Ultramarine Allies

Well, I had a rethink on the Ultramarines.  I really want some Ultramarines to use Marneus Calgar, but do I need a full army?


I might just use the army I’ve worked out for Ultramarines as the start point for my Argent Eagles.  Long term, only my silver models are likely to stay with me, as I can combine various tanks and reuse models across armies for the most flexible force if I have to reduce my gaming collection down, so starting off the Argent Eagle marines makes sense – and the marines that are assembled are all a mix of colours anyways!

This means my plan is to just have a single allies contingent of Ultramarines (500pts) now:

Marneus Calgar, in his Armour of Antilochus (265pts)

A Honour Guard of a Company Champion, a company standard bearer, and a third guard. (150pts)

A scout squad with a heavy bolter and sniper rifles (85pts)

These are all sorted out and ready to go in my “Allies” GW box!  We’re off the gaming mark!

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