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Having found a load of unpainted Epic Space Marines, I decided to paint them as Ultramarines to sort of represent my 28mm 40k army in Epic so…

I need Drop Pods, if you can find any on ebay you need to take out a second mortgage to bid or buy!

So I decided to make my own. Now I’ve done a lot of work with card models in the past (and am doing a lot now with my Roman Seas stuff) so I decided to search the internet for Card Drop Pods.

There are a lot out there, worth noting is:

 http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=59351 and


Rpgnow is an awsome source of paper and card stuff I whole heartedly recommend it!

Ah, back to the point, alas good as these are they are much too complex to shrink down to 6mm scale so I tried this one


unfortunatly once scaled down the construction time was excessive (after 4 hours was only half way through and EVERY join had to be clamped).

So decided to start from scratch:-

This was the ‘final’ design for the body, after several ‘paper proto’s ‘

Once cut it was ready for folding – I was aiming for a design that would almost support itself during the assembly process.

I was very pleased with construction – took less that 10mins with no clamping

The next two pics show the templates for the fins and engine assembly


and the assembled unit

with a 28mm ‘Pod

Here I’ve done a quick base coat of blue, I plan to paint further details on rather than make them out of card to keep assembly simple and quick (as I want quite a few of them)

I may produce some internal detail so I can have one or two Pods with open doors but I realy don’t want to get too carried awy with it.


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  1. Yes, but dropped the idea as soon as it came up – too expensive, I did a mod to add more external detail at the construction phase but this has increased the construction phase five-fold! so not going ahead with that! Am looking at printing the templates in blue with white detailing, will post a pick when I get a chance to do it 🙂

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