Attack of the Ultramarines! The 5th Company takes the field.

Well, I have sorted out my Ultramarines to see what I can field as a painted force.  Its actually a pretty solid fun force that should match Saint Aidan’s Thousand Sons pretty well!

2014-08-16 16.57.57

Lets break down the list, and the fluff!  The fifth company are currently based in the Strike Cruiser Seditio Opprimere, tasked with intercepting a chaos cruiser targeting the outlying regions of the Ultramar sector.  The Master of the Marches will not tolerate this interference!  Much of his company is already committed to guarding various key worlds, so only some core troops and a few seconds from the 1st and 9th companies, Caito Galenus goes to war.

As a note, the standard 1850 point list here is to remove the dreadnoughts Cassius Charea and Julius Canus, and two standard terminators, taking the 2146pt force down to 1846pts!


Captain Caito Galenus, Master of the Marches (125pts) – Grav Pistol, Artificer Armour, Bolt Gun

Caito is a marine with a lot to prove.  As Captain of the last of the main battle companies and only recently promoted, he feels that the other Captains are watching his performance.  Keen to live up to the title Master of the Marches, he is perhaps prone to over zealous defence of the outlying regions of Ultramar rather than focussing on the needs of the Imperium.


Dreadnaught – Lucius Artorius, Hero of the 5th Company (130pts) – Assault Cannon, Power Fist with Heavy Flamer

Captain Lucius fell in battle against the Thousand Sons around 3 millennia ago, in an attempt to prevent the capture of an ancient book of secrets.  He fell in a last ditch attempt to defend the shrine, crushing the helm of the chaos sorcerer leading the charge with his power fist.  Once seen as a potential Chapter Master, his wisdom still guides the 5th company to glory.  There is so tension between him and Caito – Caito feels he is second guessing the new leader of the 5th.

Dreadnaught (seconded from 9th Company) – Cassius Chaerea (100pts) – Multimelta, Powerfist with stormbolter

Ironclad Dreadnaught (seconded from 9th company) – Marcus Curtius (145pts) – Powerfist with heavy flamer, Seismic hammer with meltagun

Ironclad Dreadnaught (seconded from 9th company) – Julius Canus (145pts) – Powerfist with heavy flamer, Seismic hammer with meltagun

Terminator Squad Praxus aka “The Steadfast” (seconded from 1st Company) (240pts) – Sergeant Praxus, 6 storm bolters and powerfists


Tactical Squad Scaevola, aka “The Steel Rain” (230pts) – Veteran Sergeant Gaius Scaevola with bolt pistol and chainsword, 7 marines with bolters, Flamer, Missile Launcher with Flakk, Drop Pod (aka Lucifer) with Deathstorm Missile Launcher

The “Steel Rain” are firm adherents to the Codex Astartes, following Gulliman’s advice rigidly.  They particularly favour arial assault, disrupting enemy lines and taking key objectives ahead of support.

Tactical Squad Sextius, aka “the Broken Wing” (265pts) – Veteran Sergeant Titus Sextius  with combi-melta and chainsword, 7 marines with bolters,  Heavy Bolter and Flamer, Razorback (aka Pallasii) with twin linked lascannon, hk missile, storm bolter

The Broken Wing are the mavericks of the 5th Company, favouring non standard tactics and load outs.  They normally break into combat squads working with the Razorback Pallasii to ensure maximum damage and mobility on the field.

Fast Attack

Assault Squad Tacitus, aka “Lightning” (120pts) – Veteran Sergeant Cornelius Tacitus with Powerfist, 4 marines with bolt pistol and chainsword

Although new to command of a unit, transferring from a vanguard squad, Cornelius is a genius slated to take command of a company one day.  Charismatic and intelligent, his decisive interventions have saved the 5th company several times already.

Biker Squad Corvus, aka “The Heavy” (166pts) – Veteran Sergeant Marcus Corvus, 3 bikers, 2 bikers with grav guns.

Marcus Corvus loves gravity weapons.  The effect on armour, the look, the glow.  Pairing that with his fast reflexes, mounting his tactical squad on bikes for fast moving interception of heavy armour simply makes sense.  His unit have become know as the heavy, both for the grav guns and the damage they wreck on the foes heavy units.

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad Labienus aka “The Hawkeyes”(155pts) – Veteran Sergeant Quintus Labienus, Lascannon, Multimelta, 2 Plasma Cannons

Quintus has been leading the Hawkeyes for two centuries now, and his long range kills almost rival Sergeant Telion.  Passed over for higher command due to his lack of initiative, he is quietly competent and content smiting the emperor’s foes from afar.

Land Raider Crusader – Harengus (270pts) – Multimelta

Harengus is the pride of the 5th company.  An ancient Land Raider that has seen direct service since the 35th Millennium, it has carried captains, champions and refugees safely across a thousand battlefields.  Refitted for the Crusader weaponry, it now bears the Terminators of the 1st company as a bodyguard for the Captain into battle.

Attack of #HobbyADD – Infinity, Malifaux and 40k in between…

Well, as always, I am suffering from #HobbyADD, but at the moment I think its a particularly advanced case! I’ve almost completed my #WAACPainting entry – the models are done – I just need some decent photos for an entry.  I’m looking a knocking up a quick display board to take the photos on. So, current projects (in no particular order)!

1)  Infinity Nomads!  I’m very excited about Infinity!  It looks like an amazing system, and the skirmish nature means I don’t need to assemble and paint huge numbers.  Plus nuns with guns – my battle sisters can stride onto a new battlefield.  I think I can hold off until Ice Storm though!

2)  Malifaux I have a Lady Justice crew half assembled (I still need to put the Death Marshalls together.  Interesting system with the card deck, and fascinating fluff and gorgeous models.  Only problem is that I keep eying up Viktoria’s crew and Gremlins….. Hopefully I can stick to my guns (of justice!)

3) 40K – Sisters of Battle I need to paint about 2 models to “finish” my Order of the Argent Shroud, and about 6 models to “finish” my Order of the Verdant Garden.  So close….

4) 40K – Imperial Fists This is my current “Churn em out army”.  I do like the Sons of Dorn, and these will probably be my standard go to 40k army for a while.  Assault terminators and forge world pads on the way to bolster a Lysander charge 🙂

5) 40K – Pirate Orks Pirate orks.   What more can I say?  I have a fair few Orks from Assault on Black Reach, and Stormclaw may be lurking for an upcoming birthday.  I’ve also got RTB02 ready to be repainted and take the field.  Add some Flash Gitz, and Cap’n Kipp’s Freebootaz could be ready to go!  Its a heck of a lot of models though, so I may end up holding off here.

6) 40K – Dark Craftworld Dark Eldar I have a reasonably DE force in need of some TLC.  I’m really tempted to reorganise it as a fallen craft world and paint it in aspect colours – Striking Scorpion green for Incubi, blaster wielding kabalites as fire dragons, kabalites as Dire Avenger blues, Wyches in howling banshee bone and so on.

7) Ax Faction minis for fun I’m looking at using some of these as Inquisition forces too, so not purely just for fun.  Cracking sculpts on these.

8) 40K – Fallen Angels This army has been lurking for ages and been bolstered by the DV set.  Totally unpainted for over 7 years….. I really should at least prime them!!!

9) 40K – RTB01 Crimson Fists Army Ah, my beloved Crimson Fists!  Painstakingly gathered from eBay to replace an army that got lost on a train years ago.  The plan is to recreate the classic Rogue Trader front cover.  Navy primer is ready to go!

10) 40K – Ultramarines More marines!  I actually have a fairly decent collection of ultramarines, some primed, some badly painted.  I’m just missing a HQ force here really!  Ironclad dreadnoughts and bikers recently added to the increasing forces.   I now have a complete enough force not to worry about these!  Counting Ultramarines as done!

11) 40K – Crimson Slaughter I have a reasonably solid force of CSMs in red and gold, perfect for the role of Crimson Slaughter.  With the addition of the Crimson Slaughter specific models from the DV set, this would be a great little force (possibly in need of a bastion or helturkey for anti air).  Just the CSMs from DV to paint here, though a fair few khorne beserkers need some finishing too.

12)  X-Wing Not started here, but a good guy locally loves it, and wants to play.  I love Star Wars, so I suspect mistakes will be made here 😉

13)  Armada If I like Star Wars star fighters, running a fleet as an admiral????  Yeah, this is happening.

14) DnD 5e Absolutely love everything I’ve seen for this so far!  Just wish digital versions of the core books were coming out as space is an issue.

15) 40K – Space Wolves My first 40K force back in the 80s!  The storm claw set has sucked me back in.  I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the recent vehicles, but the current character modelling is amazing.  Definitely to be painted in grey instead of the rubbish modern light blue though.  Will probably just be an allies force rather than a full blown 1850pts army.

16)  40K – Blood Angels Really struggling for enthusiasm here!  I have some really quite nice chapter leaders painted up, and some gorgeous terminators from Space Hulk to paint.  I have primed basic troops, and unbuilt death company and sanguinary guard.  Just not feeling too enthused, particularly without a current codex.

17) 40K – Silver Skulls Loads of unbuilt models for this, and they fit with my long term plans of having a range of silver armies sharing some vehicles with magnetised logos with my Order of the Argent Shroud and Grey Knights.  Need to work out the skulls for the shoulders and a quick effective paint scheme here!

18)  40K – Eldar Loads of unpainted Eldar, and loads of painted ones! Recently bolsters by  Eldrad, a new Avatar and some warlocks.  I need to sort out some effective fighting forces here – I think painting the remaining ones is quite low down the list.  Really tempted to add more wraith warriors at all levels though ….

19)  40K – Tau My Tau are pretty much done with a reasonable force.  There are a couple of options half painted that I’d like to finish off, and perhaps add some broadsides and riptides, but generally these are pretty low on the list as they have a fully painted force!  Ticking these off the list as have a sorted out painted playable army matching all my main criteria.  Not ideal, as could do with slightly different options, but cool.

20)  40K – Grey Knights! New codex due out, decent force already, and only a couple of things needed to be finished or assembled to finish them off!  Also awesome with the new psychic phase.  These guys may well be seeing the table again soon.  Dreadknight is tempting me!

21) 40K – Imperial Guard Valhallans Pretty much sorted out and ready to go!  Not great paint jobs, but OK enough to get by.  some basing of heavy weapons needed here.

22) 40K – Imperial Guard Cadians Ouch.  Loads of men, not much paint, and pretty much every heavy weapons squad needs to be rebased.  Lots and lots of work, not much enthusiasm at present 🙁

23) 40K – Legion of the Damned I have 15 Legion to be painted to use as an allied force to other Imperial types.  Struggling to get enthused though.

24) 40K – Deathwatch I have a 10 man squad with custom pads (both DW and a range of chapters), heads, guns, all ready to be assembled!  Must get around to building and painting these.  Very excited with my Inquistions types.

25) 40K – Inquisition I have a load of models from a range of manufacturers to put together as my Inquistion force.  Female paladins as crusaders, floating psykers, daemonhosts, the lot!  Very cool and good allies for almost all the other Imperial forces.  Quite excited, but as I haven’t started they are quite low down the list.

26)  40K – Tyranids I’d love to get this army finished to at least 1850 points!  They look gorgeous, and are easy to do.  I’m struggling motivation wise here as I basically need to buy a fresh army to make them playable with tervigons, more termagants and flying MCs.  I have genestealers aplenty to paint.  Hmm.

27) 40K – Necrons I have a fully painted army of these bad boys – rubbish in the current game, but fully painted and ready to go.  w00t!!!!  Could do with some newer models, but not loving the new fluff anyway. Counting these as done for now!  I have a complete playable and painted army all sorted out.  Not great, but done!

28) 40K – Militarum Tempestus I have a reasonable number of Karskrin Stormtrooper squads here.  No new stormtroopers, but enough to work well with inquisition or guard voices quite effectively!  None really painted, boo hiss!

29)  Scenary! I have a huge amount of scenery to assemble and/or paint.  From an Imperial City to Altars of Chaos, it’d look amazing on my battle board.  As it doesn’t affect my actual games too much though, difficult to find the time!

Sooo, 29 reasonably sized projects, and possibly a few more kickstarter bits to go too.  Ouch!  #HobbyADD indeed!

Attack of the Smurfs … er Ultramarines!

Well, I have a reasonable horde of Ultramarines, though they were hit hard by #HobbyADD and are mostly unpainted (just primed in blue), or are rather badly painted from an eBay purchase.


Captain – painted Black Reach Captain but with a broken sword.  Going to add a storm shield to the arm instead.

Captain – unpainted Black Reach Captain

2014-04-21 10.32.55

with his command squad

2014-04-21 10.20.48

Marneaus Calgar in Armour of Anticholus and Honor Guard (unpainted)


Tactical Squad – Unpainted with Missile Launcher and Flamer

2014-04-21 10.49.26

Tactical Squad – Unpainted with Missile Launcher and Flamer

2014-04-21 10.57.37

Tactical Squad – Unpainted with Missile Launcher and Flamer, and Rhino

2014-04-21 10.25.232014-04-21 11.27.00

Tactical Squad – Painted with Sergeant with combi-melta, Missile Launcher and Flamer, and Droppod

2014-04-21 11.01.15

Tactical Squad – Painted with Heavy Bolter and Flamer

2014-04-21 11.02.51



2014-04-21 11.21.38


2014-04-21 11.21.46


2014-04-21 10.39.21

Terminators – Unpainted

Dreadnaught – Unpainted

Dreadnaught – Unpainted

Fast Attack

Assault Squad – Sergeant with Powerfist

2014-04-21 10.40.48

Assault Squad unpainted – Sergeant with Plasma Pistol, Flamer

2014-04-21 10.15.53

 Heavy Support

Devastator Squad with Sergeant with Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Cannons, Lascannon and Multi Melta with twin lascannon razorback

2014-04-21 11.04.262014-04-21 11.15.48

Land Raider Crusader

2014-04-21 11.17.04

New Years Hobby Resolutions!

Well, 2014 has begun, and with it a whole slew of resolutions that I’m sure I’ll break 🙂

I’ve decided that I need to get more done hobby wise, but trying for a fixed “x amount a week” just isn’t going to work, particularly with a little baby girl who is gifted at scuppering plans 🙂 With that said, my goals for 2014 are to:

“Finish” two 40k armies!

That sounds easy, doesn’t  it?  For a finished army, I have decided that I need to have – a kill team, a 1000pts list, a 1500pts list, and an 1850pts list, with all the models painted to a decent standard.  The lists will overlap – that isn’t going to be 4500pts of models, but that should get me to the point where I’m happy with an army I can pick up and play.  Should be very doable if I can fit in some hobby time occasionally and restrain my hobby ADD 😉

My current army I’m working on is Imperial Fists.  After that, well, who knows.  Probably either smurfs or fallen angels, now the Cypher data slate is out …though the new tyranids look interesting ….

I have a lot of finishing work to do on a range of armies, so if I can beat two, great!  If not, I think finishing 2 armies is doable.

Sort out my scenery!

I have a lot of scenery that needs to be sorted out and assembled, including 40K cityscapes, towers of sorcery, chaos altars and so on.  Getting it sorted, and at least a tabletop quality paint job will make any games I can fit in a lot prettier!  It’ll also help me getting my hobby gear generally sorted!

Work out my 40K Campaign System

As part of my work to refresh my programming (and learn javascript/jQuery), I’m also putting together a campaign generation system.  Its quite fun, and should also work to spice up individual games too!

Blog more often!

I really want to stick close to at least one post a week!  If nothing else, it’ll keep me focused on getting some gaming done 🙂


Well, as always it appears my ability to hobby butterfly is distracting me again, as I dabble with smurfs! The ultramarines are coming, after a lucky eBay bid.

I got my blue base coated marines out too, and in total I have…

5 tactical squads (10 men, sergeant, flamer, missile launcher)
2 assault squads (5 men – 1 has plasma pistol and flamer, other has a powerfist)
1 devastator squad (2xplasma cannons, las cannon, multimelta, plasma pistol)
2 terminator squads (8 man, one has heavy flamer)
Command squad with champion and apothecary
2x captains
Marneus calgar and honour guard
4 x Dreadnaughts (assault cannon and flamer, las cannons, multimeltax2)
Razorback (or rhino) with las cannons
Drop pod
Land raider crusader



Ultramarines revamped!

Well, in light of having a bastion, I’m revamping my Imperial lists to use it in order to give some anti air cover.

Like the Imperial Fists, the concept here is to have the smurfs combat squad one Tac Squad to garrison both floors of the bastion.  The other tac squad will either push forward in the rhino in conjunction with the assault squad and terminators + captain for a powerful concentrated strike, or combat squad to have the captain, sergeant and flamer in the rhino and the rest of the squad hunkered down round an objective with their missile launcher.

With the larger list, I’d combat squad the terminators, charge the rhino forward with the captain, sergeant and flamer from a combat squadded tactical squad with a teleport homer, and use the homer to automatically deep strike into position in the charge.  My other option would be to reduce the number of terminators, and take a command squad for the captain in the rhino, but I like my heavy armour!  I reckon heavy armour and power fists are going to have an edge in 6th!

I’d really appreciate any feedback or suggestions to the list.  Once I’m past reusing already existing models and at the point of building ones from my plastic mountain or buying new ones, I’ll have a lot more options, so while I can’t add brand new units new, I may have some spares knocking about or can add them in the future.

Ultramarines (1000pts)

HQ (140pts)

  • Captain (140pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Tactics, Independent Character

    Artificer Armour (15pts), Boltgun, Hellfire Rounds (10pts), Power Weapon (15pts)

Elites (245pts)

  • Terminator Squad (245pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics

    Heavy Flamer (5pts), Terminator Sergeant (40pts), Terminators x5 (200pts)

Troops (375pts)

  • Tactical Squad (205pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics

    Flamer, Missile Launcher, Rhino (35pts) (Tank, Repair), 9x Space Marine (144pts)

    • Space Marine Sergeant (26pts)

      Bolt Pistol, Chainsword

  • Tactical Squad (170pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics

    Flamer, Missile Launcher, 9x Space Marine (144pts)

    • Space Marine Sergeant (26pts)

      Bolt Pistol, Chainsword

Fast Attack (130pts)

  • Assault Squad (130pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics

    Flamer (10pts), 4x Space Marine (72pts)

    • Space Marine Sergeant (48pts)

      Chainsword, Melta Bombs (5pts), Plasma Pistol (15pts)

Fortification (110pts)

  • Imperial Bastion (110pts)

    Gun emplacement with Icarus lascannon (35pts), 4x Heavy Bolters


Ultramarines (1500pts)

HQ (145pts)

  • Captain (145pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Tactics, Independent Character

    Artificer Armour (15pts), Boltgun, Hellfire Rounds (10pts), Melta Bombs (5pts), Power Weapon (15pts)

Elites (540pts)

  • Dreadnought (135pts)

    Twin-Linked Lascannon (30pts)

    • Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon

      Storm Bolter

  • Terminator Squad (405pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics

    Heavy Flamer (5pts), Terminator Sergeant (40pts), Terminators x 9 (360pts)


Troops (575pts)

  • Tactical Squad (225pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics

    Flamer, Missile Launcher, Rhino (35pts) (Tank, Repair), 9x Space Marine (144pts)

    • Space Marine Sergeant (46pts)

      Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Melta Bombs (5pts), Teleport Homer (15pts)

  • Tactical Squad (175pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics

    Flamer, Missile Launcher, 9x Space Marine (144pts)

    • Space Marine Sergeant (31pts)

      Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Melta Bombs (5pts)

  • Tactical Squad (175pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics

    Flamer, Missile Launcher, 9x Space Marine (144pts)

    • Space Marine Sergeant (31pts)

      Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Melta Bombs (5pts)

Fast Attack (130pts)

  • Assault Squad (130pts)

    And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Squads, Combat Tactics

    Flamer (10pts), 4x Space Marine (72pts)

    • Space Marine Sergeant (48pts)

      Chainsword, Melta Bombs (5pts), Plasma Pistol (15pts)

Fortification (110pts)

  • Imperial Bastion (110pts)

    Gun emplacement with Icarus lascannon (35pts), 4x Heavy Bolters


Well, I’ve scrapped the idea of doing Argent Eagles for now, and gone back to my original Ultramarines concept.

I have a commander, an honour guard, three tactical squads, two dreadnaughts, 10 terminators and a rhino spraypainted smurf blue!

I plan to paint them with the simple concept below:

spacemarineBasically, its to do the joints, cable and gun with mithril silver, trim and ornamentation in shining gold, and purity seals and eyes in red.  I’m not sure how to do the trim on the guns – classically that’s red for ultramarines, but I think that’s too gaudy – might go gold matching the trim, go all silver, or black..  Squad signs and ultramarine insignia in white.

After I’ve done those colours over the blue basecoat, I’ll add transfers, then just army painter dip, I think.  No drybrushing or shading.  Keep it clean!

Ultramarines! (was Argent Eagles)

Well, I seem rather low on vehicles and heavy weapons for my standard marines!

Here’s my 1000pt of Argent Eagles Ultramarines:

Captain in Power Armour (145)

Dreadnaught with Twinlinked lascannon (135)

2 x tactical squad – 10 men, flamer, missile launcher (2 x 170 – 340)

1 x terminator squad – 6 men, 1 with heavy flamer (245)

1 x fast attack squad – 5 men, flamer, sergeant with plasma pistol, melta bombs (130)

And here’s the expanded 1500pts version!

Captain in Power Armour (145)

Command Squad with Company Standard, 3 power swords (175pts)

Dreadnaught with Twinlinked lascannon (135)

3 x tactical squad – 10 men, flamer, missile launcher (3 x 170 – 510)

1 x terminator squad – 10 men, 1 with heavy flamer (405)

1 x fast attack squad – 5 men, flamer, sergeant with plasma pistol, melta bombs (130)

The army is all built in a KR box, ready to fight – though it does need painting!!!  Its not likely to be a very successful force, I think, as it seriously lacks antitank weaponry – 3 missile launchers, a dreadnaught lascannon and the power fists for the terminators (and a few meltabombs) is the lot.  I think any mechanised force or airborne force will roll over these quite easily!  Still, very classic marine feel to it 🙂

It works with the ultramarine allies to give a valid 1500pt or 2000pt single codex force too, but they don’t add much anti-tank either!  I think for future passes, a devastator squad or tank support instead of the command squad might be the way to go … but thats for pass 2 (adding models I own that aren’t built) or pass 3 (adding a few key new models for fun or necessity)!

LEt me know what you think of the list, and what your suggested changes would be!

Ultramarine Allies

Well, I had a rethink on the Ultramarines.  I really want some Ultramarines to use Marneus Calgar, but do I need a full army?


I might just use the army I’ve worked out for Ultramarines as the start point for my Argent Eagles.  Long term, only my silver models are likely to stay with me, as I can combine various tanks and reuse models across armies for the most flexible force if I have to reduce my gaming collection down, so starting off the Argent Eagle marines makes sense – and the marines that are assembled are all a mix of colours anyways!

This means my plan is to just have a single allies contingent of Ultramarines (500pts) now:

Marneus Calgar, in his Armour of Antilochus (265pts)

A Honour Guard of a Company Champion, a company standard bearer, and a third guard. (150pts)

A scout squad with a heavy bolter and sniper rifles (85pts)

These are all sorted out and ready to go in my “Allies” GW box!  We’re off the gaming mark!