Salamanders – Updates and New Codex Points!

If you want to enter the raffle (until the end of July 2015) go here:

This is an updated post with finalised donations and an idea of the new codex points values, together with completed photos wherever possible!  Please note the bases have been updated from the individual photos for a unified snow theme!

Bar a few models still to arrive or be finished, these are all currently either with me, @paintysim or on display in Dark Sphere in London!  Any models not ready to be shipped are not in bold in the list below, as we can’t guarantee the arrival of donations, though we’re pretty confident of these judging by the WIP pics!  I’m still finishing off my own pledge!  Naughty Kipper!

Dark Sphere have been fantastic!  They have donated  KR cases to hold the entire army, and raffle tickets can be picked up from them in store.  The draw will be held in store so people can see it in person on Sunday August 2nd.

20150704_111932000_iOS 20150706_144544000_iOS


@Rekeiji has tremendously generously donated a brand new Adeptus Astartes codex, so the army will come with everything you need to field the force as well as store it!

This list can obviously be tweaked a bit by adding relics, downgrading veteran sergeants to veterans and so on, and formation bonuses can change points costs, but the total is looking like 4022pts if you took the options below!  Thats a fantastic prize!

HQ – 945pts

Terminator Librarian – Mastery 2, Force Maul (115pts) (donated by @evilkipper, converted and painted by @Dark_Eye_Jay)

Dark_Eye_Jay - Librarian

Terminator Captain – Chapter Master Upgrade, Thunder hammer, combi-flamer (180pts) (donated and painted by @gamingking1616)

GamingKing1616 - Captain.jpg

Forge Father He’Stan Vulkan (190pts) (donated and painted by @nationoflee)

nationoflee - vulkan.jpg

Chaplain with Plasma Pistol (105pts) (donated and painted by @darrenbogus)

DarrenBogus - Chaplain Front.jpg

Chaplain with Jump Pack (130pts) – thunder hammer proxying for Power Fist (donated and painted by @gamingking1616)

gamingking1616 - Chaplain front.jpg

Terminator Chaplain (120pts) (donated and painted by @paintysim)

PaintySim - Chaplain

Librarian – Plasma Pistol, Mastery Level 2 (105pts) (donated and painted by @rallyfox)

rallyfox - librarian front.jpg

Troops – 1017pts (822pts completed)

Tactical Squad – 175pts – Vet Sergeant (chainsword & bolt pistol), 7 SM with bolters, 1xflamer, 1xmissile launcher with flakk (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @gamingking1616)


Tactical Squad – 175pts – Vet Sergeant (chainsword & bolt pistol), 7 SM with bolters, 1xflamer, 1xmissile launcher with flakk , Rhino (205pts) (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @vidpui)

Vidpui - Tactical Squad

Tactical Squad – 155pts – Vet Sergeant (chainsword & bolt pistol), 8 SM with bolters, 1 x flamer (anonymous donation, painted by @paintysim)

{awaiting pic}

Tactical Combat Squad – 109pts – Vet Sergeant (combi-melta), 4 SM with bolters, 1xflamer (donated and painted by @Dorns_Templar)

Dorns_Templar - Tac Squad

Tactical Combat Squad – 70pts – 5 Marines with bolters (donated by @EvilKipper, painted by @Elessarion30)

Scout Squad – 65pts – 4 with shotguns, Veteran Sergeant with CCW and Bolt Pistol (@evilkipper)

Scout Squad – 65pts – 4 with Bolters, Veteran Sergeant with CCW and Bolt Pistol (@EvilKipper)

Scout Squad – 65pts – 4 with bolt pistol and CCW, Veteran Sergeant with CCW and Bolt Pistol (@Evilkipper)

Scout Squad – Heavy Bolter, 3 with Bolters, Sergeant with CCW and Bolt Pistol (73pts)(donated by @evilkipper and painted @ticosminis)

ticosminis - scouts.jpg

Scout Squad – Veteran Sergeant, Combat Blades (65pts) – (@donated and painted by @vidpui)

Vidpui - Scouts

Elites – 950pts (775pts completed)

Assault Centurions – 175pts – Veteran Sergeant, 2 Centurions (@SpectralRaziel donating and painting)

Vanguard Veterans – 260pts – (4x TH and SS, Sarge with TH and Stormshield, Jump Packs) (Donated and painted by @husker04)

Husker04 - Vanguard Vets

Assault Terminators 205pts – 3 TH,2LC  (Donated and painted by @docbungle – completed)

DocBungle - Assault Terminators

Ironclad Dreadnaught 165pts – Heavy Flamer, 2 Hunter Killer Missiles (other options included) (Donated and painted by @ryglore)

Ryglore - Ironclad.jpg Ryglore - Ironclad Alt.jpg

Ironclad Dreadnaught – 145pts – , Chain Fist, Heavy flamer (Donated and painted by @husker04)

Husker04 - Ironclad

Fast Attack – 360pts (270pts completed)

Rhino – 35pts (Donated by @evilkipper, Painted by @GamingKing1616)

GamingKing1616 - Rhino

Rhino – 35pts (Donated by @evilkipper, Painted by @vidpui)

Vidpui - Rhino

Razorback – 55pts (Donated and Painted by @Dorns_Templar)

{Awaiting picture}

Drop Pod – 35pts (Anonymous Donation, painted by @paintysim)

{Awaiting picture}

Assault Squad – 140pts – Vet sergeant with power fist and plasma pistol, 3 AM, 1 x Flamer, Jump Packs (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @ticosminis)

ticosminis - assault marines.jpg

Landspeeeder – 60pts – Multimelta, Heavy Flamer (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @vidpui)

Vidpui - Landspeeder

Heavy Support 550pts – (120pts completed)

Stormraven – Hurricane Bolters, TL Multimeltas, TL Assault Cannons (230pts) (@SpectralRaziel donating and painting)

{awaiting picture}

Stalker/Hunter (70pts) – (@SpectralRaziel donating and painting)

{awaiting picture}

Devastator Squad (120pts) – 4 x Multimeltas, Veteran Sergeant (@donated and painted by TolSenti – Completed)

Tolsenti - Devastator Squad

Terrain 40pts

Promethium Pipes (40pts) (@donated and painted by @PaintySim – Completed)

Paintysim - Pipes

Allied Legion of the Damned Detachment – 160pts

Legion of the Damned Squad – 160pts – sergeant with power axe and plasma pistol, 3x bolters,1xflamer  (@evilkipper donated, @Elessarion30 to paint – completed)

Elessarion30 - LotD Front


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