!  I love the game engine (see my earlier post on Numenera), but the list of various card decks, GM screens, posters and other bits as well as the core books has been brilliant.  Good work Monte!

Dropzone Commander

After Leonidas gave me a copy of the Dropzone Commander rules as a present (many thanks, by the way!), I’ve become rather intrigued by this wargame.  I love the concept of fast transport driving a futuristic battlefield, countered by antiaircraft fire, while tanks and troops do battle.  However, I don’t really have anyone nearby to play the wargame against at present, so buying a complete starter army for me, and potentially a second one too to play against, was just too big an investment.  However, a new two player starter set has just launched, at around the £60 mark.  I am very tempted with birthdays then christmas looming 🙂  I love the UCM look (very Halo!), and the scourge have an unusual insectile appearance I quite like too … and they are the two armies in the set.

Space Hulk and Shadowrun Returns (PC)

Huzzah!  More games I don’t have time to play 🙂  I managed to order Space Hulk and Shadowrun Returns on Steam.  Shadowrun in particular interests me – I love the world (and am rereading many of the novels at the moment on the journey to and from work!), but I also like the custom editor that comes with it.  Neverwinter Nights was a huge, huge favorite of mine, largely because of the editor and ability to create and play comunity modules – I’m really hoping that holds true here.

I’ve played the board game of Space Hulk since the original release (and managed to grab the limited edition from a couple of years ago), so I was always going to be the target audience for the new version of the PC game.  I’m hoping its a fairly faithful interpretation of the board game where I can play through a mission reasonably quickly while my munchkin naps 🙂  Heavy flamer FTW!

Black Legion Codex Supplement

I really thought I’d be disappointed by this, and only really got it in order to get a feel for how the Chaos supplements would be released – I’d love a Fallen Angels one, but SaintAidan would sacrifice quite a lot to the dark gods for a Thousand Sons supplement, and with the interest in heresy stuff, I think its quite likely.

This is probably the best supplement yet.  The history of Abaddon, his dark pacts and the Black Crusades is brilliant.  The tweaks to the lists all make sense, and the way specialist troops work with the black legion actually feels right (Thousand Sons and Rubricae in a black legion force always niggled me a bit).  I think you could put together a pretty awesome grey knights counter list with Abaddon, and Chosen Terminator troops, together with some nasty artifacts and alliances.  Really enjoyed reading it!

Updates from London

Well, not a lot of painting has taken place in the pre christmas frenzy, but some gaming news.

First Blood Bowl is out for the Xbox. Its a little disappointing in some ways -the multiplayer is much (much, much!) easier for pickup games, but multiplayer leagues don’t seem possible, and you can’t customize your team and colours in the same way you can on the PC. Having said that, I’ve found it much more enjoyable to play single player thanks to the bigger screen, and the ease of multiplayer make up for the disadvantages. Its a great way to combine the Xbox hobbywith our Games Workshop fun 🙂

I’m still working on the world of Morania for some online D&D gaming fun, which should be interesting. 🙂 Its based on some concepts I’d put together when looking to write a novel, so hopefully you’ll find it reasonably fresh with enough background detail to entertain.

New gaming options have opened up a bit – Saint Aidan will probably be adopting my Chaos forces, and my Dad (Tazman) will be flying the Eldar cause once more, so some gaming will be happening over Christmas! Updates will of course be posted on the site! Sadder news is that my Tau and Necron forces have been retired to longer term storage for now, while I focus on getting a force of Blood Angels painted (including the Space Hulk terminators).

Space Hulk – Mission 7

Mission 7 – The Artifact.

‘Get in, Get the Artifact, Get out’

That sums up the mission objectives, from the SM side the main difference between this and the first two missions (the ones we’ve played so far) is that a) you have 7 SM’s and b) one of them is a Librarian (psyker).

Game 1, I took the SM’s while James took the Tyranids.

With the 7 SM’s I decided from the off that I would splt the force into two, The Seargent, one SM with a Flamer and two SM’s with bolters were tasked to  hold the escape route and the Librarian one SM’ with power claws and one witha bolter were tasked  to get the Artifact.

As the game progressed I was struck by how I seemed to be able to do almost everything that I wanted, three facters contributed to this, reasonable dice rolls, above average Action Points and the presence on the board of  a Flamer AND a Psyker.

The Psyker is a very valuable member of the team as he can use all of his action points to move and then spend some Psychic points to either move the command point marker back one place (1), block a corridor (2), or make a ranged attack (3). The first two are automatically sucessful and the third needs to roll to hit. Together with the Flamer this gave me two units with the abillity to block access to the Tyranids – very useful 🙂

So the combination of  stopping free access to corridors, good shooting and high command point (keep that Seargent allive!) allowed me to complete the mission without any losses.

Game 2, the roles were reversed and James took the SM’s

James used similar overall tactics ie split force, I decided, after seeing how easily I managed to hold off the Tyranids in the last game to try and concentrate the ‘nids and try to overwhelm James’ SM’s at two specific points – that’s when James excersised the same control over the game as I had previously 🙁 My only sucess was to finally overwhelm the SM’ with the power claws in the last throws of the game 😀

Both of us agreed that perhaps one less SM would have made the game a little less certain.

All in all another great evening, many thanks to James


Space Hulk

OK so Rob got Space Hulk, I thought that at nearly 60 quid it was expensive.

So Rob came over on Sunday and I got my first look at the new (Limited) Release.

The first thing that you notice is the wieght of the game, the bulk of this is because of the thickness of the card pieces – think standard cardboard times 3 or 4!

The card pieces are beautifuly printed and embossed! and include all of the corridoor pieces, various play markers, doors and a display track for Command, Psy and auto cannon points.

The plastic pieces are split into 3 types, Space Marines, Tyranids and door mounts.

You get 10 live Space Marines 1 dead one sitting in a chair, a Cat (mobile drone) and a Chalice in red plastic and a hoard of Tyranids lead by a Brood Lord all in purple plastic.

The quality of the figures is outstanding, the molded details everything you would expect from GW – and more!

The 11 SM figures are all unique in a variety of action poses – maybe one day they will be available seperatly 😀

The Tyranids have 7 or 8 unique poses with 5 poses being duplicated. Again a lot of animated poses with Tyranids creeping around corners, up through deck plates and on beams. In all a very eye catching and desirable set of figures.

I would start my conclusion by saying that the pictures above don’t do Space Hulk justice. I still think that nearly 60 quid for a board game is a lot. But, given the quality of the product, the playability (Space Hulk IS a classic) and the amount of fun the game provides, I have to say that I think that Space Hulk is good value for money.