An introduction to the #warmongers twitter people!

Hi!  This is a little presumptuous, as there are many, many hobbyists who have been involved much longer than I have, contribute more, and certainly paint and play more frequently.  Of late, though, I have been asked about the #warmongers on Twitter more than once, and thought it’d be nice to be able to point people at an introduction.

Basically, the #warmongers are an eclectic group of gamers and painters covering many tabletop war-games and skirmish systems who chat on twitter.  The use of the #warmongers hash tag in a tweet marks it for the attention of those interested – and it will then be automatically retweeted by the Warmongerin Bot (@tabletopbot)

The group doesn’t have any set guidelines and isn’t always PG-13 in all its discussions, so you may want to pick and choose who to actively follow!  Think about your online stance – if you swear a lot, you will limit your audience.  If you talk a lot about non-hobby interests, you may lose followers who aren’t interested in things like politics.  I’m not saying don’t do those things – just if you want to participate enthusiastically with the widest range of gamers you’ll need to be pretty tolerant and keep pretty hobby focussed.

There are two regular points of interaction through the week.  On Mondays, people post pictures of their recently completed minis with the tag #miniaturemonday – less prolific hobbyists like myself will often post up an older completed model instead, but it’s really aimed at showcasing your recent work.  If you can be inspired to show new models every week, its great!

Every Wednesday, people post pictures of their current work in progress with the tag #wipwednesday – this is a great way to look at everyones big projects, and get inspired to push forward.  Its also great for highlighting techniques people are using, and I’ve learnt a lot from some of the great painters out there.

While not specific to the #warmongers, you do also see a lot of suggestions as to who to follow for great hobby tweets on a Friday, with the hash tag #followfriday – its a great way to build a great twitter feed that’s brilliantly tailored for hobby.

There are some other twitter tags sometimes used by those with more specific interests in the hobby field.  I’ve seen some people who love ForgeWorld models posting on fridays as #fwofriday (Forge World Only Friday), or #forgeworldfriday.  I’ve also seen pictures of hobby scenery posted on a tuesday as #terraintuesday, or thursday as #terrainthursday,  Don’t look at #tanktuesday though – it overlaps with beer and sports so heavily there’s nothing directly hobby there!

There is also an charity drive for gamers that the warmongers get involved in – Warmongers All Against Cancer, which uses the #waac or #waac2015 hashtags, with some variants for specific events.  The charity drive is for MacMillan Nurses.

Finally, its not uncommon to tag a tweet with the relevant game system – so if its a malifaux question, people would tag it #malifaux.  For an Infinity tweet, #infinitythegame.  40K and WFB tend to vary – #40K is often used for space, but I’ve seen #W40K, #WH40K and  #warhammer40K used as well, for example.

Most people posting under the #warmongers tag are great anyway, but there are a few key people who are particularly helpful or knowledgable:

@docbungle is the driving force behind #waac, takes part in a regular gaming podcast called flock and awe, and blogs on Mini Musing of a Bear.  He’s a nice chap, and knows a heck of a lot about a lot of systems, from #infinitythegame through 40K and WFB to #malifaux.

@2Screens and @wartrader are massively enthusiastic about #infinitythegame, and are always helpful and encouraging to people wanting to get into the game or find online resources.

@oldmanmyke and @joel__henry are great starting points if you love #malifaux.  They know the game and the scene inside out.

@FrankAFord is a fabulously friendly chap who finds some of the best painted models on the internet, and posts them up.  If you love painting, you really should start by following him.

Beyond that, just try following a few people or searching for the hash tags mentioned, and try following people where you see interesting tweets.  Following and unfollowing is just the click of a button, so experiment – and if your posts are full of hobby fun, people will start to follow you back too.

I hope that’s useful!  I’m @evilkipper over on Twitter, by the way 🙂