Hobby Plans For February!

Well, Its February already, and my #HobbyADD is already thoroughly derailing my New Year’s Resolutions!

My key goal this month is to paint Lylyth for the Legions of Everblight Warmahordes raffle for #WAAC.  Its a great way to contribute – it encourages me to paint to my best, and the raffle raised over £500 last year.

I also want to make progress on my Silver Skulls and Imperial Fists forces.  I’d like to get these to a point where I can field around 1850 pts, which will be enough to let me feel I have a finished force for now.   I don’t think that’ll happen for both of these by the end of Feb, but I’d like to get at least one there,

Outside of that, my main goals are sorting my model hordes out, as I have further Ork reinforcements arriving, and possibly some other stuff too!  I also have increasingly large numbers of new models for my Blood Angels – I think my older stuff thats cribbed together from eBay models and still not properly painted needs to meet the smelting pools of dettol for a cleanse!  I also need to update my standard lists to the 7th Ed standards for some armies like my Necrons!

I also hope to get in some X-Wing, and I might get a cheeky game of 40K in with Saint Aidan if I pop up to Sheffield later in the month. 🙂