Yet more Battleboard!

Well, the battleboard is tantalisingly close to complete – two board sections are finished!

I need more scorched grass to finish up, so will be raiding GW some point this week.

Essentially, I drybrushed all the boards with Ochre, which looks pretty good. The drybrushing on such a scale isn’t as even as I’d like – if I was doing a moonscape or marscape and leaving it there, I’d be disappointed. As I’m flocking the board, though, the Ochre drybrushing doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to break up the brown.

After drybrushing and letting it dry, I started to flock the board, adding large patchs of lighter grass. I had some initial issues, largely because it was a blazing hot day and the PVA dried faster than I expected! I went back and flocked and varnished the two flat boards – I just need to finish the part flocked hills now.

James – once the Battleboard is complete, can I tempt you to travel around London for some 40k fun?

The Battleboard continues!

Work on the battleboard continues this weekend, and is going really, really well.

I painted all the bones and skulls on the board in bleached bone, and followed that up with a wash of Ogryn Flesh.

The grey rock areas were then heavily drybrushed with an art acrylic mixing white, which gave a lovely light drybrush and consistent tone across the rocky areas.

I then went back over areas of the board with brown, to cover over some aditional areas accidentally hit with the grey spray or white drybrushing. It looks good to play now! The next step will be to drybrush the brown with Ochre, apply the flock, then finally varnish!

Battleboard continues

Well, the work on the battleboard continues!

The pieces are all basecoated brown, and the rocky areas have been sprayed grey. This varies from the standard guide, as that recommends undercoating the rocks black, and painting to grey – I’m undercoating grey and painting to white, which should look particularly good for Lord of the Rings.

Next step will be to drybrush the brown with ochre, the rock with white, and any bone will be painted with bleached bone (which will then covered with a brown wash.)


I have finally begun work on my battleboard!  The brown basecoat has started to be applied, and three of the board sections have been initially covered.

The plan is do do a reasonably standard board, but with grey/white rocks instead of the more common black/grey.  That should work really, really well for Lord of the Rings scenary and colours!

Once complete, I’m looking forward to gaming in style! 🙂

I’m going to post up updates as I go through, then post up my step by step guide!


The Tower, continued

Basic construction on the tower is now done and it’s been base-coated in white to seal it:-

Now I need to think carefully what colour to do it, I want it to have a LotR/Gondor feel but I would also like to use it in other games, 40k for instance!


Next GD (11th Oct)

Just a few pics of the board I’ve laid out.

As you can see it’s going to be a cityfight!

The city is split by a shallow canal (difficult going).

Loads of potential objectives, we’re hoping to make it a four army bash!

Whatch this space……..

Next GD Terrain?

I’ve laid out the table as you see below, all blue is difficult terrain.




Three objectives are on the table, this one is in the north.


This is in the center.


And this is the Southern objectve.