Updated Tale of #ParentPainters

Well, #ParentPainters is looking like a terrific success, with lots of people taking part, and we felt it was time to provide some updated details!

#ParentPainters started as a monthly paint along for the ParentPlayers, a group of parents who meet up for infrequent (3 times a year) sessions at Warhammer World, gaming with fellow parents who understand the pressures of being a parent, what its like gaming with little sleep or remembering what edition it is, and generally getting away for a bit!  A lot of us all wanted to try AoS, so we decided to try to paint a unit a month, with the idea of meeting up for some fantastic Age of Sigmar gaming next July.

Its really taken off on twitter, though, and lots of people who aren’t parents wanted to join in!  That’s absolutely fine!  The more the merrier!  Its more an inducement to get some painting done – even painting along equivalent 40k or boardgame minis is cool!

We currently have the following schedule (which we are going to extend shortly to allow Xmas pressie planning!)  Not all armies have units that necessarily meet the theme (or you might not have models available), in which case you have a “paint what you like month” – we’re generally suggesting minis from non-battleline units that month.

  • November – Initial Character Model
  • December – a Battleline unit … with a festive note of red somewhere on the model or base!
  • January – a Behemoth unit
  • February – a cavalry unit, or some faction scenery.
  • March – a Battleline unit

If you want to find out how a unit fits into your chosen faction, the faction battletome can help, or you can look at GW’s online “Warscroll” builder, which makes it nice and easy to plan an army or just see what models fall into which categories

Please remember this is fun – there’s no obligation to paint fully maxed out units if you can only fit in a few minis.  Enjoy yourself, and use it as a motivation to keep painting.

At the moment, the current participants are:

@Xacheriel with Ogors

@EvilKipper with the fell Daughters of Khaine

@AlphaDevilinak with stinky Nurgle Daemons

@TheFirstAutarch with brilliant classic elves!

@GhostWalker0299  with a lovely classic undead take on Ossiarch Bonereapers

@PaintingPauper with fantastic Night Haunts

@DaveBass2 with amazing Vampires.  And loads of em, too!

@GamesMistress21 with some intriguing Gloomspite Gits

@DarrenBogus with just fantastic undead, leaning a little Night Haunts with his initial Banshee

@Hobbitarn with another take on Ossiarch Bonereapers, going much more vibrant and unearthly.

@BigBadBirch with Slaves to Darkness, kicking off with a fantastic DarkOath Chieftain.

@sixeleven with an amazing Gloomspite Gitz champion so far

@JB_Paints with a superb Stormcast start, kicking off with an amazing Stormcast Lord Arcanum on a ferocious Dracoline.

@Drakes_Guardian looking at Slaves to Darkness

@Little_Misters is kicking off with a Seraphon army.  Lizards for the Win!

@SteamTrainTime is looking at a steampunk style Cities of Sigmar ensemble

@AvarrisXbox is also looking Bonereapers!  Lovely models that seem to be popular right now!

The current plan is to start with a fun character model in November (I’m looking at painting either Morathi!), and do a unit of Battleline in December, with more units to be added to the timeline going forward.  You could use the Path to Glory rules to help you pick, and there’s no pressure to have fully maxed out units – paint to your speed.

Let us know if you’d like to join in!  Just use the hashtag and paint away!

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