My #WAACPainting Progress (Update 9)

Welcome to the continuing adventure of #WAACPainting, as I try to master new techniques to paint the best models I can!   Please do check out WAAC – its a fantastic campaign organised by @DocBungle to raise money for McMillan.

This is the 9th update, and pretty much the last for the core models themselves.  I need to do a banner and rebase them, but the painting?  Done … and I’m pretty happy.


Here we have the finished shots.  The hair has been done in matt black, with a 3 part black, one part bone dry brush highlight for the hair effect.  The weapons and metal are done in gun metal, with a black wash and a light sliver drybrush.  The robes highlighted up to Ork green look great.  A devlan mud wash over the gold and parchment has worked really well.

I may still add a little technical paint blood to the hospitallars surgery tools though 🙂

Next come the bases, banner, and then the joys of rebasing.  Totally messed up in terms of prep – I should have prepared the models for rebasing before painting!  Silly Kipper!  I also need to work out how to take some really nice photos.  Use the battle board?  Downloaded and printed backdrops?  Simple white or grey?  Its all new 🙂

My #WAACPainting Progress (Update 8)

Well, the glacially slow progress continues!


Really starting to come together now – the whites are starting to get close to a white colour coming up from blue – that last highlight was 4 parts white to 1 wolf grey.    Almost all the base colours are blocked in now (except the hair on some of the other members of the squad).  Of course, made a rookie mistake!  I need to remove the tab on the base to add them to their resin bases…. so that means sawing bits off!  Should have done that before painting, so I hope I don’t damage them too much in the process.  I rarely do models with resin bases, so this is a step I often miss!0

I’ve also been working on a banner for the ladies for the entry, though I’ll change this for a Sisters of Battle banner afterwards.  What do you think?  Matches the #WAACwear quite well 🙂


My #WAACPainting Progress (Update 7)

Well, my painting progress has been limited – I’ve added some basic gun metal and started some light white/wolf grey mix shading on the white, but not got very far.  No photos, unfortunately – I’ve been taking snaps when I finish a stage, and haven’t got that far!

However, I now look the part while painting, thanks to #WAACwear!

2014-07-01 19.47.46

My #WAACPainting Progress (Update 6!)

Well, my glacially slow progress continues!  The cloaks have been painted black, then green, and faces have been highlighted with a light bone colour (and parchment on the Dialogus filled in bone colour too!).  Here’s a group shot.

2014-06-22 11.34.26Here’s a close up of the Sister Hospitaller:

2014-06-22 11.36.39

And I really like how the faces have come together for my other Celestians.  I’m not great at faces normally, but I’m reasonably happy with this!

2014-06-22 11.36.04Next steps are to block out gun metal generally, start moving the blue towards white, and start layering the dark green.  Still not onto much detail work bar the faces yet, but it feels like its coming together!


My #WAACPainting Progress (Update 5)

Well, its time for another update on my painting progress!  As always, it isn’t much!

I have an Adepta Sororitas command squad picked out:

2014-06-08 19.56.08

They have been primed white:

2014-06-14 20.49.19

And then I started on the eyes using the technique here.  They haven’t come out nearly as good …. but they are leaps and bound better than my previous efforts.

First, I used 2 white:1 bone mix for an off-white for the eyes.

2014-06-15 10.53.48

Its pretty close to the white primer, so can be a little difficult to make out.  I’m happy with it though – it avoids the brilliant white look thats too shocking from previous attempts of mine.  I then dotted the eye using a dark green.  I tried a smaller dot of black in the centre, but its not too noticeable.

2014-06-15 11.04.21

Nothing too exceptional so far – its the next step that I feel really helps – painting brown around the eyes to give a smooth underline.

2014-06-15 11.15.43

We then paint flesh colour over the brown, leaving an underline under the eye.  This was tricky with the hospitallar – I hadn’t realised how much of the face is taken by the respirator.

2014-06-15 11.28.38

Finally for this batch, I ran a blue ink over all the areas of white armour – the blue will act as the deepest colour on the white that I’ll build up from wolf grey.

2014-06-15 11.47.14

Here’s the squad with eyes and blue armour where appropriate:

2014-06-15 11.48.55

Its only a small start – but its a start.  Painting all the cloth matt black will be the next phase, and perhaps gun metal too to get the basics in place.

My #WAACPainting Progress (Update 4) – Finalising some choices

Well, one of the great joys of painting are the ever changing paint names, ranges and options, especially since I haven’t painted my Order of the Verdant Garden in years!  I’m also looking at following various tutorials, which all use paints from different ranges.  Now, I could just go out and buy those exact paints … except even that isn’t possible, as some of them don’t exist anymore!

What I need to do is either adapt to colours that are close enough, or use a tool to match the paints pretty exactly to ones that I actually can go out and buy!

I use a tool on my iPhone called ModelPaint42.  Its great, with a really brilliant range of paints – including Army Painter, my base colour range of choice (I have their mega set, covering their current main range).  However, it will only show direct matches – I might always end up mixing my own too.

We have several core colour areas:

  • Green Robes
  • White Armour
  • Gold Trim
  • Face – Flesh and Eyes
  • Metal weaponry and gadgets

There will probably be a few other highlights here or there, but thats the core!  We also need to prime the model, and identify shadows and highlights.

Priming and Preparing

  • White Primer
  • Army Painter Quickshade Blue Tone Ink

I’m going to spray the model white!  No surprises there, with predominantly white armour!  After the initial spray, I’m going to run a blue wash over the model to highlight details, and also act as a good starting point for the white armour.

Eyes and Face


  • whites of eyes – 4:1 mix Army Painter Warpaint Matt White, Army Painter Painter Warpaint Skeleton Bone
  • iris – Army Painter Warpaint Goblin Green
  • pupil – Army Painter Warpaint Matt Black
  • highlight – Army Painter Warpaint Matt White
  • underline (and eyebrows?) – Army Painter Warpaint Oak Brown


  • Flesh (base) – Army Painter Warpaint Barbarian Flesh
  • Flesh (layer down) – Army Painter Warpaint Tanned Flesh
  • Flesh (layer up) – 1:1 mix Army Painter Warpaint Barbarian Flesh, Army Painter Painter Warpaint Skeleton Bone
  • Flesh (warmth) – I may experiment with a warmer colour on the cheeks by adding some Army Painter Warpaint Alien Purple into the flesh mix.

I’m going to start with the eyes, as that’s what I normally screw up when painting – so I might as well start while the model is pretty much a blank slate!  I will have a go doing very detailed eyes with an iris, though I suspect this will be not good, and revert back to a simpler black on white pattern.  I’m going to use a white/bone mix for an off white – the proportions may need varying here, and if it doesn’t look good in my test, I will go for a Reaper White Leather.  I’ll be following the overall guide here.

The rest of the face will be tricky to do well.  I was looking at some of the techniques here, as the results are fabulous – but possible too feminine (looking at Lyssele).  That sounds silly, but the Adepta Sororitas are more business than make up focussed!  I may experiment with the warmer effects on the cheeks though.  There are surprisingly few guides that don’t focus on male faces, and I don’t think I need to add stubble here 🙂

Green Robes

  • Army Painter Warpaint – Matt Black
  • Army Painter Warpaint – Angel Green (base)
  • Army Painter Warpaint – Greenskin (layer 1)
  • Army Painter Warpaint – Goblin Green (layer 2)
  • Army Painter Quickshade – Green Tone Ink or Strong Tone Ink

I’ll then paint the robes black, and begin to follow the painting tutorial here.

White Armour

  • Army Painter Warpaint Matt White
  • Cold Grey Shade – 2:1:1 mix Army Painter Warpaint Matt White, Army Painter Painter Warpaint Electric Blue, Army Painter Painter Warpaint Uniform Grey
  • Model Air Gloss Varnish

I plan to paint the armour following the guide here!  After the model is matt varnished at the end, I plan to go over the white armour in a gloss varnish to make the white a little shinier, like metal.  That may or may not work for photos though.

Gold Trim

  • Army Painter Warpaint Weapon Bronze
  • Army Painter Warpaint Greedy Gold

Not a huge amount to say here!  The trim will generally be gold, painted in bronze and highlighted up to gold – possibly with a shining silver top light here or there.  I’ll be using this guide to metals where appropriate.


  • Army Painter Warpaint Gun Metal
  • Army Painter Warpaint Plate Mail
  • Army Painter Warpaint Shining Silver

Again, the primary guide will be the guide to metallics here.  There aren’t any power weapon effects necessary, so it’ll be just straight metals.

Final Touches

Well, I am tempted to try the technical paints a little – particularly the blood effect on the Narthecium.

In terms of bases, I am settling on the MDP ruined chapel bases.  The chapel idea has a strong resonance with the sisters, and the slabs also match the GW battle board I play on extremely well too.

Project scope – creep incoming!

I need test models for much of this, so I am going to expand out to do the rest of a command squad at the same time.  I need to do another three models to finish off a full squad, and that’ll let me experiment a bit with techniques before doing it for real.   Hopefully this won’t slow me down too much!

My #WAACPainting Progress (Update 3) – Planning the paint!

Ok, time to start laying down a few firm plans and guidelines for painting the model.

Here’s the model in question with the default GW paint job:



Now, its a really nice model in many ways – definitely not one of the very ornate current crop of GW sculpts, but not like some of the very simplistic 2nd edition period ones either, or overly cartoony like much of the Rogue Trader stuff (which I love, BTW!).

The intention is to do the very best job I can, matching my Order of the Verdant Garden elite models like these:


So what colours are we looking at?  Mostly white armour – a very difficult colour.  Green robes.  Gold and Green trim.  Steel weapons and piping.

The white armour doesn’t look bad – its plain white with joints picked out in blue.  That looks great on the battlefield, but isn’t going to cut the mustard in a painting competition.  We need to up our game here, so we’re going to try the guide to painting white found here:

The gold trim, and steel weapons and piping, are another challenge for two reasons.  First, metals traditionally don’t photograph well.  The second reason is that I tend to just slap on a metal colour, add a wash, a brief highlight, and considered it done.  Again, thats not going to cut the mustard here.  I don’t want to jump totally into the unknown with NMM, and I would like a metallic colour to match the others on the field, so I’m going to try to follow the ideas found here:

For the green robes, especially as this model has a hood (in white in the GW shot) that will be this colour, I’m going to try following something like the process here:

My Rule #1, though, will be to paint the harder to reach (or hard to get right) bits first.  It sounds really obvious, but I’d say 9 times out of ten I generally don’t do this – I paint the majority colours first.  Looking at an example, take my Imperial Fists.  Bam – yellow on first all over.  I’ll then start adding details …. and often end up having to go back to the yellow to cover over any spread paint.  In terms of the overall model, I’d have been better off doing some of the detail work first, then going back to add the nearby yellow.  Paint by accessibility, not colour prevalence.

As an example of this, I’m going to start with the eyes.  Notoriously difficult to get right, I’m not going to spend a month painting the model then screw it up at the end … not if I can screw it up right away!  Reaper have a terrific tutorial on eyes that look much better than the way I’ve been doing them, so I’m going to follow it here!

Fundamentally the two differences are the underline around the eye to pick it out, and the use of an off-white rather than white.  I always tended to use a brilliant white, and it always looked too glaring.  A slight off white looks much more effective, and if I can get the eye underline thin enough, it’ll really make the eyes pop.  I’m a little worried with the eye sculpt though – if you look at the picture from GW, even they didn’t bother with trying to pick out the eyes!

Next step – trying to work out the actual colours to use!

My #WAACPainting Progress (update 2) – Fighting #HobbyADD

I have, as yet, not even primed my chosen model for my painting entry, and #HobbyADD has already begun to cause problems.  I started looking at resin bases for my entry…. and then the problems started.

“Ohh, they look nice.  I could rebase all my Celestians and Canoness to match”

“Ohh, I use my Celestians as a command squad sometimes.  Perhaps I should get a dedicated command squad together?  I could enter the whole squad”.

“What if I got a new immolator for the command squad too?  It could looks amazing as an entry!”

“I could get some casualty models and a large resin base as a little diorama!”

No.  I have limited hobby time, and this is exactly why my projects fail so often – I get overexcited, expand the scope too much, then get overwhelmed and unsuccessful.   One model, painted to the best of my ability – stick to the plan!

On the progress side, I’m between either using a Sisters of Battle appropriate base – with a fleur de lys somewhere about, or going more generic with a nice battlefield one.

Warmill are supposed to reopen today with a nice Felur De Lys base pack here

Gladius Game Arts have a nice line in Sci-Fi lab bases, which I think could double up nicely for a hospital vibe – appropriate for the Sisters Hospitallar.

Or if I just go more to match existing bases and my games table, I could go for a raised rock approach.

My #WAACPainting Progress (update 1) – Early Planning

In the past, I’ve never been great at planning my painting.  It’s very much a “get it done” approach, following fairly standard colours.  This is the first time I’m really thinking of a specific model for the best paint job I can do.

Lets start by looking at the competition.  It’s for Wargamers All Against Cancer, raising money for Macmilan nurses.  Although that’s not necessarily relevant, there have been a couple of mentions that the McMillan green will be judged favourably.  There are no limits on models or dioramas.

Now, while building a diorama would be cool, it’d require a lot of scratch building skills, and unfortunately my hobby time is pretty limited.  A single miniature is realistically the best I can do, I think.

There’s no requirement to theme things further, but I like the idea of tying things together a little more, and doing a healing character of some kind.  An actual nurse or apothecary, for example.  Finally, while I hope it’ll be display quality, I’d like to use the model in games, so tying it to an existing army I collect would be good.

I thought about getting McMournings crew for malifaux, and painting the dark nurses there, but that seemed a touch inappropriate, and difficult to theme with the green.  For 40K, I first thought of an apothecary, but the main colour is again white, and though a Salamanders work bring in the green, I don’t collect them.

However, an Adepta Sororitas Sister Hospitaller does hit the same healer pattern, and I collect a sisters army in green – the Order of the Verdant Garden.

So we have our chosen model, and the army gives an appropriate colour scheme – white, green and silver.  Next step, pick a more exact range of colours, and look for a decent set of resin bases to set off the model as nicely as possible.image