Star Wars X-Wing – Its Awesome!

Well, I got two copies of Star Wars X-Wing (so 4 TIE Fighters and 2 X-Wings!) for my birthday, and popped round a mates house (who has ALL of them) for a game.

I took a Y-Wing, X-Wing and A-Wing against a TIE Advanced, TIE Bomber, and 2 TIE Fighters for around 85 points a side, when torpedoes, astromechs and the like were taken into account, and we had an asteroid field mid-board.

It was so much fun!  The manoeuvre dials for each ship really capture how they fly, particularly when combined with special actions.  The faster TIE fighters zoom about, with barrel rolls making it hard to lock in or stay out of their fire arcs, while the solid rebel shield are more forgiving of mistakes … fortunately, I was playing as rebels!

Its fun, fast, easy to play, and with ready painted models it lets me start playing right away.  You can always add details (my mate had added engine glows and customised astromech colours for example), but given limited hobby time, being able to buy and play a ship that day is a big plus!  Possibly my new favourite game, though 40K is great for the whole hobby experience.  Intriguing!