Terrain for Warhammer 40K – Tau

Brush 4 Hire do some fabulous tau scenery.  What really impresses here is that you can select the colour of the forcefields … to match your Tau Sept.  Really nice touch.  Their bunker looks really good, though if you like a very rounded look for Tau, it might be too hexagonal for you.

And here are their matching barricades (or Aegis Defense lines!)

Scotia Grendel have a range of scenery that seems perfect for Tau – their NBO range.  Here a couple of examples.


Micro Art Studios have a fabulous Tau Ceti line of scenery that would work fabulously for Tau. Their defence line looks awesome:

But their general scenery would really make a Tau board come to life.


The Farsight Enclaves return!

Well, the Farsight Enclaves have returned, in a deep green pattern. Although not fully complete, I have 2000pts of painted Tau ready for action, with some unpainted and unassembled reinforcements too.

Commander Farsight, another commander, two bodyguards, a battle suit team, a stealth team, a pathfinder team, a single broadside, two devilfish, 12 drones and 6 teams of 6 Fire Warriors are ready to hit the field.

Another 12 Fire Warriors, Aun Shi, and a Hammerhead are unpainted, with more devilfish and hammerheads that could be assembled.

No Riptides at all, at the moment! 🙂